Discussion on MyListing - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Discussion on MyListing - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

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How can set the default zoom level of the map on the map on the listing submission form? I found how to set the coordinates for the default pin location but not the zoom level right now its zoomed all the way out to the entire USA.

I am using mapbox FYI. Also looking for how to set the default location on the explore listings section as well.


1.)how do I change the default location of the map in the Explore page when browsing listings? For example, when I search for a given listing criteria (region, category, etc), and there is no listings, it shows London on the map. I need this fixed because my listings are in the United States and makes no sense to have the google maps default to London. How do I change? I can send screenshot if you want.

2.) how do I change the default zoom level of the maps in the Explore page? For ex, if I want it to be zoomed out at the city level so google maps can show nearby attractions (e.g. grocery stores, gyms, etc)? I can send screenshot if you want.



1. Edit explore page using elementor, click anywhere on the explore widget to view its options, to the left under widget options you can insert default coordinates

2. The zoom level adjusts automatically based on the results location.

E.g You search for stores in Texas, the map will zoom in to Texas and show the location of those stores.

The video url function isnt working. Youtube or Vimeo neither works

Thank you. That didn’t work for me. If you have any other suggestion that would be great. Also do you know how to get the zoom on the map to stay at a certain zoom? My site focuses on one street so id like the default zoom in to be about three times more focused than it is.

It’s any youtube embed code. Would the be able to help with the map zoom issue? That would be a nice feature to install. The ability to set map height.

You shouldn’t have any issues with youtube embed codes with the method above. You also don’t need to use embed codes to embed youtube videos at all. Use the URL field and video block. They support youtube and vimeo by default

Hello, I have purchased your theme and it is awesome. I am running into one snag, whenever I view a listing the location map is zoomed in to close. I haven’t been able to find any map settings. How can I zoom out by default? Here is a link to my site http://www.azlocalbusiness.com/listing/lux-central/ thank you.

I use your theme for events in a specific area. For map, It is possible to select an region and a zoom as default value. I don’t want to see the world as default value.

Hello! Prepurchase question – I have been looking at the demo mobile version of mylisting and I can’t seem to find the “Current Location” button in the search field nor anywhere near the map. Is this just not in the demo?

Another question – Is it possible to zoom the map in as a default on the desktop version (once someone puts in a specific address or current location)? In the desktop demo of London, I can at first see the whole city – I can imagine my clients will not wish to zoom in after every single instance.


1. In the location facet there is an icon in the right side. When you click on it it will get you current location.

2. You mean in the listing page? You can change the zoom level there.

Hi !

Is there any way to zoom some area by default in explore page? I have separated points and I don’t want to show all my country at the beginning…

Thank you and congratulation for the theme. Is awesome!


The explore page automatically zooms in to display the location of your loaded results.

If results are all around the world, it will zoom out to show them.

If they are all within a country/city, then it will zoom in to that


Check our main demo explore page for example https://mylistingtheme.com/explore/

You have the results to the left, and markers for those results on the map. As the results are all in London, the map zoomed in to that area.

If you would make a fixed zoom in an area as you are suggesting, most of the time not all the markers of the loaded results, would be shown on the map.

The user would need to drag the map to reveal them. As with increasing the zoom, you are reducing the area that can be shown on the map

As it is now, the map will automatically zoom in and out to ensure the loaded results (to the left of the page) have markers shown on the map and are visible right away. We think this is a better solution so we are not planning to change it unfortunately.

Hello, 1. How to zoom the map on the explorer page? 2. How to display locations with their logo or listing type icon on the map in the explore page?



1. Explore page zoom is adjusted automatically based on the location of your listings. If all your listings are in a certain town, it will zoom there. If they are in different parts of let’s say Europe, then the map will zoom out so all are visible
2. The logo of the listing is automatically shown on the map, you can set a default logo for al listings of a certain listing type by going to wp-admin > listing types > edit > to the right side you will see the option for this

Best regards

Hello, nice theme

Need to ask a number of questions before purchase./

I want to set up a tutors listing etc. portal.with configurable booking packages. plus Zoom Meeting Integration. There is a eRoom Zoom Meeting plugin already available on Wordpress.org.

Can that be set up using this theme just using the admin tool ?

2. Does this theme come with its Elementor elements?

3. Can the Vendor eg. a restaurant directory link to his Woocommerce products and have its own shop?



1. There’s no booking included and no integration with zoom.

2. Yes, we add a number of custom elementor widgets on top of the default ones

3. You need a vendor plugin for that

Hi, I using your them, and I think that you could extend its functionality to be used on all kind of company, profiles, video embedded and streaming messaging because your therm have almost all of them.

So please look at this and https://dmexco.com/dmexco-at-home/ Maybe you could prepare modification of you them to be used as solution for event / conference / fair / trade / expo. Please let me know is it possible to have it form you each new 4 them – Event demo ?

Look at that https://dmexco.com/dmexco-at-home/ this is a site which can be inspiration for you to use my listing as framework solution to build

- virtual expo [my listing company profile], - virtual meetings [my listing messaging system] - video conference [embed zoom / you tube transmission] - video masterclasses [upload some video or zoom / you tube transmission] - matchmaking [this solution need some extra plugin to setup a meeting]

I hope that all upper mentioned solution you cane combine, prepare new default them and test video streaming by shortcake, iframe or zoom or youtube integration. It could be nice to have something similar to Discovery Graph, but I think that it will be to complicate to get such solution.

You can already embed youtube/zoom, you can upload videos, you can post listings, you can use messages. I don’t know what matchmaking is.

Hi – in the main demo -> explore -> explore page (https://main.mylistingtheme.com/explore/), is it possible to have the listing result (the middle column) updated when user pan/zoom in the map? I’m askingi because I want the page detects the user’s locationo as the map center, and shows only items around there as default, but if the user drag the map to set a new center, i want to display the items based on the new center.


Wonderful theme!! Only feature missing: search by map which updates on scroll or zoom. (Eg. would show ALL listings count at a country level, state level, city level as you zoom in and filter the list accordingly).

Hello, presale question, when i check the explore page, https://main.mylistingtheme.com/explore/, and try to scroll to zoom in or out with the mouse this function does not work, what can be done to activate the possibility to zoom in or out with the mouse ?

Hey guys, a couple of things…

1 – Is there a way to remove the dark overlay on feature listings elementor box? As they are really dark on the background we are using.

2 – on the homepage map, is there a way to zoom in to co-ordinates but when the user zooms out it shows other results? As when you set a radius to make it zoom in more it stops any other listings showing.

Hi. My map is too zoomed in listing page. How can I change he zoom level?

how to change view break point for tablet. I am not able to edit explore page with elementor. when i go to edit with elementor by default page goes to tablet mode, so some filter and category options goes to hidden. how to solve this issue.


What could be happening is, your screen resolution is very small. When editing with elementor, elementor bar takes some extra space of your screen to, the rest of the space is equal to a tablet resolution. That’s why it shows tablet mode. You can try to simply zoom out (CTRL -) to see desktop version in that case

Hi, i have presale question. Can i display listings dynamically, by zooming and dragging map?

listing page “working hour” Currently, it is in 15-minute increments 03:15 03:30 Can you change this to direct input? If the opening time is 03:20 or 03:40, it is impossible to express. I want to be able to do the last order (text) and the rest time (text). There is no page where you can set the scale of the map. I would like to be able to determine the magnification of the map on the search page or on the listing page.


1. Unfortunately that’s not available currently

2. The map in explore page zooms based on the location of your listings automatically. It makes sure the listing loaded are visible on the map. If all your listings are inside a city area, then it zooms in to that. If they are located in different cities or countries it will zoom out to show them

3. You can change the single listing map zoom using this custom JS code. Add it in theme options > custom code > custom JS and adjust the setZoom(15) value
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    if ( $('.single-listing .map-block').length ) {
        var mapZoom = setInterval( function() {
            if ( CASE27_Maps.maps.length ) {
        }, 500 );

Hi, I have an issue with the Map Zoomed in too much on Listing Pages. Please help.



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