Discussion on MyListing - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

Discussion on MyListing - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme

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Hi I would where do I add the google analytics tracking code on your theme


I checked my ibox but don’t see any email with your username. My email is arian.27collective@gmail.com

Best regards

look I sent you an email can you send me one tonileigh245@gmail.com

I sent you an email, because I haven’t received one still

Search Forms does not work, I put car year to fetch it presents all year results? What is wrong?


Create a ticket in our helpesk and share your website URL. One of our developers will assist you.

I need to use a logo with measure 477×102px, could you help me with a css code? I’ve done more without success!

You can use this CSS https://pastebin.com/vbv6kMnw
Hope that helps

How do I hide the buddpress Login/register in the menu until they pay for a listing?

You can use this custom CSS

.user-area.signin-area {

Thank you very much, we have never renewed a theme support after the six months because support is usually not good. We will definitely be renewing yours.

Thank you

can i ask you what plugin combine with this theme ? is that included package or i have to buy it if i want to use this theme like a demo version?

Everything you see in all our demos is included. We do use some free plugins such as woocommerce, wp job manager, contact form 7

When will the next update be released?


We don’t have an exact date right now but we are working on it and will be very soon


I am using the myhome demo, how can I configure the search section in the home page header like the mycity demo?

To modify the search filters, you can edit the basic form https://helpdesk.27collective.net/knowledgebase/listing-type-search-form-tab/

To add the mycity listing types, you can find them here https://helpdesk.27collective.net/knowledgebase/ready-to-use-listing-type-configurations/

To have the exact same look of the search, you can go to theme tools > theme options > shortcodes > search form, select the transparent form style, copy the shortcode and replace it in the homepage

Best regards

Is there a way to integration Reviews into BuddyPress? I would like to show all reviews of a user on their profile page.


Unfortunately this is not available currently

Best regards

By chance is there any integration with WC Points? or Would you consider it for the next release? Fingers crossed :-)

I have added to our list and will discuss with the team the possibility of integrating it

Awesome. Thanks!

I did not find header in the settings. How do I change the header image ?


You change the top area image using Elementor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0zyU9MuyDU

If you have trouble please create a ticket in helpdesk.27collective.net

Kind regards

The amount of spam comments in your knowledgebase is ridiculous. It really shows how much you take care of it. Also pretty much none of the real comments get a response from you. I hope you improve this in the future.


Just want to clarify that questions are made by “Creating a ticket”, not by commenting on random articles. Have you made a question in our helpdesk and haven’t got an answer?

We reply to hundreds of tickets every day since launch. You can check the list here https://helpdesk.27collective.net/questions/

Will check the spam issue on blog articles, thanks for letting us know. It affected 3 blog articles


thank you for your awesome theme but i have pre sales question : 1- can I make child category for main category(parent) in add listing page? 2-can you make theme compatible with persian (jalali) calendar?and if yes how much cost? thank U


1. You can create subcategories

2. Unfortunately we don’t plan that


i have few questions .can we disable the advance search because we are not going to use the location so i am afraid that it ll look bad..and when I click the add listing in the demo it shows two options rent sell can we directly go to add a listing page without choosing any option.

And on the single page can we change the strings heading like table,Contact business


1. You can us use an explore page without map if you won’t use locations. Explore no map , Explore no map type 2

2. Yes you can use only one listing type, in that case when you click in the add listing button you will go directly to the add listing form.

3. Yes you can change those strings easily.

Hi Guys, 1. How can I change the date format for Events ? 2. Can we set reccuring events ? Thx


1. You can do that in theme tools > shortcodes > format > date and time. Then add that shortcode in your listing cover buttons

2. This is not available currently, but we are planning to add it soon


Hello, I just bought your theme and trying to install it. i uploaded the them and when tried to activate it i received the following error Fatal error: Can’t use method return value in write context in /public_html/wp-content/themes/my-listing/includes/integrations/27collective/claims/providers/wpjm-claim-listing/wpjm-claim-listing.php on line 184

can you help please


Please update PHP version to at least 5.5 or newer. You can do that in your hosting dashboard, if you’re not sure contact your hosting provider


yes, it fixed the error. thank you so much for your prompt support

Congratulations on creating such a great theme!

I look forward to buying it, the only thing which lacks is that there are very limited options for creating unique website headers. Almost all the sites look identical due to it. Are you considering to add more options for the header to create uniqueness?

We have a big logo more in height. Will we be able to make it look good on this theme?

Also, do we have the option to limit the listing to only 1 without payment?

Will your theme be made compatible with the upcoming Elementor Pro 2 features for creating headers and footers?

Will you help to do customization to display listings in flat hierarchical way more like a table with sorting by name ascending or descending order?

Can we disable maps for explore page?

okay, Maybe something like this https://imgur.com/5EprIOv. The idea is that we want to add a filter to search listing with the first name alphabetically. When someone clicks on Letter A and search, he should get listing of all first name starting with alphabet A.

Do listing have repeatable fields as well?

I am sorry, I did it wrong with the url of the image, this is finally working https://imgur.com/kZRcbWN

You can add an A-Z or Z-A listing ordering.

But to filter all listing by any specific letter it’s a bit different.

Only way you can do it is

- Create a select custom field in the listing type creator and add all the letters available, this will appear in the add listing form
- Each time you add a listing, you would select the corresponding letter
- Finally add this as a filter in your search form

Hello i have some pre-buy questions and i hope you can anwser me that..

1. I will use woobooking, is there any live demo to show how booking works and looks with this theme? 2. If i use woobooking and WC vendors, will i be able to put here (http://prntscr.com/j3nx9g) check in and check out fields? (dates)) 3. On explore page, there are these http://prntscr.com/j3nxin, i will have only one category and only rent options, so is it posible to have only listings without this 3 icons (rent, filters, categories) only with filter 4. When i open listings, where can i positions my booking button and calender? And is this single page editable for full width or is it only possible to look like this 2 colums?

This are my questions, thanks in advance :)

Unfortunately we don’t have a demo for that currently. For bookings I would suggest this plugin instead https://codecanyon.net/item/booked-appointments-appointment-booking-for-wordpress/9466968

Thank you for this plugin, and now my last question is when i install booked plugin, how can i insert in into listing? can it be a floating button, or button at header or i can only insert it like a shortcode into the description field?

You can display it in the main listing tab using shortcodes, or in a separate tab. You can also have a button which when clicking it opens the booking tab

Hello we have some pictures that will not show. They are showing in the editor but not on the live website. We cleared cache but this did not help. We also used different browsers. Please help and thank you


Your username in helpdesk is MeekMind right?

I just replied to your ticket


Best regards

Thank you very much. You did a great job. Didn’t expect the video. Got one more question.

We need a form where a member can send another member a business referral. The main function the form needs to do is allow members to send referrals to other buddypress/wordpress users and send them the form but then track the form submission in the backend.

Do you know the best way to get this done.

The main thing just be able to search for a member and send them the form.

Thank you very much

Buddypress has member search and private messages https://mylisting.27collective.net/my-city/members/

I’m not sure about the referral form though, maybe you can do it with some plugin but I’m not familiar with any of this kind

Does the theme have the ability to modify the content position of the listing with Elementor? If so! How to make? Thank you!


Single listing is not edited using elementor. You can change the position of those elements in listing tools > listing types > edit > single page > content and tabs > click on main tab then just drag and drop elements in different order.

We are also going to add more column options there starting from the next update

Best regards

This is going to be great. Thanks for listening!

amazing theme but i have a question that 1, can i translate it to vietnamese about language and currency ? my currency symboy is behind the number, that is 300.000 vnd instead of vnd 300.000. 2, can i make a theme for other listing like a Jobs listing, CV listing.

You can use the theme for job listing, we have a listing type creator which you can use to build a jobs listing type

can you give me a demo jobs listing or resume listing. that is perfect

We don’t have a demo at the moment

Hello, does this directory theme allow you to customize video backgrounds for your homepage?


It depends what customization you want to make, you can add a video background to any section in your homepage. Video below https://youtu.be/wFbKAHCtPNw

Best regards

Perfect! Thank’s so much!


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