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Thank you!

hi mate,

very clean design, good luck..

I think I’m gonna save some money for this one, looks very detailed and finished!

Thank you, everybody!

We hope it sells good. Unfortunately, we are having the currently known bug involving the description image…

But we just implemented a style and slider switcher. Please feel free to play with it! http://wordpress.thebebel.com/mymagazine/ – choose the style via the Styles menu entry :)

Looks great!

Does it have an option to let the nivo-slider rotate automaticly?

The nivo slider rotates automatically: http://wordpress.thebebel.com/mymagazine/?slider=on

I guess you meant the vertical tabs (“Featured Articles”) ? Right now this is not possible, but we might have something up and running by sunday.

I guess you meant the vertical tabs (“Featured Articles”)

That indeed is the one I would like to switch automaticly. I’ll wait for the update and check how it looks in the preview.


Great job! I will definitely buy this theme. One question: Is it possible to show the latest posts from all categories on the homepage without changing the style? There are only two columns for the latest posts and I think I have to choose from which categories the posts will shown on the homepage. By the way, sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand what I mean :)


as the frontpage is set up with the delivered custom widgets, you can set it up any way you want (change order, position etc by drag n drop). You can see some examples here: http://wordpress.thebebel.com/mymagazine/2010/08/04/mainpages/

Here are a few screenshots showing the widgets:

http://www.ld-host.de/show/d050856432cdac9b1d018cd3207288cf.png http://www.ld-host.de/show/5d060e46dcda857bb727ba219429997a.png http://www.ld-host.de/show/24770952376e4cb0b6d440efce2df15d.png http://www.ld-host.de/show/e807e549d33fe80d0905f142acddafae.png http://www.ld-host.de/show/c976ca8d7548daec13624e5ec37da073.png http://www.ld-host.de/show/7081f403df2a0be86529c18d64cc27be.png http://www.ld-host.de/show/3e16474964b2fa9d863a9c6388931fe5.png

As you can see, you can choose the category for almost all of the widgets (except the simple html widget). If you don’t choose any category, all content will be shown :)

Awesome work!

I guess you missed the links from the imageStripshow to a gallery page like the way you have it in your HTML theme… if you’re planning to add it, let me know and I’m in!

Rather than that, great customer service and decent documentation…


thanks for the nice words. Although we didn’t miss the link. We decided to not include it into the wordpress version.

Greets Bebel

I forgot to metion: the images link to the articles now – we thought this would be more convenient for most users?

Nice looking theme – very versatile layout options.

Can the whole theme’s font be changed easily (i.e. through a plugin or admin option), without creating layout or spacing problems?

I’d like to use a font that is more easily readable, if I buy the theme.

Thanks, Jimmy

Do you mean the regular font or the headings font (eg “Featured Articles”). This font can be changed easily. Well, the other font, too, can be changed easily. Its only a few updates in the css file! If you need assistance with that, feel free to contact us! :)


I love the theme. Just had a question though…

Could you please advise where I can find the backend access to activate the Main Page for the theme?

After successfully installing it via WP (running 3.0) I can’t seem to find the access point.

Thanks in advance.

Hi again,

Just wanted to add this in addition to my previous post…

I noticed that the MyMagazine selection of the WP interface (underneath Appearance) does not have the “Configure” option. It only has “Install / Reset” and “Help”.

I’m guessing that if I had the Configure selection I’d be able to enable the Main Page through that?

Thanks again.

Please disregard my previous two posts.

Didn’t realize I had to still go through “Install” step within Install / Reset even after having enabled the theme for my site via the Appearance page.

I found the backend access for the theme and got the Main Page enabled.

Thanks anyway. Looking forward to using this theme.


no problem :-) have fun with the theme!

Just purchased this theme and it is completely broken.

Main page works fine, but all of the interior pages are broken.


Can you sent a link so we can look into this? Also, please make sure you followed all the steps to install the theme as described in the help file.


yea, I missed the stuff about sexybookmarks

Ok, now I have a new issue.

I cannot get the little square images to show up next to the excerpts on the main category wdget and on the category pages and the larger rectangle at the top of each post.

The square images are generated from the posts featured image. Does your posts have these images?

yea that was a bit tricky to add to 60+ old posts but I got it.

Next….the socialize links in the header do not keep the title and url so they keep linking to the homepage

email sent

files, too :)

didnt get it

WARNING! * Your theme is missing the call to <?php wp_head(); ?> which should appear directly before in the file "header.php" * Your theme is missing the call to <?php wp_footer(); ?> which should appear directly before in the file "footer.php" This is required to ensure that SexyBookmarks will work properly.

I checked and both of those are there, kind of weird

Can you please send me again a mail trough my profile with the URL of your website? I will take a look.

Hi Folks!

I just put another update in the review queue with a new feature: The Featured Articles Widget comes now with the possibility to auto rotate! We included this in our demo, check it out:


You can set up the fade time and the time between the switches. Of course, if you click on a featured tab with your mouse, the loop will stop :)

If you are a buyer and want this before the queue is done (which can take up to 3 days, I guess), you can drop me a mail through my profile and I will send you the updated (2) files right away!

Cheers Bebel

Ok, one final question for me. The post pages have a “Sharing Is Sexy” location where you can share the post with a number of social networking sites.

These have a mouseover effect etc. What plugin is this, and can we edit the social networks (add,edit,delete) them.

it’s the sexy bookmark plugin – and yes: you can add, delete and edit the social networks that are displayed!

feel free to ask any further questions and thank you for your interest in MyMagazine :-)

the portfolio page is video compatible right?

Unfortunately it is not video compatible. Do you need to display videos there? It would be possible with a small code manipulation.

yea, i need to make sure its capable of video before i buy :(

Hey, i am interested in purchasing your theme. I was wondering if I could put the categories as menu items and not in the side bar?

If you mean in the top navigation, yes, sure, you can do that :)