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Thanks Bebel!,

You suggestions worked, I resized the featured category images and went into the widget a gave it a new CSS Class and it is working.. Side note it was not working UNTIL I changed the Class name to a new one.

My next question is about the article carousel, I have it set to display 10 images from the “Slider Category” I created that has 7 posts with featured images set in the post. When you click to slide the next slide starts to load then stops? Can you give me some direction here -

And finally – How can i get the featured articles rotator to display more than 3 articles?

Heres the link in case you need it.


Thanks! Mike Langone


glad it worked out :)

For the slider. Are you sure all posts have featured images? Thats a strange bug. I will do some research asap!

The featured articles rotator can only display 3 articles. This is due to the image height. If you’d display more than 3 it would destroy the layout.

Cheers, Bebel

Hi Bebel!

I would like to add the FB and Google+ buttons available in the new version of Shareaholic. Unfortunately these buttons are not available by selecting them with the 100’s of other buttons. The only way is to enable them using the “new” Shareaholic which i have done but they don’t show up.

I know I have to keep the option on “manual mode” otherwise the site breaks. I have tried installing another plugin but that breaks the site too.

The addition of Google+ and its SEO benefits makes it a must use. What options or work around do you have to enable either another plugin or these buttons provided by Shareaholic?

Thanks, Tonya

PS.. My website is http://CupcakeIdeasForYou.com

i am uploading a theme but it show error stylesheet is missing what we do pleaz some body help me…Thanks.

Please extract the file you download from themeforest first. In there, you will find a documentation that will help you upload the files correctly :)


I have uploaded the theme at www.apnajutt.com i want to know how can i place menu on the top bar. I was reading your manuals in a help file and didnt find any guide for menus

Can you please help me on this. I want to add drop down menu and i am new in this ..


There ? still waiting for the reply

thanks i got it now ..


moy Purchased

Excellent! I have some questions …

-How to translate to Spanish? edit the “English” to folder “Lang” with PoEdit and saved as en_ES. but did not work.

-How to post videos uploaded to the site? (no YouTube or others).

-How to publish audio uploads. There a way to podcast?



please read this page carefully: http://codex.wordpress.org/Translating_WordPress

Hosted videos are not supported by this theme, as well as audio files. You will have to finde some plugin for that.


Bebel i have few problems and they are annoying me

why my post get messed up like this http://apnajutt.com/?p=188

This one is better http://apnajutt.com/?p=248

I dont know how my posts get messed up and i dont see any error or anything kindly get back to me asap with the solutions. Thanks


open functions.php and delete from line 42 the following code:

add_filter('the_content', 'mymagazine_filter_mce_copy');

If this does not fix the problem, then it might have something to do with your facebook integration.


hey thanks for the reply If you check again i have removed the plugins facebook and rating both of them and i cant find any code related to mymagzine in functions.php file elp m

on line 42 i have this code : return date( $dateformatstring, $i );}

Most of the posts are working fine and few of them are messed i dont understand this issue will you take a look again and help me on this



did you upen the correct functions.php? The one that is in the themes root folder.


I loved the theme, it’s wonderful. I was wondering if the “thumbnails” of photos are made through “featured image” Because I wanted to buy the theme, but I can not buy it if is featured image


the featured posts widget on the mainpage is not based on the featured image feature of wordpress. The smaller square images and the post images on the detail pages though are based on this function.

We can however do some modifications to the theme to fit your needs. :)


thanks bebel its fixed now :) I want some more widgets ..

You can always hire us to do some custom work ;)


hi how to change the logo?

I already changed the logo. But how can I remove de +feed? from the widget main category


as the “hole” for the text is part of the text, you would have to fix the graphic, too. But to only remove the +feed, open bebelCp/widgets/main_category.php and remove line 29:

echo '    <span class="feed"><a href="?cat='.$category_left .'&feed=rss2">+ Feed</a></span>';

and line 65.


And how can I use the carousel I dont understand how to use the shortcode.

Use [carousel] to display the images you uploaded to the post. They will be automatically collected, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Take a look at the help file for more details.


thanks! Bebel for your reply I have another question. How can I create pages so they don’t look like a post? So without the date and by ’’autor’’ tags on the page

You will have to edit the pages template found in the pages/ directory. The file is called page.php.


Ok do I have to delete this phrase?

     <?php the_date() ?> by <?php the_author() ?>

or this phrase?

<?php if(get_option(‘mymagazine_author_show_page’) == ‘on’): ?> <?php include_once(‘author-template.php’); ?>

The upper one

hello hows u doing :) its like that i can’t set up the theme on my site i have installed it but its setting are making me crazy can u guide me lil bit thanks

Hi, Thanks for this great theme. I’m customizing it for my website but i got a small problem : When the news i display in the “first category” of your homepage layout have a title which exceeds the available space on the first line, the text content is displayed under the picture and no longer next to it. how could i do ? ( i dont want to truncate my titles)


as you don’t have a buyers badge I am not able to give support. Please send a message through our profile page with the account you used to purchased the file so we can give propper support!

cheers bebel

hello i’m trying to update the widgets but its not working :/ plz help me out …

its blog theme how could i gonna change it i’m stuck in the videos doing same but its the same blog stuff can’t add silder and any thing else …. :(


could you send us a mail? I don’t really understand what you mean but I am sure we can help somehow.

Just let us know specifically what you are trying to do!

cheers Bebel

Hello, I bought this theme some time ago and I’m satisfied but it doesn’t have a social networks sharing widget included. Here’s my blog : http://www.playofmedley.com/ Do you have some suggestion of widgets to share on social networks please ? I’m looking for something which would be put on the right of the posts, with bigger icons and a counter below. Something like in that website but I found nothing similar in wordpress extentions search. Could you help me out please ? http://www.kanpai.fr/author/

Thank you in advance for your reply,



Hi Thanks for purchasing – glad you like it :) Please please take a closer look and you’ll find that there is social media integration in the header and underneath each post :-)