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Hi, I would like to place 2 jpg images in 2 different locations. One should be just below the carousel with the same width and height, and the other should be on the sidebar, much similar to the themeforest banner on the demo page http://wordpress.thebebel.com/mymagazine/

thanks :-)


please sent us a mail with more specific details and I am sure we are able to help!

Can Someone help me please. I bought mymagazine last week, i like it. But my posts & pics will appear twice. how can i change it? www.kosovo-news.com


I don’t exactly know what you mean – please send us a mail with more info and we will be able to help!


We also offer support in German ;-)


I have a couple pre-sales questions for you. :)

1. Is the navigation bar skinnable i.e. can I change the background colour, text colour, hover and drop-down colours?

2. Can the blog sidebar/widgets be relocated on left instead of right?

3. Do Featured Articles support more than 3 items (the one on your main demo homepage)?


Hey – thanks for you interest

1. Yes, but not fron the backend. You will have to customize colors and graphics manually

2. nope, not in this theme I’m afraid

3. no as this would destroy the slideshow!

Thanks Bebel

Da sich eure Website noch im Aufbau befindet, wo bekomme ich eure Emailadresse? Weil habe 2 Screenshotsgemacht, die wollt ich zeigen und fragen wie man diese Fehler beheben kann. Nebenbei wie bekomme ich den short-text aus meinen Postings raus. Also den Bereich, der den Text in Kurzform anzeigt direkt über dem Originaltext. Weil meine Texte sind sowieso kurz, so siehts aus als sei alles doppelt. Danke im Voraus.


Einfach über unsere Profilseite schreiben oder in den Help Files gucken-da steht auch unsere Mailadresse drin Will sie nicht hier posten wegen Spam Bots! Lg

Hi Bebel,

We bought the theme and very excited to work on customizing it for our site! We’d really appreciate it if you can help us with a few questions below:

1. Can we set the number of posts displaying per page on each category?

2. How can we set the background image for the site similar to this page (http://cupcakeideasforyou.com/)?

3. The right footer widget takes much bigger space than the center and left widget, is it possible to resize them evenly?

4. Is it possible to remove all the tags underneath a post?

5. We’d like to remove the poster’s name for each post, is it possible?

6. Can you show us how to remove the Socialize dropdown on the header so we can display all the icons (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.) similar to this site (http://doitindy.com/)?

7. Please show us how to remove the gap between the header, navigation bar, and the site similar to this page (http://doitindy.com/)?

Thanks, Bebel, and look forward to your answers!


thanks for buying. Unfortunately, I can not give you an answer to all the questions you asked, as this would go beyond our standard support and would be a case of a paid customization.

1. no. You can only set one value that is valid across all categories

2. This was a customization done by this site – we did not help them in any way.

3. Yes, it is possible. But you would not only have to remove some code, but also change some styling. Again – I am afraid we can not help you here for free ;)

4. Yes. Open pages/post.php and remove lines 28-43.

5. Yes. In the same file, remove in line 8 the corresponding part (self expanitory) and in pages/loop-category.php on line 4

6. Deleting the icons is easy: in header.php remove lines 93-104 or just disable the feature in the backend. However, adding custom links would be a customization. :)

7. This, too, was a customization we had no influence in.


Hi Bebel,

Thanks for the quick reply! We have a few follow up questions:

1. We tried to change the background color on the admin backend (Appearance—> Background) but the color doesn’t display on the front end.

2. For questions 4 and 5 above, should we edit in Appearance—> Editor? If so, can you please give us the exact lines to delete since there’s no line number there.

3. Is is possible to remove the Comment Area under a Page, as well?

4. How can we add a favicon for our site?

5. Here’s our page: www.aulactv.com. We don’t use any widgets for the footer so there is a black bar right above the Copyright Text. Is it possible to remove this black bar?

Thanks, Bebel, and look forward to your prompt reply!


1. Yes, it might be that the background color does not override the background image. You might have to change it directly in the css file (folder css)

2. No. Please use an offline editor, such as Notepad++ or similar to edit the php files.

3. Yes. in templates/page.php remove line 31

4. By opening header.php and adding

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri() ?>/favicon.png" type="image/x-icon" />

Then, you have to place a favicon.png file in the templates root folder (mymagazine/)

5. Yes. Open footer.php and remove the code between

<!-- finaly.. the footer every link containing footLink will be displayed and styled like the following ones.  -->
<!-- end footer -->


Thanks Bebel! We are able to follow some of the instructions and pretty excited with the results! Below are a few more questions:

1. Can you please provide instruction to change the color of the content box (white) and the light gray color around it for the entire a site?

2. We followed your instruction to remove the black bar above the copyright info in the footer, but it removed the copyright info, as well. We’d like to keep the copyright info bar and only remove the black above the copyright info. Please advise.

3. Is it possible to change the color of a link to something other than gray when we hover the mouse over it (Both on the Menu and in a Post)? Right now, it’s very difficult for reader to identify which is a hyperlink.

4. One of our category is in Vietnamese, and although the Vietnamese text displays correctly in the menu, it doesn’t display correctly on the category page. Please see this page for example (http://www.aulactv.com/category/videos/i-love-tieng-viet/) and the correct text should be: I Love Ti?ng Vi?t. Right now it displays: I Love Ting Vit.

5. Can you recommend a widget plugin to display related posts? We couldn’t find this in the theme functionality.

6. Is there a way for us to add “Click On Image to Read More” text on the thumbnails in the Feature area?

7. Is it possible to add Google Analytics to the site? If so, please advise on where to add our code.

Thanks, Bebel!


I am sorry but I can not provide any more free support for customizations. I will however answer the questions that are not related to any changes of the theme.

If you want us to do the changes for you, drop us a mail through our profile page with what you want to have changed and we will get back to you with an estimate.

4. The font we provide with cufon doesn’t support vietnamese characters. You have two choices: either disable cufon or find a font that does and import this one :)
You have to agree its a rather exotic font type – we cannot include all font types world wide or the file size will explode :)

5. On http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ you should be able to find something

Again, please understand that we can not give free support for changes on our themes.


Hi Bebel,

We understand. Already sent you an email for the customization. Hope you can answer these 2 questions:

1. Can you show us how to disable the cufon or change the font for the site?

2. As the moment, when we click on an image from the gallery, it doesn’t display that image but the 1st image of the gallery. Is it possible for it to display the image we click on in the lightbox?


- Open js/global.js and remove lines 2 – 10.

- Can you send me a link to the site so I can check it out?


I am interested in purchasing this theme – is the background customizable. If I wanted to add a picture of Las Vegas in the background can I do that with the Special Red style? Also is it possible to add a logo to where it says the theme name?

It is doable, but you need experience in css and html. It is not possible to do these changes in the backend of wordpress.


Hi Bebel,

1. We deleted lines 2-10 in the global.js but the Cufon font is still active. The Vietnamese font still doesn’t display correctly.

2. Here’s the link to our gallery: http://aulacoi.com/category/gallery/

3. Is it also possible to remove the name of the photo when the user view a photo in the lightbox?


Hi Bebel,

Is it possible insert banners for sponsors?


You can always drag in the text widget and put banners in it.



Ive been optimizing the theme header, I need to defer loading of all the .js files the theme header.php is loading and put them into the footer.php file so that I can increase the content loading time.

When im putting the all the js code into the footer.php file it seems to be not displaying some of the fonts correctly. How can we go about changing this properly so that I can load all the .js files into the footer.php?

Thank you. Generally its supposed to be good practice to load all css files in the header whilst loading any js scripts in the footer to speed up the site loading time.

Hi congratulations for the theme! I noticed that when I move the mouse over the categories link, in a browser bar will displayed a link that is not SEO frindly, something like http://wordpress.thebebel.com/mymagazine/?cat=4, even if we click on it, will get the friendly link. It is a way to change that? Also I would like to know if the page categories can display articles on 2 or 3 columns. Thanks in advance.


yes, of course. You do not have to enable the permalink feature from wordpress. We did to generate more traffic on our demo page, but you can disable it.

Its not a feature of the theme – its a feature of wordpress itself :)


1. It is not about the permalink feature. It is about my …bad english :)
Just look at this picture:
I hope you understand now.

2. A littlle bug: in your demo, in categories on the right, when you go with mouse over the pictures, not shown any link, as it does in the categories of left. I guess some permalink php code missing on the right categories block code. Hope this help.
Yeahh…I know, I have a fixation with mouse over thing :)

3. What about displaying articles showing 2 or 3 columns on the categories page? It is that posible? There is no theme feature to do that?

Thanks and best regards!


aah, I now understand what you mean! Awesome! You’ve found two bugs nobody found until now. Thanks a lot! I already updated the demo page, and will upload the fix to themeforest after writing this reply :)

About 3. It is not possible by default, it would have to be done with a customization.


You welcome! Just give me a free (gift) version for test and I will be able to find more bugs :)
By the way, you need to update the +Feed preview url too, on category tabs.

Best Regards!

Hi, Ive been optimizing the theme header, I need to defer loading of all the .js files the theme header.php is loading and put them into the footer.php file so that I can increase the content loading time. When im putting the all the js code into the footer.php file it seems to be not displaying some of the fonts correctly. How can we go about changing this properly so that I can load all the .js files into the footer.php? Thank you. Generally its supposed to be good practice to load all css files in the header whilst loading any js scripts in the footer to speed up the site loading time.

Hi! I am looking to buy this theme but my site is about books and I will have lots of images of books, all of which will be vertical. All of the images on this theme are square or horizontal. Would I be able to change the sizes so I could feature the books, without ruining the look of the site?


you can change the sizes of the images, but you would have to change some code in the theme.

If you know php you can do it on your own, if not, you will need to find somebody to do it for you. Unfortunately, we are at the moment not able to perform the changes.


I contacted you about the problems with the sidebar a while ago but you never respond to my message.

My sidebar still not working and i don’t know what is wrong.

Can you get back to me on rappin4@gmail.com so i can provide you with the website url?

Thanks in advance


I have recently purchased this template. I installed my template correctly. But “MyMag Main Featured Articles” is not working properly and I have enabled “Auto-slide ON”. Furthermore, it is set to display content, but does not work. I think also that the JQuery not working. Any help?

Good morning,

Please send me a mail with the URL to your website through my profile page and I will take a look this evening.


This is the last time i trying to contact you. I contacted you on both comments and profile page on email and never get response from you. If you don’t know how to solve problem at least be decent and reply on my messages!!

This is the worst support i ever get on Theme Forest!


I am very sorry for the delay. It seems like there was an internal missunderstanding – I thought one of our moderators was working on this issue.

Please send me a mail with your URL through my profile page and I will get to it ASAP .