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Im waiting for the new updated template. I sent to you a email 2 days ago. I dont wanna lost my money


As stated in the email the updated version is already on themeforest and ready for download.


Hi Bebel,

I really need some help, ive been trying to ask you about this for a few weeks but haven’t had a response yet…

Ive de-cufonized my whole theme, its running fine with a replacement font , no problems. Im trying to remove all javascripts from my header into the body of the site to help render the content quick and early. When I move the jquery142.js and other javascript files out of the header further down, the ActionTabs break. Is there a way I can fix this?

Also the theme uses its own jquery file which adds extra size to the download time as wordpress will include its own jquery file. Im using WP 3 .3.1 at the moment.

One other thing, I understand you have updated the theme? Would it be possible to tell me which files have been updated and what exactly has been fixed in the new update, so I can manually replace the code with the updated versions? As i have made many small theme changes and it will break things If i update it all.

Thanks, I would really appreciate getting this sorted.


Unfortunately we can not support customizations of this degree, it goes far beyond our standard support. However, some of the scripts are loaded inside the body tag, that’s why some of the scripts have to be loaded in the header.

The last update does exactly fix this problem with jquery. We updated it so it uses the Wordpress default version, if existing, and in general made use of the way Wordpress loads js and CSS . We updated functions.php, header.php and footer.php. Also, we updated every file that contained js and changed the default $ selector of jquery to jQuery.


Well just installed this and already getting errors. Right now on the home page I get a pop up that says “you told me there are 3 tabs, but I only found 1” it is not lining up right at all. :( Was hoping the setup on this would go fast and smoothly.

Hi there,

The featured articles widget requires at least 3 valid posts with a featured image. Make sure you have three before you activate the widget :)


I have edited the PSD ’s but I don’t know where to upload them since I only uploaded the wordpress files. Can you tell me where the PSD ’s need to go or in which folder I need to edit? I only uploaded the mymagazine folder so if the PSD ’s are not located there where must I put them to get this to work? <- this is supposed to be for the question below.

Bebel could you give me one example of which file you updated with the $ selector before and after so Then I can manually update the files that contain that code?

I could then just replace my functions.php header.php and footer.php with the new ones and use the new theme you’ve given, it would be a BIG help to me. I would really appreciate this as then I can have my site optimized more for quicker loading.

Thanks man


most files are in bebelCp/widgets if I recall correctly. For example main_featured.php – browse through the code, you will find $.something. Just replace the $ with jQuery and you will be ready to go :)


Is there an area to change the my magazine and Lifestyle and Entertainment Text?

I have edited the PSD ’s but I don’t know where to upload them since I only uploaded the wordpress files. Can you tell me where the PSD ’s need to go or in which folder I need to edit? I only uploaded the mymagazine folder so if the PSD ’s are not located there where must I put them to get this to work? It’s been a few days now I’d like an answer to this.


You have to override the files in the images folder. To get the exact path, right click on the logo you want to change in the browser and select “show image URL ” or similar. The path to the folder in which the file is, will then be the part behind /mymagazine


Ok well it is really really lame that the footer “My Magazine” was not done in layers. What a pain. I can’t imagine if you don’t know how to use fireworks or photoshop.


I am using mymagazine in blog mode and I would like to show the whole posts on the front page and not only excerpts.

Can anybody help me in doing so?

Kind regards, Leo

Thanks Bebel for the updates. They have helped me to get cleaner coding.

Would you know what code I can put into my functions.php file to make the wordpress jquery file print at the footer as its still currently being displayed in the header?

I think some themes now push the wordpress jquery file into the footer to avoid blocking rendering of the main page content. Any help on this one problem would be much appreciated to make the site smoother.

Thanks man.

hi, I am having trouble with categories, I created a specific category in which I want my featured articles that appear in the 3 Panels to go, but when I create a post and assign to that category, it automatically assigns to a different category, what am I doing wrong?


I don’t fully understand what you mean. Can you send me a mail with more details?


Bebel Just a quick question..

What is the use of the prettyPhoto.js script in the site?

If i am not using any photo gallery functions is it possible to remove the loading of this particular javascript code from my functions.php file to make the page render quicker or will it break any other slider/tabs on the site?


Bebel I have also found a Bug in the theme I think…

The nivo slider javascript options for the effects dont seem to be working even with their default setting of ‘random’ in the header/footer.php file that calls the Nivo slider jquery…

I found your maglicious theme seems to be using this slider, and it seems to be using the animations properly but doesn’t seem to be working in the mymagazine theme…

The mymagazine Nivo slider jquery code seems to be referencing an ID tag called #slider but it doesn’t seem to have any ID tags in the page referenced to #slider in a div, some other folks also have set their featured image classes to nivo-imageLink which doesn’t seem to be set in this theme.

Hopefully linking the ID/class properly in the theme can get the random animations working again for the slider :)

Just a quick update from my last comment…This is what I found…

If i go into the bebelCp/widgets/main_featured.php and add id=”slider” into the div with the class=”contentBox left” on line 49 then the animations start working but the it comes up with some navigation images on the left and right and with a caption at the bottom, it looks odd.

Is there a way this can be fixed so just the animations start working without affecting the look of the slider box?

Thanks Bebel.

Please ignore my above 2 comments, I think I had the Featured Articles widget confused with the actual Main Nivo Slider thats also included in your theme. So sorry about my confusion.


ok ;-) let me know if you have any further questions!

Hi Bebel,

Thanks for creating such a great template, I bought it a year or so ago and now my client want to be able to customize it to add a form to suscribe to the latest update. Is that possible?

Cheers, Rems84.

does it support new version of wp?

I am having a tough time uploading this theme…..I have it on a zip file on my desktop…..I tried uploading it and it thinks for a while then it goes to a page that says “Are you sure you want to do this ‘try again.” I also tried dropping the file in my ftp client zipped and unzipped and it gives me the following message:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description Themeforest Stylesheet is missing.

What am i doing wrong? Thanks


please extract the file you downloaded from themeforest before uploading it on your server. Inside the zipfile are many other files, such as documentation on how to install the theme correctly.



need some help here.. First, I have problem with translation in wordpress I have done all by the book but it doesn’t work. These files I have put in directory:

wp-content/themes/mymagazine/lang - english.pot - hr.mo - hr.po

In file wp-config.php it says: define(‘WPLANG’, ‘hr’);

Wordpress is translating on Croatian ok but for these page i doesn’t work. Do yo have any solution for this?

Also, I need futura font whit Croatian sings like: ??ŽŠ? ??žš?

And that is all :) thanx in advance! Mark

My gallery images seem to be having trouble. When you click any of the images in the gallery that is set up, it automatically takes you to the first image instead of the image that you click on. Please help!


please send me a mail through profile page and I will help you asap :)


i sent an email a week or two ago about the photo gallery problem listed in the comment above, but never received a response. I’ve tried emailing again today about the photo gallery problem. Hope it gets to you or it’s not going in your email spam box.


your mail must have been missed somehow! We will look into this asap!

sorry for the wait

can you update to 3.5 using this theme?


yes, our tests were successful. In the rare case anything breaks, send us a mail and we will fix it right away :)


Hello Bebel,

I send you email but didn’t get your response yet.

I want to remove featured image from the single post. I only use one image per article and featured image just double it.

Please let me know which .php should i edit and what lines of code i need to remove.

Thanks in advance.


I just replied you. Please understand that we are probably located in different time zones and thus are not able to send you a reply in 2 hours :)