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Good job bro, I like it. Good luck!

Thanks tranmautritam , we appreciate your comment .

Nice work (and nice name :D )

You should either make it work with MyMail or stated as “not compatible” ;)

Thanks Revaxarts , next time we can made a bundle ;)

I love all your templates, and this one is really great :)

Thank you so much , appreciate your comment.

Quick question before purchasing – if I have to increase the width in the desktop version of the email, is that terribly difficult? I know it wouldn’t be with a straight up html template, but with the responsiveness, I didn’t know if I’d be looking at a more complicated task.


Hello manfarb, You can change the width of the layout and do whatever you want… But for the best practices its recommended that the email template design is around 600px wide. However if you want to do so you must have a little knowledge of html and css… so its not easy as you think, but you can give it a try and we are here for help :) Good luck


I’m very much interested in this email template, but I don’t know how to use it :p, with a softwaire ?


Hello PEIWEI, you can use MyMail with an email service provider like Mailchimp or Campaign monitor so you can customise it very easy.

Thank you


I’m having rendering issues with the following:

gmail on mobile – it renders the desktop versions. and outlook and gmail on pc.

Here’s a zip of a directory containing screenshots of the issues. In terms of editing I’ve only changed the logo’s and a bit of copy so far.

Mac seems to have no issues.

Hello rewca,

we have answered every mail we received please check your inbox or contact us again and we will help in everything

Thank you

Thanks for your help. It looks great except on android gmail app. Do you think you can look into this again?


thanks, found it in my spam box. Really appreciate the assistance.

Hi – great looking template. I’m thinking of buying the MyMail newsletter pluggin by Revaxarts and wondering if this template is compatible…? Here’s link:

Hello hstorey.

For now its not compatible with the MyMail plugin but we are working on it, it will be available soon

Thank you

Ok, good to hear. Thanks.

HI, great email template!

I having issues however,

it comes through fine on my thunerbird email client, but my client uses outlook 2010, and the links are not working, and the read more buttons and the text are all appearing below each image as opposed to next to each other in normal landscape layout…. Any ideas?

Or maybe you could post your response on here?

Check your inbox at


I am having issues with this mail, only on outlook 2010, but the read more buttons dont seem to work…. I will email you the file from my email address

The layout works great now :) just the read more button now and then it is perfect

Many thanks

This template does not work in Yahoo. It breaks and changes the layout…

I tested layout3 for mailchimp in Litmus, and the result is very different than the original layout.

Please provide me with updated HTML that actually works in Yahoo Mail.

Thanks, Ross

Hello rossclurman.

Pease send us your file to and we will fix it for you.

Thank you

Hey lovely work,

I am thinking of buying a couple of templates. Two quick questions. Can I customize the templates use my own company color.

Also have you got any templates that you can enter information, like a field that you can enter an email address for example or phone number with a send button for eg.

Thanks a mill

Yes you can replace the color by yours on a text editor

we will try to make a template with those spec. interessant ..

Thank you

Dear Promail, What should i do if i download a template by error? I wanted another but purchased another. Please help.

Hi mbewbo

We do not provide support on comments tab .. please open a ticket on our support forum or try to contact us at

if you have already conacted us please re-send your email .

Thank you so much for using our products .

I had purchased MyMail template and had problems configuring, but after posting a question and sending my html, but response in 20 minutes with all the code fixed. Great customer service. Thank you.

Thank you so much, we are so glad to help you.

Hello sir!

Im looking for a plugin that allows me to change the emails WordPress sends out to my costumers for forgotten passwords and welcome email etc.

The wordpress now sending is extremely ugly.

Can i use this plugin?

/Khial SEO

The mail my WordPress sending to my costumers are very ugly* :)

Hi Khi4l,

We are sorry, we don’t think that Mymail is compatible with this plugin.


Hello, i have uploaded the file, but in the administration of wordpress plug-in to MyMail, i don’t see any template. In my site there is installed MyMail 3.0, is there any particular passage in the upload with this version of MyMail? Why do i only see the default template MyMail? Thanks, waiting for your response.

Hi danidemon

Mymail is just a simple HTML template its not compatible with wordpress, so you can’t import it into wordpress.


How do I upload this theme in Wordpress? I use MyMail (of course), but it is not a valid MyMail themplate.

Hi timkraaijvanger

This is just a simple html email, its not compatible with Mymail plugin


Thank you for your reply. Is it possible to get a refund? I thought it was for MyMail. I made a mistake.

Yes of course, you can contact envato and explain to the why you want a refund and certainly they will give you your money back.



Might seems weird but i want to send only a plain text email. NO HTML. How can I do this ?

Matt ;)

Hi Matt

If you are using mailchimp there is a tool where you can past the html code and get plain text, here is the link:

Thank you

hello, congratulations for the beautiful job. is already compatible with mymail – Email Newsletter Plugin?

unfortunately its not, but we will work on that in the next update.


I’ve just purchase the newsletter template but seems that this template has been downloaded

What happened?

Thanks for your help.

Just sent you a reply..

Ok, thank you very much guys. I’ve just receive your email with Currier mailchimp template. “Currier” is an awesome mailchimp template, I don’t know why you have get it out of market.

Anyway, thanks again for your awesome and quick support.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards, Yiannis Christodoulou

Thank you and welcome anytime :)

HI. Wondering if there is any doc regarding dynamic templates. This is, the possibilitye of displaying template blocks already parsed with data from an external system (like products of ecommerce). Thanks.