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very nice design!

Wow, really nice. Are you going to code this?

Yeah you should def try to code this up.

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful feedback, and to those who have purchased my theme. I appreciate the support and will definitely consider everyone’s suggestions. :)

Amazing!! I hope you consider it as a wordpress theme too!

Ill sure pay good for this as a cms solution

This is a very nice and calm design! As a CMS theme this would be very awesome! With the menu you should really consider to use this mootools technique: http://www.gmarwaha.com/blog/2007/08/23/lavalamp-for-jquery-lovers/

If you wordpressed this puppy up, I’d buy it right now. Seriously.

Lemme know if you do


Hi Everyone!

Thanks again for all the suggestions and feedback! I’m currently working on a HTML version of this template that I’m going to submit shortly, and that should be online within a few days I’d imagine. I’m not very experienced with WordPress (yet), so I can’t say how soon a version for that will be available, but I am working on it! I figure it’ll be a week at most before I can get it online, but I can’t give an exact estimate until I get a feel for what I’m doing.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who’s purchased this theme, as well. Stay tuned for more updates!


P.S. Special note to buyers who have already purchased this template and downloaded – Please re-download this theme as it has a few minor updates and a searchbar added to the homepage which were not shown in the Live Preview due to a mistake during uploading on my part. Enjoy, and please leave any comments or questions you have for me in here.

Thats great news derektoigo. I will definitely buy the HTML version!

Wow, I’m impressed. It’s so clean, but yet so professional. Great, great work! Keep it up!

Very, very nice. Sooo needs to be coded.

I’m waiting for the css template version to buy it.. ;)

Really clean and professional!!! Awesome job!

Very clean and elegant.

time to get this coded…ur money burns in my pocket

Hi, this is the same template but this one includes the .PSD file only. The other is the coded version and includes a .PSD as well as the HTML & CSS code.