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Awesome Work ! Good Luck :)

Thank you :)

Amazing work, congratulations.

Do you think is possible integrate tubular js for YouTube Video background?

Thank you.

Sure, I’ve made an example of that here:

I’ve also added an empty div to make some space for the video to show.

Hi there, Tried to install, just purchased, but: The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. I’m pretty much a newbie at this so help appreciated to install in Wordpress…

This is a HTML template, not a wordpress theme.

Amazing! There’s a difference between the preview (purple)

.section-title:before { border-color: #7D3E6D transparent transparent transparent; }

and the purchased version (purple).

.section-title:before { border-color: #AD5E9D transparent transparent transparent; }

Thank you.

Yes, that color should be a bit darker than the others (it’s the darker part of the ribbon, the little triangle). Also, the same “bug” is in red.css – that color should be a bit darker). Use the one from the preview. The update with the fix is on a way. :)

How I can edit it Which software i can use

You can edit it with a text editor. I suggest you use an advanced text editor. For windows good one is notepad++.

Thanks for your kind advice

Editing this template is relatively easy if you know your way around CSS and HTML. I was able to customize, move elements around, and also add other elements not in the package. This product is superb and the author, Milan (aleluja), provided speedy response and support whenever I had questions. He also steered me to a free web hosting service. Thank you Milan…you’re a dream to work with!

I looked at it, it is because of the googledrive your using for hosting. Chrome and IE are blocking the javascript from third source (googlefonts) so those browsers render the default fonts. Try using some other free services for hosting, there are plenty of them on the internet.

Btw, you are a dream client :)

Hi when I want to download this theme on my Wordpress bloc it says these files missing : style.css Could you help me with that? Thanks!


This isn’t a wordpress theme. This is just an HTML template.

I wanted to let everyone know that aleluja is great. I asked him something about the template and he got back very quick with an answer that very detailed and helped me tremendously. I will be buying from him in the future!


Thank you :)


Just bought this template and am loving it :)

One question: why is it that if I change the Permanent Marker in the CSS with some other Google font, Comic Sans (of all fonts!) appears instead?

Thanks! :)

Oh yes, I had linked to it, but still nothing. However, today it works without change :D I read up a bit, seems when the server can’t communicate with G’s API it falls back to (this case) Comic Sans (bleargh). So it was probably a connectivity issue.

Btw, thanks for replying on this old theme. Not only is it a joy to work with as it’s very clearly laid out and commented, but it’s also a very nice template for CVs, forcing you to think about things (like Comic Sans for instance) before putting pen on paper :)

Cheers T

If you want to change the fallback then you should in css instead of “font-family: ‘Permanent Marker’, cursive” write “font-family: ‘Permanent Marker’, sans-serif”.

The font family after comma is the fallback (there aren’t much options tho and it isn’t consistent, it’s only a family – see this list ). So when the font can’t load it goes to any “cursive” font you have so you get comic sans while others may get something else.

Thank you for the nice comments, I’m glad you like it :)


Thanks for the explanation :) Imagine my frustration, seeing Comic Sans splattered on top of my fine an sophisticated resume :D

Another question, if I may:

In the experience section there’s an inherent limitation, in that if you have had lots of different jobs you end up with very narrow titles that, in turn, lead to very long expandable boxes (trying to fit bullet lists in there, but I think I can manage that). Would it be possible to have the experience timeline in a scollable box?

Again, thanks. I think I must check your other works, too! :)


Really a great design, i love it and i hope HR will love it too :D

Just one question, i was using wordpress before and since every now and then i keep a blog with some technical tutorial about my job; is it possible to create a blog page inside the theme or i have to add a “blog” link on the menu and just point to another page?

Thank you

Also another thing, i was setting up the timebar that was the reason i bought this theme in the firstplace but i noticed that there’s a problem with it. For example my experience goes from 2008 to 2013, and on of the range is 2008-11 – 2008-03 and another one it’s 2008-03 – 2009-03.

The problem is that those time range are too small for the graph and so they appear unreadable ‘cause they are almost a square.

For now i commented the timebar div and made all the experiences full width, but if you have a solution it would be super great..

Thank you again


Sorry for the delay. Basically you can create a blog page but updating it would be really hard (you have to edit everything manually). It is a better option to put a link to an external site.

About the timeline, contact me via my profile page for further discussion.

Regards, Milan

Is it possible to add recaptcha to the mail form?

I just bought your template and as I was entering my “experiences” I bumped into the limitation that some of my past jobs were a year or so. The box is too small for the text to fit into it, and the expander box is too narrow. How can I address this?


I just bought your template and as I was entering my “experiences” I bumped into the limitation that some of my past jobs were a year or so. The box is too small for the text to fit into it, and the expander box is too narrow. How can I address this?


I would also like to use the “testimonial” window/box for another purpose but when I try to insert a list inside of it, the box gets all messed up. Is there a way to create a list there?

Just bought this. Only problem I have is that only the Skills section has an icon. The rest of the sections show a white rectangle instead of the icons.

Hi there, great HTML file! I have a question though: in the portfolio part, the first 9 (3 horizontal x 3 vertical) items are good. However, the 10th number is on the right (that would be spot #12). Spot 10 and 11 are empty. And then there are other elements, which continue on number 13, 14 and 15.

In other words, my portfolio has 2 empty spots (number 10 and 11) and i dont know how to fix it. Do you have any suggestions?

Hello, do you use bootstrap 3 in your template? thanks


No, it doesn’t.

Nice work !;



I have a problem with sending messages contact. Messages are not sent and not the page is refreshed after sending click the form.

I set up my page (myResume Responsive One-Page Retina-Ready Resume) on my site that is hosting Siteground to test sending a message via the contact form.

Record all data and I click the send button.

Button appears next to a message that says the message is to sent << >>; however the message will not receive them in my mail and the page is not refreshed, the form remains with the data that supposedly sent.

My hosting service run PHP 6.5.23.

You can help?


I had already written for the problems with sending mail messages to trave contact form.

Descrubri auditioning very rare, messages can be sent from Edge and Safari, but not from Chrome and Firefox.

Do you know why that happens?

I also note that there are problems with the stylesheet. In Chrome and Firefox appearance it is correct, but not in Edge and Safari.

In Safari and Edge, the appearance of images of the sections and the tab does not retain the same appearance.

How I can fix that?