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Very nice theme. Good luck :)

Thank you vickystudio for your support :)


I wish to have a few questions regarding to this template. It says that it comes in 13 LAYOUTs, 39 HTMLs and 13 PSDs. Once i click into it this package will come with all those layouts, right?! So I can choose myself which one I wish to use once bought?! Is this Template available in other colors? :) Beside the layout we can edit everything, right!? Title, pricing (can add anything else into it?) Like a discounted logo?

Kindly revise

Hi tommychan,

Thanks for your interest to MyStore template.

Yes, Once you will bought the template you will get all the layout’s. So it’s your choice to use that suits best with your requirement.

There are total 13 layout’s of the template. You can choose anyone to use. Also there are templates for use on Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor tag implemented.

The template is on single color but it is very easy to change the color.

Yes, you can edits any contents (texts, images, links etc) and also can add, remove blocks easily by using any html editor like dreamweaver.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you need anymore things to know.

Many Thanks

Thank you.

Can it support 234px/ & 270px width banners or got specific sizes which it cannot support?! Also is it compatible with yahoo mail or other emails for android phones and will the image also responsive for both gmail & Yahoo at android devices?

Kindly revise.


The width (234px) of the banner is too small. Banner Height doesn’t matter but the width should be as (600px) on the template.

The template is complatible for all major email, mobile and desktop clients and responsive for all the clients that support responsiveness.

You can simple download the test result from here to see how it looks on different emali clients and devices: http://emailpaint.com/emails/mystore/demo/Test-Result.zip

Many Thanks

Hello Exhanger, I’ve recently bought the template. However I found the template on Gmail Apps had message clipped message on the bottom, means that the email template was not viewed as the entire message and the user should click “view entire message” . Do you know why this happen? Is there any suggestion to make the template to be viewed as a whole as like I saw it on the iOS?

You can check the capture on http://imageshack.com/a/img905/8839/s0pBrR.png