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Awesome Theme! GLWS :)

Thanks you :)

Nice Theme!! Good Luck with sales :)

Thanks you.

Clean and Looks awesome! GLWS :):)

Thanks you vicky.

Hi there, I’m interested, but seems to crash iPad every time… Have you noticed that?


no doubt, I am not knocking it, I like it. but without a doubt, it crashes Safari on iPad3 iOS7 every time

Looks like every time it starts a scroll event maybe…

Let me check what is wrong.

Thanks for feedback.

Hi, i would like to buy this template for my photo studio website but i don´t understand if i should pay $13/month or just one payment of $650 for life? can i host this in my go daddy hosting? what about updates? My apologise if this is not the right place to ask questions :) Thanks a lot!

Hello thanks for interesting our work.

You can pay $13 / lifetime, just one purchase and lifetime update :)

You can check extended license here :

wow! ok, thanks for your answer, i think there is no problem hosting it in go daddy, right?

Yes no problem :)

Hi. This template can it work with Wordpress?


No this template dosen’t work with WordPress.

Very nice template. Great work! :)

Thanks you so much my friend.

Beautiful theme! I would like to add background audio to particular portfolios. Can you tell me whether that is possible?

Also, can I add my logo to the upper left-hand corner of the opening page?

Thank you.


Thanks for interested our theme.

For second question yes you can add your logo here :

For first question If would you like to add here : yes you can add your audios with prettyPhoto lightbox plugin.


Per the earlier response, please let me clarify a little.

1. I am trying to add the logo over the photograph.

2. I would like to have each portfolio category such as Lanscapes, People, etc. trigger a different audio sound. So when you click on that in the filterable menu a new song would play. Possible?


Hi again,

Yes you can add your logo over the photo like this : but you need little design for this.

I would like to have each portfolio category such as Lanscapes, People, etc. trigger a different audio sound. Possible

So when you click on that in the filterable menu a new song would play. - Not possible but If you can use a lightbox effect plugin like this (please check some example demos below) it is possible but you need to click eash items.

Pre Purchase Question – I was trying to see it on my iPhone and nothing happened – is this an issue or it could be fixed. Appreciate,



Thanks for feedback I have checked with my iPhone5 and its worked perfectly for me. No have any error.


Hi, there is an question about requirements for webhosting your template.

Is it enought to have webhosting only with php without database engine?

Thank you for your respond, I hope the answer will be all right to be eable to order your template.


Hi there,

Thanks for contact us. Yeah you dont need other functions the standard web hosting requirements ideal for to use :)

Hi Nice theme

I would like the menu to appear on the top when you visit the site, but at the moment it looks like you have to scroll down to see the menu. After that it does stay at the top. Is there a workaround to get the menu on top for the opening images?

Also which e-commerce module would work with this?



Hi there,

Thanks for the great comments about my item. I am very glad if you like it.

So, If you want you can disable the scroll menu very easy. For second question, its not compatible any e-commerce solutions cos its just a HTML design for showcase.


Quite possibly the best looking photography template within the envato marketplace. However, it is completely unusable as it crashes on iOS every time. Regardless, a nice effort.

Hello sorry for late reply but i have some personal problem my Grand NANI is expired so can help you on 25th only. Just wanted to inform you through mobile comment system.

Still no fix. Worked on the CSS to make it mobile friendly but homepage text is still non-responsive. Contacted Envato about this template but no reply yet

i didn’t get your point its responsive already.. Please email me your details and link

Hi. I’m interested in this theme, couple of quick questions though can the menu be at the top instead of having to scroll down for it and do I need any coding to make it work across different devices?

Please mail for us: Thanks

hi posted in your support forums but no reply yet.

The documentation for this theme is very poor, Making the contact form work requires more than just “Please open contact.php and edit line: 60 add your email address goes here.” you also have to edit a line in the source code on index.html ”<form id=”contact” action=”“

I’d like to know how to change the size of the pricing tables, and how to tell the buttons where to scroll to like adding a map button that scrolls all the way to the map.

it crashes iPhones browsers

Please email us from our profile.

Also how do we change size of the pricing table

Please email us from our profile.

Emailed & used your own support forums. no response. Requested a refund

Hello sorry for trouble please email us from our profile

I did that, twice. Just got an email from you asking me to email another address. This is what we call “the runaround”

Aah it is due to we are three people seems like runaround i will see personally what is your email adress.