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Congratulations again on a great theme!!! A quick question before I buy it, is the eye icon optional on the featured image or can you deselect it somewhere in the Theme option? Thanks! Eilis

Thanks :) we should probably make it a theme option to turn it off. At the moment a tiny bit of CSS can do the job though :)

Fantastic!!!! You guys make gorgeous themes!

My blog is 11 yrs old and a lot of the images are too low-res for the big hero look. Is it possible to have some posts show the image at their normal size so they’re not pixelated?

Hi there, unfortunately Myth really is focused on the imagery and it needs to be above 1600px to work with the theme. Due to the full width images on the featured image slot on the posts anything below 1400 or 1600 won’t really work. We’ve got lots of other themes where small images would work but Myth just isn’t set up for that.


first of all congratulations on a very nice and clean theme. I am considering buying it but first i would like to know if it can be customized for my project.

I love all the features of the theme but for the gallery post i would like all the images to be displayed on the page and to be able to open one by one with lightbox or something similar instead of using the arrows. I want to use the theme for posting picture albums and this functionality would help a lot.

Thank you in advance, Sergiu

Hi Sergiu

Thanks. What I’d advise is not using the gallery post format and instead use a standard post format with a standard featured image then use the Jetpack gallery plugin as we have used here for an on page gallery with lightbox http://myth.mtdemo.wpengine.com/myth/2015/05/14/summer-fun/

Hi, love the theme. Question, at the bottom of each post there is a section called “previous post” and “next post”. These areas are pure white until the rollover makes the image appear. Is that a glitch or a design decision? I couldn’t figure out why the posts are hidden. Thanks.

It’s by design :)

HI, pre-sale question: any issues with buddypress and paid registrations? Looking at using this for an interactive book destination with a community around it. Great rendering on mobile! Thx.

Hi there, we haven’t tested with BuddyPress or any paid registration plugins so we couldn’t guarantee compatibility. Thanks for the kind words :)

Such a wonderful theme!! I like it so much! It is so clean and beautiful and powerful and fast.

Some problems mit aesop though:

- When I have a chapter break which is not fullscreen, I don’t see the headline! It’s there in the HTML, but not shown, the canvas is 0px height. (When I deselect “position:relative” in the h2, it is shown, also when I put an height:300px in the background-img-div.)

- When I don’t select a image as an chapter background, I don’t see the headline, because it’s white on white. Any solution possible for that?

- In the chapter view, I don’t see the subtitles of the chapter.

- The aesop gallery, it’s not 100vW wide, just as wide as the p?

- the caption of normal (without aesop) images is written out of the image (if too large). Is this by design?

- the prev/next with pictures is wonderful! I personally would like them to behave like in the homepage grid: Image shown normally, heading only on mouseover. ;-) Would there be an option for that or CSS?


Hi there thanks for all of the kind words and purchasing :) So sorry to hear you are having issues with Aesop Story Engine. Please can you raise a support ticket at https://meanthemes.ticksy.com and we’ll get it looked in to for you :)

done :)

lovely, thanks :)

Absolutely gorgeous theme! I’m considering a purchase and I was wondering if the number of posts in the grid layout can be customized.

Example: In the default grid on the homepage, there are 10 posts – 1 large with 3 small to the right and two rows of 3 small images under that. Would it be possible to eliminate the bottom row of 3 and have a grid of 7 posts on the page?

Thank you! :)

Yes of course you can do that the standard WordPress way via Settings > Reading :)

Oh, of course! That makes sense :) Thank you!

Also, I was noticing that in the demo, the dropdown menu disappears often when I go to hover over the next part in the menu tree (example: hover over Pages and the menu disappears when the mouse moves to Archives). Sometimes it stays, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m wondering if there’s any way to make this less sensitive?

Yes the drop down will only show its own children and then they will hide when you go on to the next parent.

Hey guys! I can’t find a instagram widget aera in footer. Where i can find it?

Hey thanks for purchasing :) Please check the documentation on page 28 “13.1 Setting up the plugin WP Instagram Widget”. If you need anything else please use our dedicated support channel: https://meanthemes.ticksy.com/

Thx Gus! You are Awesome <3 Hugs from Poland :)

No problem at all, happy to help :)

Is there a way to make the logo display properly on a mobile device? The theme seems to be designed only around an incredibly short and small logo (your demo name is 4 letters, while mine is 13 letters with a space and an icon), and there is no automatic resizing happening to ensure that the logo does not overlap onto the social menu or main navigation (i.e. I would like it to stack the logo above the navigation instead of displaying it side by side).


Yes there is a stacked logo for mobile option in the customiser header settings. If you need anything else please log a ticket at our support channel https://meanthemes.ticksy.com

Hi guys, my featured images are showing as horizontal boxes, any ideas why? ticket number: 576443

Hi there, no need to contact us on here and support, support tickets get checked and responded to within 1 business day – its usually faster than that though. We’ve literally just responded to your ticket – you haven’t sent a link over, we need to see a link to see the issue. For any other issues please use the support link not this comments thread.

Hello! Beautiful theme, think this is going to be PERFECT for my client who’s a supermodel :) Just one question before purchasing – is there any way to add a SHARE WITH INSTAGRAM button on the first image of the single pages, instead of the TWEET or SHARE WITH FACEBOOK? Thanks!

Hey there, no there isn’t but you could easily modify the functionality using the provided child theme, it would only involve changing one file I would have thought.

Hi The theme is so great! two questions, 1. I’m wondering about the header logo, it links back to the blog homepage is it possible to easily change where the logo links to? i’d like it to link back to my site homepage rather than my blog homepage. 2. The header appears transparent when I have fixed header turned on. Is it possible to have the header a solid color when it’s sticky/fixed rather than slightly transparent? thanks

Hey there, no the home link is set to the WordPress blog page, it would be a super simple customisation to make with a child theme, editing the header.php. Transparent header – you can have it solid with some CSS, just pop a ticket over to https://meanthemes.ticksy.com/ and I’ll send something your way :)

Thanks for the css for the solid header, i’ll post it here for others wanting it as well,

body.fixed-header .header { opacity: 1; }

my blog is now live, and am getting good reviews on the design, http://blog.ianchristmann.com thanks,

That looks lovely Ian :)

Hello there, - Is it possible to get rid of the white background on the post titles and have the title on white fonts on you hover over them? - Also the option “Hide title overlay on all grid articles” on the customize section does not work on some grid layouts

Thanks in advance

Hi there please submit a support ticket at https://meanthemes.ticksy.com and we will be happy to help. Thanks for purchasing :)

Sorry, no Social Widget in the theme … or am I just too stupid for that?

Seems to get the “MeanThemes Tools” plugin is the problem … where to get it?

Sorry, found it – as I said, too stupid for that. ;)

No worries, please use the https://meanthemes.ticksy.com/ for any support related queries :)

Hi guys, I was wondering if it’s possible to use the Myth-them, but with a videobackground up front, like in your Lore-theme?

It would be possible to do with a child theme, possibly around 4 hours work for a developer. Then again you could just buy Lore :)

:) Well, I’ve already bought Myth, my creditcard would hate me.

Lol! I just thought it would be just cheaper to get Lore, the developer would need to add a control for you to upload a video into that area as well as the ability to turn it on/off should you want that, add a title, subtitle and a logo – its not a super-quick job.

First of all, we like the myth theme a lot. we are traveling around the world. never had a issue :) but know….

I got a problem -> safari seams to have a problem, displaying aesop_gallery_photoset with lightbox enabled. It works with firefox and chrome but safari can’t. If lightbox is not enabled, safari shows the pics. Does anyone remarked the same problem? Do I have to change something in the preferences?

Thanks for any hint



It sounds like an issue with the Aesop gallery plugin and not the theme. Your best bet is to contact the plugin author for assistance.

Thank you, guys! Very excellent theme! we make by this theme a woman site http://arular.kz Looks good, but there is problem with mobile version. People don’t scroll down and click first post :) so last post viewed more than others. what you recommend? or i will search mobile plugin?

Thanks. It’s probably your social icons you have floating over the top of the next post. Try disabling that on the homepage and see if that improves your click rates.

Hello, I really like Myth theme and I’m considering buying it!

Some pre-sale questions, please: 1. are you going to update this theme to the last Wordpress version? 2. is it possible to disable right click on images to protect them? 3. can I write an author page without any post below the description? 4. can I modify the number of posts on the homepage and the number of columns in the footer? 5. isn’t there any space for advertising? (right sidebar, ect)

Thank you so much in advance!

Hi there!

1. All our themes work on the latest version of WordPress we just haven’t updated all of the item details

2. You can disable right click using a WP plugin like https://en-gb.wordpress.org/plugins/tags/disable-right-click

3. You could write a standard page to explain what the author does including a picture and social icons

4. Yes to posts via the standard WordPress > Reading and the footer columns adjust the more you add to them. For example if you only had 3 widgets it would show them in 3 columns.

5. There is no sidebar on myth you could place advertising in footer or within posts at the end of the post

ok thank you!!!


First of all; props for the beautiful template. I´m considering buying it for my blog, but have a couple of pre-sale questions.

1. On the desktop version – home page with the 1 big image and 3 small images next to it. Is it possible to only show the white fading box when hovering over the big image (like on the small images) instead of always showing it? Talking about the white fading box where the title, date etc. is shown.

2. On the desktop version – home page. Is it possible to make the white fading boxes in the images the full size of the images? And can the fading be changed (e.g. almost fully faded when not hovering over the image)

3. On the mobile version – home page. Is it possible to make the white fading boxes in the images the full size of the images? And can the fading be changed (e.g. almost fully faded when not touching the screen)?

Thanks in advance! Sara

Hi Sara,

Thanks for liking the template. Regarding your Pre-sale queries

1. This is possible with some custom coding in the child theme 2. This can be done with Custom CSS as below: .grid-item .grid-item-wrap .grid-item-inner .grid-item-content:before { position: fixed; } 3. Partially by above CSS and the full fading by another custom CSS

All the above changes are simple and you can hire a developer and it should be a 1-2 hour job. If required, we also provide customization services. Once you purchase the theme, you can get in touch with us through our support forum.

Thanks MeanThemes Support

Hello No update with the last wordpress version ?


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