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Great Work! Good luck with sales ;) Pozdrav!

Thanks! Pozdrav 8-)

Nice! :inlove: Srecno!

Thanks 8-)

Hi, just a quick one. I’m about to purchase this but thought I’d point out: On the mobile version when you click on a menu item, the menu stays open obsuring the new content. It would be better for the menu to automatically close when a new menu is selected?

Looks absolutely great though, looking forward to customising it :-)


Hi liquid, thanks! Your suggestion will be on our to do list 8-)

Updated, menu will now close on click. If you already downloaded template we only changed custom.js file.

This theme is SICK! WOW.

Please make WP version!

Thanks Wesley! Our developer had to postpone work on WP version of previous item, we will give our best to make both templates for WP soon.

I’m being real thick here i know it, but i’m going to say it….I can’t figure out the under construction page date formatting! I must be a total dunce! give us a hand guys, how do I make it count down to March 14th?!

thanks :-)

It’s + 1, 1 – 10, – 17 No worry, we had some funny moments too with this. :)

Great love this one! Good luck :)

Nice to hear that, thanks 8-)

Looks fantastic, congrats :)

Thanks 8-)

Amazing theme, one tech question, are you using the Bootstrap LESS (or Sass) variables or mixins or only overriding the CSS?


Thanks uberholden, overriding CSS. In original bootstrap files only one media query is extended for disabling parallax on iPad in landscape view.

That is awesome…Good Luck with ‘Sales’ !

Thanks gfxnav 8-)

Love it! But i agree with liquidshrapnel about the menu going over the content on mobile version.

Thanks, we will definitely work on this today.

Updated, menu will now close on click. If you already downloaded template we only changed custom.js file.

Awesome template, I’m planning to buy it. but I have some questions on “works” section. is it possible to change how image enters the stage? I mean it slides down and new image slides in from the bottom. is there any other fx available? even a simple fade in fade out would do too.

Hi Riccola, there are three slider versions – vertical slide, horizontal slide and fade in/out. You can check live preview, in works section first slider is vertical second is horizontal and third/fourth is fade in/out. Changing +/- in CSS defines entering or leaving side of image, options are separated so it can enter from one side and leave on other. Hope this helps, if you have more questions don’t hesitate to ask.

uhhhhhh bravo

Thanks zimatik! 8-)

Just wanted to ask one question before I buy. Is it easy to adjust the height of the title areas with the background images. On a MacBook air screen it takes up almost the whole height or the screen was hoping to minimize the height a bit – but not have scrolling get messed up. Love this by the way!

thanks _mary

Hi Mary, it’s really easy to change the height. In CSS current value of padding top and bottom is 75px, changing it to 50px will do the work. Nothing can effect scrolling and parallax effect, elements position is calculated after the page is full loaded.

great work awerest! good luck with sales :)

Thanks Ali! 8-)

Nice template. I’m just wondering if it is possible to have the “home page” or front page to have a full screen image slider instead of the text headline?


Hi hoss, thanks. It’s possible, there is example on twitter bootstrap official website here using bootstrap carousel that we already use for text in intro. You will probably need to change some codes, it should be simple and we can help.

Awesome.. Great Work,. :)

Thanks! 8-)

For all those wanting to collapse the menu after selecting a menu item, try adding this to a JS file and call it from the index file:

$('.nav a').click(function () { $(".nav-collapse").collapse("hide") });

Awesome as always, Dantehicks! Thanks! Just wanted to start working on this :) We will update files and it will be ready after review in couple of hours.

i need to learn how to do this…awesome work. back to the books :)

It’s great to know that we inspire someone! Thanks!

Awerest, this one is really amazing! Good Luck!!!

Thanks Stevanga! 8-)