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Scrolling does not work in Google Chrome (latest version: Version 28) on Mac.

Is this something I can fix myself or is it a known bug?

Other than that – love the theme.

Hi starwoodmotors, looking at demo in latest version of Chrome and it works. You can send us link to your live preview via contact form on our profile and we will take a look if there are some errors. Thanks!

Hi great theme! Just wanted to ask you, is it possible to have a video in the home page? Thank you in advance!

Hi, not at the moment. Thanks

Does not have a pricing page, would like to see one, overall it looks good though

Hi, see our Syndicate template, onepage and multipage versions have two different pricing tables and we could do some customization for you in Myway. Thanks

Cant find a pricing page in Syndicate theme.

You can find pricing tables at the end of features section in onepage version and at the bottom of features page in multipage version. Hope this helps.

Great template Svidja mi se dosta….!!!

kako da uradim countdown nikako da radi..? how to make countdown work??

I figured it out!! thanks Guys!! keep up the good work!!!

Pozdrav, thanks! 8-)

Great theme. When will you update it for bootstrap 3.0?

Hi, we are working on our other item – Synidcate for WordPress. Not sure when we can start on Myway for Bootstrap 3.0. Thanks

Issue with retina.js ?? for some reason my images have started showing as the larger images on my site gallery_1@2x.jpg, which are different images all together for the pop ups.

Hi, send us a message via contact form on our profile and include screenshots if possible. Thanks

Great theme.

One question, my website is bit slow during load and it turns out dynamic map might be causing that so I wanted to give static map a try.

Is there any way to add static google maps?

Hi, go here – link. You need purchase code from account that bought template.

Hi I’ve tried that but it keep saying that `Sorry, but that item purchase code has already been registered with another account. ` How can I retrieve my username?

Contact the person who purchased template for you.

Hi, is it possible to filter “gallery”? I mean i would like to use it as a portfolio but I have different categories.

Thank You.

Hi, not possible at the moment. Thanks

Hi, it will be very kind of you to answer to all my opened tickets on your support forum.

thank you.

Hi, sorry if we missed it. Right away.

Is there a way to change the width at which the top navigation bar changes to the menu icon? I would like to see the full menu at 600pix before it changes to the icon drop-down.

Hi, it’s a little bit tricky but we will try to do it for you. Thanks

Great theme, great code, best support. Awerest is a professional and support driven theme provider, you can’t go wrong buying their themes!

Happy customer :D

Thanks for your feedback 8-)

Hi, love the template, although only knowing bootstrap 3, it’s a bit of a pain.

Are you planning to move this to migrate this to Bootstrap 3 please?

Hi, we have few requests for Bootstrap v3, we do plan but not sure about timing. Thanks

How did you make the 3D images? I am taking about the one where you see 3 images in perspective.

They look SUPER awesome.

Could you provide the Photohsop Action script or software used to create that?


Hi, you can find various mock-ups here – link. Thanks


Is it possible to add youtube videos in ‘Work’ without a pop-up window? Please let me know! Thanks!!

Hi, yes it’s possible.


thank you for this amazing template. The code is written so clearly and well structured that customization is super easy.

However, i was wondering if you somehow can achieve this parallax effect for the bg pictures: -> the bg pictures are not fixed but scroll with a different speed than the content divs!

Thanks // Matthias

Sorry, made a responsive test update for parallax effect few days ago and didn’t test it in Safari on Mac. I will look at this problem again. Yes, open ticket at – developer will assist you. Thanks

Don’t worry, it works on my imac without problems just on the macbook the background doesn’t move but stays fixed!

I opened a ticket for my other question!

Thanks, Matthias!

Ok, then it’s break point issue – checking. Ticket resolved.

hi there How to use another “font awesome” icons? I try to use “icon-plan” but it is not work

Oh, it my fault. Sorry Using “icon-plane” is working

Hi, send us a message via form on our profile or open ticket at – We need to update FontAwesome to new version.

Bootstrap 3 please? :)

Hi, Myway is in queue. Need to finish few things that we started 8-)

Bought the template and its great apart from 2 issues, the hamburger menu does not expand to show menu options on firefox on a Nexus 7, and you cannot scroll at all on a Windows Phone 8.

Hi, send us a message via form on our profile we will try to fix that scrolling. Thanks

The link for the Wordpress theme version of this is not working. What’s the status of MyWay Wordpress theme?


Hi, we had to take it down from marketplace to make some updates. We are not sure about release date, probably in couple of days. Thanks

Ok. Thx. If you post a comment here to let me know when it’s done, 90% chance I’ll buy it. Thx. Cheers.

hello awerest, i am also very, very interested in the wordpress theme of syndicate. would you give me a notice, when it is available? thanxs

Hi Hanna, sure! Thanks