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Great work! Possible widelayout?

Thanks don’t forget to rate if you download :)

Hello nomenesl,

The theme has been updated with wide layout option. :)

Mannat Studio

Awesome Theme!! Quick response to email question but I am in a huge deadline crunch to get this nav working. I am Having trouble with the navigation and slider in Browsers. The Slider and Nav seem to jump around I have downloaded it several times and looked at all the different html files. I am sure it is a simple fix but it is driving me nuts. I cant have a menu that jumps around on my site. I love this template though it is amazing design. I really want to fix this issue can anyone else see what i am seeing or am i nuts? anyone have a possible solution please look and help.

I check your site as well as my demo on all browser, and don’t get any issue. Please if anyone else face this issue let me know and if possible add a screenshot here so that i can check it. :)

Mannat Studio

Just looking at your theme now and it’s displaying fine for me in Firefox, Chrome & Safari, Mac OS X 10.6.8. Hope you can resolve the issue at your end. Good luck :-)

Thanks for letting us know that my theme is working fine at your end. :)

Mannat Studio

I trully believe it has something to do with the hidden progress bar that i keep seeing ever so often…keep in mind i have downloaded this and the elements are not all loaded such as the background for the sliders etc…

I know I can not be the only one that will have this issue so I suppose I will await more people to purchase and use maybe someone else can explain it better. It seems to happen off and on as well. as I edit the template and try to view changes sometimes it happens other times nothing. It isn’t very noticeable at first at all but I would imagine a Sr. Art Director would definitely see it. I wish I could resolve it myself but I cant seem too. I really do think it has to do with size of template elements or..the “progress bar” that looks to be hidden in the back ground of the slider.

I am also waiting for someone to come up and tell the same issue that your are facing. But now i can’t help you anymore without knowing the exact issue :(

Hi, Thinking of buying this Template. Just curious if the pattern selector is easy to remove? Also, is it possible to add more then 1 Twitter account?

Thx Maccy

Thanks for showing interest. Yes just few lines of code to delete from js and css to remove switcher.

You can use more than one twitter account but not on same page. It has to be on different pages.

Mannat Studio

LOVE this template – one of the very best I’ve purchased. My client loves his new site. I’ll be buying this for other clients as well. GREAT!

Thanks :) please rate it if you really like.


I’m using this template but have an issue where sometimes the icons that are used via the twitter bootstrap don’t appear until I hover my mouse over it.

Anything that would fix this?

Please contact for support from our profile page.


I checked this template few weeks ago and I want buy it, but the wordpress version. Is it available? Where can a I find it?

It has been removed by us, no more wordpress version is for sale.

Ok… thank you :(

The live preview is a blank white screen

Please recheck now its working…Thanks

I just purchased it. Why is there a 2-3 second delay when clicking the navigation going from page to page ?

We can’t find out the issue you are pointing on our demo site. Are you looking this on your local file?