Discussion on Nafie - HTML Portfolio Template

Discussion on Nafie - HTML Portfolio Template

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Love your template ! i did some important security updates such as implementing Recaptcha v2 in your code and contact_form.php code re-design for better contact experience ! I would to share it with you

demo mimoudix.com

Thanks bro, I’ll see it.

How can I make an icon M ENG MOHAMED

Hello Mr Mohamed SVG code for M letter:

<svg xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" viewBox="0 0 49 45">
  <path d="M.08 2.903V.984h11.698l18.31 39.14-2.098 4.86h-8.265L.08 2.903zM36 26.502h-.254l-4.26 10.36-5.467-11.768L36.001.985H48.08v44H36V26.501zM.08 9.233l11.698 25.07v10.68H.08V9.234z"/>

Love your template. I added video links to the portfolio and the video plays when you click on it but theres no thumbnail for the video.

We have replied to your email

Thank you, youre the best!! got it working

You are welcome ☺️

Hi, I got the theme from free files for the month. You’ve created an amazing theme!

The only problem I’m facing is with the contact form submission, it gives an error whenever I’m filling the data. I did change the ‘To’ email as mentioned in the documentation, but it is not working. Can you help me with it?

You can check it live here: https://zaverizwan.in

I appreciate your help, thank you!

We have replied to your email

Hi, there is a problem with the experience section, following your documentation as well as video, while edit the experience year, after edit them the changes are not showing on the website. they remain the same as before. Can you please help.

I need to take a look at your files, so send them to me by email or give me an online URL to your website

I found your template from freebies collection. I have to admit that you did a very great job. The documentation and source code is very clean. I did follow you and hope that I can find many other good templates in the future.

Thanks brother, I promise you will see a great template soon ❤️

Got your theme as freebies. Thanks a lot.

How to edit and customize the Nafie template? https://youtu.be/4zV56kE80-k

Hi, Thanks for the video tutorial. I think there is a mistake in the documentation.

For changing Navbar Links, your instructions in the documentation are to make changes in script/main.js

I followed the docs but it didn’t work. Finally, I found out that I was making changes in the wrong file. I had to modify script/main.min.js

Anyways the theme is amazing and the code is clean I love it.

Thanks bro ❤

Good job bro!

Thanks ❤️

I totally agree with ddanyboy. Webrouk response rate is one that can be compared to none! Well done bro. Please my issue is around changing the preloader svg. I’m still trying to find my way around coding so please if you can post a simpler way to edit the svg for non-coders…would be great! Love you bro!

To hide the Testimonials section, comment it in the html code.

Thank you Webrouk! You’re the best!

Thanks bro ❤️

How can i change letter N in Preloader kindly help out

Tell me what word you want and I will do it for you.

I want to add a simple A letter

<svg xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/2000/svg” viewBox=”0 0 124 124”> <path d=”M39.78 0.159988H42.84L57.06 49.48L36.36 124H0.360001L39.78 0.159988ZM80.28 102.04H50.22L57.78 74.32H72.18L50.94 0.159988H83.88L123.3 124H86.58L80.28 102.04Z”/> </svg>

Very talented work and design. Thank you.

Thanks ❤️

great works!!!

Thanks :)

Your site is fine, very beautiful site and it loads faster. The most beautiful thing about all of this is that Webrouk replies very fast and he is ready to assist you till you get verything perfectly well. Infact! he is the best Author presently on themeforest. Themeforest pls let us vote for Author of the month pls….. I LOVE YOU WEBROUK

Thank you very much, I really appreciate that ❤️

You welcome! I should be the one thanking you for this beautiful web you created.

Can you please give the correct/Perfect svg path of TR ??

Everything is fine but I just can’t change this preloader properly.

Will it be copyrighted if I make it my personal portfolio ?? This month it is free from here.

Thanks, you can use it as personal portfolio.

Finally got everything done perfectly well. How do i change the N preload to G?

<svg xmlns=”http://www.w3.org/2000/svg” viewBox=”0 0 155 198”> <path d=”M69.04 0.680005C76.5067 0.306665 82.6667 0.119995 87.52 0.119995C104.32 0.119995 119.72 1.24 133.72 3.48C140.813 4.22667 147.627 5.34667 154.16 6.83999V46.88C146.32 46.1333 140.44 45.48 136.52 44.92C133.347 44.7333 128.213 44.2667 121.12 43.52C114.027 43.1467 109.36 42.96 107.12 42.96C95.7333 42.96 87.3333 43.24 81.92 43.8C76.6933 44.1733 72.4 45.2933 69.04 47.16V0.680005ZM87.52 197.24C68.8533 197.24 53.92 195.84 42.72 193.04C31.7067 190.24 23.12 185.293 16.96 178.2C10.8 171.107 6.41333 161.307 3.8 148.8C1.37333 136.293 0.16 119.587 0.16 98.68C0.16 80.9467 1 66.3867 2.68 55C4.36 43.6133 7.25333 34.28 11.36 27C15.6533 19.5333 21.44 13.84 28.72 9.92C36 6 45.52 3.29333 57.28 1.79999V98.68C57.28 111.933 57.6533 122.107 58.4 129.2C59.1467 136.107 60.5467 141.427 62.6 145.16C64.84 149.08 68.0133 151.787 72.12 153.28C76.4133 154.773 82.48 155.52 90.32 155.52V197.24H87.52ZM102.08 121.08H82.2V80.48H155V190.24C146.227 192.293 135.307 193.88 122.24 195C115.893 195.933 109.173 196.493 102.08 196.68V121.08Z”/> </svg>

I love you bro… You made everything so easy A-Z i love you so much. Yes when you are done with the project at hand, i have a project for you. Thanks i will also mail you so we can get into discussion

Thanks bro i appreciate it ❤

I see that alot of people are already having the same problem I’m about to report. Please try and create a solution that works for everyone. I’m unable to change the Skills / tools icons and work experience elements. I followed the instructions in the documentation and it has really been helpful up until I got to the Skills / tools part. Please help..

Well, I will make a video tutorial explaining how to edit and customize the Nafie template.

How to edit and customize the Nafie template? https://youtu.be/4zV56kE80-k

Need help on making the icons show pls i drop you email already. Thanks

How to edit and customize the Nafie template? https://youtu.be/4zV56kE80-k


Find it difficult to change the Nav Links, From main.js is not changing after following the documentation properly. Pls help

How to edit and customize the Nafie template? https://youtu.be/4zV56kE80-k

You are such a wonderful soul. This is brilliant 100% love it.

Thanks bro ❤️

amazing work. better luck for your next products

Thanks ❤️

Assets are removed. I have not find all assents

All the photos used in this template is intended only to illustrate the template and all the rights on them belong to their legal owners and all the photos are not included in the main download file.


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