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Very Nice Work , i love it

Really AMAZING !

nice template :) good luck with sales

nice wor, good luck with sales :)

Amazing! I’ll buy it soon :bigwink:

Looks great ; wish you the best with sales :)
The style of the illustrations reminds me the work of Great Master Miyazaki somehow.

Nice work. Good luck w/ the sales.

Looks fantastic! ;)

Nice Design! Have a many sales ;)

Hi bestwebsoft,

I’ve just purchased this item and trying to open the home.psd in Photoshop CS4 it alert: “This document contains unknown data which will be discarded to keep layers editable. To preserve the original appearance instead, choose Flatten to load composite data as a flattened image”. Photoshop offers three options for this alert: Fletten, Cancel, Keep Layers. Once I choose “Keep Layers” I got again a message: “Some groups were found corrupted and repaired”. What should I do? Why these messages?

Thank you for your reply,



Thanks for the purchase. I do not think that you will have hide problems with layers if you’ll just click “Ok”. You can read about described messages/alerts here:


This is how Photoshop works. If your system doesn’t have installed fonts which are used in the template, or you have another operational system (different from designer’s OS), or if the version of Photoshop is older than version which was used for the design creation, then you’ll get all these alerts.

Just keep the layers and press Ok.

It’s all fine with the option “keep layers”. Thank you.


Ok, just let me know if you’ll have any questions or issues with the template.

Just another little thing. In the item’s page you say: “2 more bonus pages” but I just find the 12 regular ones in the purchased folder.

Sorry for confusing, this means that template includes additional pages such as 404 and Maintenance page. Full list of included pages are available in the template description.

Thanks again

Great…. really nice work..

awesome design.. good luck!

Nameless HTML5/CSS3 version is available for purchase! Please contact me to receive more information about it.