Discussion on Narratium - Simplicity for authors

Discussion on Narratium - Simplicity for authors

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Hi Rafael, hope you are doing well mate.

We’ve had the theme installed for a few years without any problems but encountered an issue with the most recent Wordpress update.

Not sure if any of your other clients have gotten the same issue. The problem occurs when you try and create a new post it says “The Editor has encountered an unexpected error – Attempt Recovery – Copy Post Text – Copy Error”

When you press “Copy Error” it gives this type of information (I’ve removed some info because this is a public forum): “wp-includes/js/dist/editor.min.js?ver=f0aacfa4b9623250 wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=166:456 wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react-dom.min.js?ver=16234.135.:476 wp-includes/js/dist/vendor/react.min.js?ver=162342342.13.1:5:260 wp-includes/js/dist/data.min.js? etc, etc”

Creating a page works fine. This only happens when you create a post. Deactivating all the plugins and the same error occurs. Changing back to default theme and trying to post works fine.

Hi selvatica!

Sorry for the late response and this problem! It seems related to last WordPress update. I am working on it.

As a temporary workaround you can log in Appearance -> Theme features and disable “Format for titles” feature.

Hello, I have the exact same issue with my site. TypeError: Cannot read property ‘ownerDocument’ of null

I can still clone existing articles and modify them, it’s still working. Just can’t create a brand new one.

Hi Veuillezparlapresente!

Sorry for the inconvenience, I am working on it. As a temporary workaround you can log in Appearance -> Theme features and disable “Format for titles” feature.

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Having the same problem as 2 previous posters. Also having trouble with editing existing posts – edits not taking. Thank you.

Hi jglo! Sorry for the inconvenience, I am working on it. As a temporary workaround you can log in Appearance -> Theme features and disable “Format for titles” feature.

Hola, Rafael:

Felicidades por el tema, está genial.

Tengo un problema con los enlaces a redes sociales. En móvil y tablet, al hacer click en el icono no se abre el enlace, se queda la página en blanco. En el ordenador funciona perfectamente. Puedes comprobarlo aquí: https://clasicasyoscuras.com/


Hola, Broncestudio! Muchas gracias!

Lo acabo de probar y me ocurre incluso en el ordenador. Parece un problema relacionado con la navegación AJAX de la última actualización. Mientras busco una solución creo que puedes conseguir que los links funcionen bien deshabilitando la navegación AJAX en las opciones del theme. Perdón por el inconveniente!

¡Gracias, Rafael! Ahora funciona perfectamente :)

Hi Rafael, awesome theme!

I finally went to publish the site and everything looks great except the header image that I have set in the preview does not show in the live site. Also the top menu works fine in the preview but does not show up in the live site either. All of the post images are fine and everything else seems to be okay except for with the homepage header image and top menu.

hm, it’s weird. I don’t see any errors in the console or anything weird but indeed the image is not being displayed. The only thing I can think of is that the changes didn’t save properly or something related. have you tried with another image? Maybe activating another theme and re-activating Narratium again?

My apologies Rafael, I’m doing a bit of a facepalm over here—it turns out I had only saved the header as a draft and not actually published that section. Sorry about the headache. Thanks for the help!

haha! No problem, Ryan! Glad it’s finally working :)

Hi, Rafael, Thanks for a beautiful theme. I am looking forward to when you fix the format for titles feature.

Hi Sesekou! It should be fixed in the latest version of the theme (1.2.5). If you have installed the 1.2.5 version and still experiencing problems with the titles format feature let me know!

Hello, Rafael, I have a problem with the menu items on the left panel of the main screen. The text color is very faint and I want to change the color to white to make it more visible. I searched online and found that I need the header id to change it in the css. I can not find the header id in the inspect screen. Can you help? I was able to change the captions in the posts but I can’t figure this one out. Here’s the link to the site: http://www.mom-memories.com/ The rest is private until I fix the menu problem. Thank you.

2. I placed a logo in the area where featured images appear. It does not look good. But I can’t find where to remove it so it does not cover the images. Where do I remove it? Thank you.

Hi Sesekou!

You can select in CSS the foldout panel with:

html body #site-menu-block .section {}
To select just the main menu container in the panel you can use:

html body #site-menu-block .section .menu-primary-menu-container {}
Example: If you want to change the color of the links of the main menu you can do it so

html body #site-menu-block .section .menu-primary-menu-container > ul li a {
Example 2: Maybe instead of change the links color you could change the menu background color:

html body .site-sidenav .section .widget_nav_menu  {

2. You can change the logo image, size, etc in Appearance -> Customize -> Site Identity -> Logo

PS: I have not tested the css but it should work. let me know if it does not!

Thanks for the quick reply. For #2, I found that there is an option “Do not display logo” so that solved that problem. The code for changing background changed the background for the menu area only. The font color change worked as expected. Thank you.

Hi, Rafael,

I had multiple issues with the domain name I was using for your theme that I really, really, really like.

We were getting a persistent SSL certificate error which we could not fix. I have deleted the mom-memories.com website and closed that domain name.

Question: I want to to buy a new Narratium Theme license, and once it works can you refund me the previous one linked to the now inexistent website? I just do not want to risk using the previous version of Narratium.


I would like, please, translate my theme into French, and I noticed that in the “Languages” folder on my FTP (Filezilla) there are indeed the FR files, but I don’t know how to activate this translation ?


Hi Escienca,

Is the language of your WordPress site set to French in Settings -> General -> Site Language?


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Thank you for the answer. My blog is in French in the admin, but it does not translate. I don’t know if it natively had the French translation in the last update, or if it’s a widget that I tried to install that would have gone a bit derailed?