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Hey there.. awesome work :). i would like to know about adding drop down menu in this template. how can we add a drop down to a menu item? :)

Hi akash,

You would need to customise the theme files somewhat, or look at many of the free jQuery or CSS3 dropdown plugins available, and build that into the theme.

Many thanks

Hi Nash

I purchased and downloaded your plantlla and I can not upload it because it has no style sheet style.css. Please, what should I do to upload the template to wordpress themes thank you very much Miguel

Hi miguelpla,

It seems you have downloaded the HTML version of Nash, you need to be using the WordPress version by the looks of it.

Many thanks


I’m loving the theme, and everything seems to be working great. Except in the “Legal” section of the website, when viewing it on my iphone, the top part of the section is cut off, and the text runs far beyond the section into the “contact” section.

Thanks for your help!

Hi blastair,

Those sections are fixed, due to the fact that it enables the Parallax type effect to function correctly, so you need to put in a set amount of text or, yes, it will spill out. One option (using the media queries at the bottom of style.css) is to have the text go to a smaller font size when viewed on mobile devices, then it should be fine for the area.

Many thanks


great theme. love it. I have noticed that the effect where the background image stays still when you scroll does not work on windows or ipad.

Is this not possible? I only see it on Mac.


Hi zuttico,

This is intentional. The background does not scroll behind the text on iPad and Mobile devices, but you do see the effect on desktop machines.

Many thanks

Hi folks,

Some good, no great news from GuuThemes, is that we are bringing on a dedicated, and absolutely awesome support team member from the 1st of June (they also provide support for many of ThemeForest’s top authors), so I can concentrate solely on new themes, bug fixes, and updates.

We hope this will enable us to bring you not only great looking, easy to use themes, but also AAA support.

Again, many thanks for your purchase, and support!!



Hey, is it possible to embed a soundcloud iframe on the header/top section (Where it says “yes we do some awesome things” in the demo)

Hi eleven1theory,

You could edit header.php, and remove the text, and then add iframe code there quite easily.

Many thanks


Hi folks,

I am pleased to announce a new support team member to the GuuThemes family – Mel (you can see her awesome profile here. Mel has worked with many of ThemeForest’s top authors, and as you can see from her testimonials provides the very best in support services.

We understand that support in the past, on a few occasions had been lacking, so we wanted to fix this, hence bringing on board a dedicated support member like Mel.

We also have a fantastic new support forum at – where Mel will be able to answer your support requests daily, and where you can easily search previous support messages, and where we aim to build up an invaluable knowledgebase over time.

Many thanks for your time, and support



Hi. I wanna buy this item BUT I WANT TO BUY A WORDPRESS VERSION…how can this be done? Thankyou.

Hi there,

You can buy the WordPress version by clicking here -

Many thanks


I was wondering how to I get my twitter feed back up and running since Twitter made their changes?

Regards, Wes

Hi wezc4,

The latest version of Nash has removed the Twitter feed, and it has been replaced by another testimonial section.

We will look at adding a 1.1 API feed in a future release.


Hello Again,

I have had someone re-create the Twitter feed which was once on your website. It all works fine however the styling is not the same as it once was. Would you like the files so you can include the Twitter stream once again?

Regards, Wes

Hi Wes,

Yeah, was going to implement something soon, but if you want to mail your files across that would be awesome –


Hi! Is it possible to embed a video on the site? Maybe in the slider or somewhere else…? It needs to be responsive with a size of 780×438, or so…

Thank you!

It’s not possible to use a video in the slider, but you could always add your iframe code to the theme’s code, that’s fairly easy.

Cheers, Mel

Hi guuthemes! Great looking theme! I am just a graphic designer so I am not sure, will this work with Expression Engine?

I’m afraid we did not test that at all.

Cheers, Mel – guuthemes Support

Hi josharp15,

You can in theory turn this template into an ExpressionEngine ready theme (which I’ve done many times before), but you would need someone with a good knowledge of HTML, CSS and EE.

Many thanks


dude i just bought the theme and when i see it in the browser didn’t charge the images. The paths are good… I don’t know what can it be. Please help!

ok I correct the problem :)

Great, “dude” :) – Mel

Question, what’s the difference between this version and the $35 version of Nash? Why is this one cheaper?

Hi sterlinggenuine,

The HTML version is more bare-bones, and suited to a developer who is comfortable customising aspects of the theme. The WordPress version ($35) is more suited for general users, where you can easily customise the theme to your liking via a Theme Options panel.

Many thanks

How can I link from the mobile drop down? <option> doesn’t allow, do you have a solution thanks! Great site btw absolutely love it

Hello out there?


I would like to invite you over to our brand new dedicated support forum, where it’s not only much more organized and easier for us to keep track of your request, but it will also allow you to post your login details privately and securely in case we need to check out the issue you’re having in your backend.

So if I may lead you towards our new home of the support:

I hope to see you there :) Mel


I’m thinking about purchasing the layout but I had a couple questions: Is there an instagram icon and opportunity to run a blog?

Thank You!


As per our demo you can find the blog layout here:

Yes there’s an instagram icon available :)

Cheers, Mel – support

Awesome! Thanks!

You’re welcome :) – Mel

Hi there… Is there a quick and efficient way to get rid of the rollover effect on images, even when they aren’t links? I have a white background with white images, and when the rollover shows the box around them it kills the effect im going for. Lemme know…

Thanks! -Christopher

Hi brandchemist,

Could you pop across to the support forum where we can assist you better. Many thanks

my friend is there any quick option to change the “Our Work” section to 4 products columns?

Beware – Theme appears to have been abandoned :( – Dead link to developer URL, no support, etc. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong