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Nice theme! ;)

Very nice mate.. Good luck… :D

Cheers JOGJA, much appreciated ;)

Looks very nice. Is PSD file included?

Hi bogosavljev,

PSD is not currently included. But will look at adding to the next update.


Also, is it possible to have blog page? And on Home page to have ‘from the blog’ few posts? Like on Hanna’s theme. I’m considering to buy this theme, so I need to know few things before I buy…

Hi bogosavljev,

Version 1.1 of Nash is now available which features Blog Posts.

Many thanks

Great! Thanks for that!

No problem.


Nice theme good luck :)

Many thanks metrothemes ;)

Hello, I am very interested in purchasing this theme. Two quick questions: first, could you put a blog link up? And would I be able to put a video where the opening text “YES WE DO SOME AWESOME THINGS” is? Thanks.

sold! I purchased the theme in faith believing for a blog soon! THANKS!

Have submitted version 1.1 which features Blog Posts ;)


Version 1.1 of Nash is now available which features Blog Posts.

Many thanks

Can you make custom page templates? I know its a single page but I wanted to have password protected parts of the site that users can go to.

Hi podoco,

You currently have a page.php and page-fullwith.php template, so you can add normal pages if you so require.

Many thanks

Similar question to podoco and bogosavljev: Is it possible to to have pages that AREN”T included in the one page design? Specifically I need a terms of service page and a privacy policy page at their own URLS. Everything else can be on the front page. Is that possible with this theme?

Hi phillygoat,

Yes you can add normal pages to the theme. There is the usual page with sidebar, and also a full-width page template to choose.

Many thanks

Contact form? Blog posts?

I hope you answer the rest of us. You have potential sales waiting.

Hi tf_ajd,

There is not currently a Contact Form, but you could grab one of the many free plugins available, add a new page, and use it on there.

No Blog posts in the theme.

Many thanks

Hi tf_ajd,

Version 1.1 of Nash is now available which features Blog Posts.

Many thanks

I’d like to echo what others are saying about having even an indirect blog posts hook like you did with Hanna. That one’s a bit too retro for my design business, but I’ve been looking at converting my site to a “mostly” one-page format, and this has a really good look to it, but I really need the blog posts! Beautiful, elegant, efficient theme though.

Hi jmarkj,

Thank for the kind words.

I decided to keep Blog posts from this Theme, as I wanted it to be a simple showcase of work. Sometimes you can lose sight of what a ‘One-Page’ theme should be, and if you start adding Blog pages, which in turn means categories pages, archive pages etc…then you have a multi-page theme so to speak, and no longer a ‘one-page’ :(

Hope that clears that up ;)

Many thanks

Aaargh. I respect your decision, but so bummed. If you ever decide to Hanna-ise this theme, I’m SO in.

Well i bowed to peer pressure!! ;)

Version 1.1 of Nash is now available which features Blog Posts.

Many thanks

nice theme. i’d like to buy it, but 1. why is the sticky menu so damn nervous at scrolling? if you fix it, i’m in.


Hi superdesign,

That is easily fixed my friend ;) There is a figure in the custom.js file (ie; 500) you would change this to a lower number (ie: 200) to speed up the scroll. Job done!


nice work.. good luck!

Thanks EngineThemes, much appreciated ;)

Combination of Hanna and Nash theme will be perfect! Maybe I buy both theme and combine them in my own which will satisfy all my needs :)

Keep up good work!


You could do that!! ;)

thanks again

YES! So excited!!

I am glad to hear it :)

I’m very interested in this theme. I am curious if all of the social media icon/links are shown on the live preview or are there others available too? In particular it is important to me to have a tumblr link. Thanks.

Hi katie,

Will be adding more social icons (including Tumblr) to the next update (1.1) available later this week.

Many thanks

Hi Katie,

Version 1.1 of Nash is now available, I have added a Tumblr link in just for you ;)

many thanks

Hi there – this will be my very first ever Wordpress theme!

I am looking for a simple one-page website for my accounting business – I’d like it to stand out but without being gimmicky! Your design is just what I am looking for.

May I please ask a couple of questions:

1. Can you set the width at which the theme changes shape? There seems to be a change around 940px and then 750px. Is that about right? Can this be changed? Indeed would there be any need to?

2. Never having used a Wordpress theme, could you tell me what is customisable: font, font size, colours etc. In other words what we buy is the framework to hang this on? Sorry if this sounds daft! Your example pages look beautiful but the text and images are large and, even on my 1920×1200 resolution screen, a section won’t fit on.

3. The background images don’t seem to scale/zoom so therefore I presume we will need to obtain images the full width of the largest resolution screen we think our viewers might have? i.e. 1920 px? Could be expensive!

4. $64,000 question – is it easy to install and get working?! I have succesfully installed WP on my web domain (I have a one-click install so it was done for me) – having bought your theme how easy is it to get working?!

Many thanks in advance!

Best wishes Hari

Hi CobaltCube,

Many thanks for the interest in Nash.

1 – You can play around with the Media Queries which can be found at the bottom of style.css, you can then set different breakpoints if you so require. Personally I would leave them as they are, as they are setup perfectly for the majority of devices.

2 – You can customise the fonts used, color etc..

3 – The background images do not scale no, this is how the theme was setup to be. If they scaled down, then of course any text (quotes/latest tweet) would not fit inside the area, and spill out. It would not be expensive if you were using stock images, there are thousands of really great Creative Commons images you could find on Flickr.

4 – It’s very easy to install and setup, the documentation covers fully how to do this.

Many thanks

Could the ‘Latest Works’ section function similar to that of blog post? I notice when you click on the images in that section it leads you to a different page. Would work very well with what I’m trying to do. Also, I’m a complete newbie, this would be my first template ever to work with… do you recommend me going elsewhere? How much help can be provided to someone like me? Is this considered more of an ‘advanced’ template? I love it, I want it! Just need to be sure I can make it work

Hi there,

I would not class this as an ‘advanced’ template in any way, it’s very simple to use, and setup, and the documentation is very thorough.

For help with small issues, and setting up correctly I’m always here ;)

Many thanks

Thank you! I have decided on another one of your themes (Golden) so I’m sure the same help applies since same author right? ;) Love all your themes, was a tough decision!

Many thanks for your kind words.

Hope you enjoy Golden ;)

I was liking this theme a lot. Unfortunately the background images aren’t working well for iPhone and iPad despite me trying to problem solve with very large images or smaller images. They are looking extremely pixelated. Any suggestions?

I now notice the iPad and iPhone screenshots of the background images look low-res too. Are there plans for adjusting the backgrounds to be responsive for mobile devices too?

I too would welcome a blog. Just sayin’

Hi stotion,

The fix for the images is coming in version (1.1), and also Blog Posts ;)


Hi stotion,

Version 1.1 of Nash is now available which fixes the IOS background issues.

Many thanks

Looks cool BUT.. i won’t purchase because of 2 reasons a) no blog b) no contact page

Maybe in a future release?? ;)

Hi thomas,

Version 1.1 of Nash is now available which features Blog Posts.

Many thanks

Hi, I had originally purchased the html template but without much coding experience I decided to purchase the Wordpress version.

The issue I am having is that the header image is being cut off and the area where the “YES WE DO SOME AWESOME THINGS.” is not appearing.

The link to the Wordpress version is at http://www.americanjunky.com/test/test2/

And the original Html template what I did not have the same issue with: http://www.americanjunky.com/test/

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Rudy

Yes, I have had the (‘Yes we do some awesome things’) in the header settings. I also do not see it in the source code after saving the ‘Introduction’ multiple times. Is there code I can add to rectify this issue?

In the source of the html only version of: http://www.americanjunky.com/test i see

</nav><!-- end #header-navigation -->

        <div class="container">

            <div class="row">

                <h1 id="uber-statement">Yes we do some awesome things.</h1>

But not in the Wordpress theme version. <a>http://www.americanjunky.com/test/test2/</a><a> 
 That one contains:

<pre></nav><!-- end #header-navigation -->

    </header><!-- end #header-global -->

    <div id="main">

        <section id="about"></div></pre></a></div></div>

Hi rudyrude,

Could you open a ticket across at the Support Forum, and I can investigate further?


many thanks