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Whenever I change something in theme options and click Save, I get an ERROR message. Please help me out on this. Thanks

Hi Metzelwerk,

Sorry to hear you having trouble.

Could you try changing the file permissions on options.css (found in /assets/css/dynamic-css) to 0666.

Many thanks

how do I turn off the fluid video width? i want manual embed size to work

thanks, almost done the site! will def share it with u


Hi Chad,

You would need to look at removing the FitVids script that controls the responsiveness on videos.

Looking forward to seeing the site buddy!! ;)

Many thanks

wicked, thanks.

No problemo ;)

Hey! The theme looks wonderful, but I have a question: Is it possible to add a normal photo gallery with lightbox functionality to one of the sections on the main page? Maybe even a categorized photo gallery, just as with the portfolio, just that instead of being directed to pages, you open the picture in a lightbox? That would have been totally awesome. ;)


Hi Teddyen,

Thanks for the kind words.

Out of the box, no. Best bet would be to grab one of the many free WordPress plugins available, you could be rockin’ in no time ;)

Many thanks

Sounds promising! Can you think of any that would match your portfolio function off the top of your head, or anyone you would recommend?

Actually, the solution you already have may be perfect for me, if the subpages of the portfolio section had an option to show a gallery at the top (set of thumbnails) instead of a big slideshow or video. I see that the lightbox is already integrated, and a good looking one as well.

Is this already possible, or may I get it to work with some tweaks? I know html, css and php relatively well, but I’m not keen on spending many hours on it. If you eventually could add in the feature of having a gallery at the top of the subpages, I’d gladly pay a total of $100 for the theme, or even more!


I have installed this theme and everything looks good on the ipad and laptop but on the phone, I can’t get the theme to look as it does on the live preview when viewing on the phone. Is there a fix to this? I would really love to have the same viewing pleasure on the iphone for the live preview of NASH for my actual site. Thanks. The url is effuselogic.com

Hi ef_log,

You would need to set the responsive image settings on the Mobile media query found at the bottom of style.css, then the logo will only be affected when you view on mobile devices, and stay at normal size on desktop etc..

Many thanks

Hey thanks for responding. What should I set the settings to? Should I be looking into the logo or header logo?

Hi ef_log,

Look at #logo.


how do you change the height of the nav bar and center align the logo (and make the logo responsive)?

Hello, thanks for you help. How can I center align the logo?

I figured out the centering. Had to remove the social icons divs and changed the logo div to sixteen column

Hi dadvan,

Nice work. Yes it is quite easy to do.


Hello again!

2 more questions.

How can I make the header image be a slider that auto rotates several images?

How can I pull in all available Google fonts as options?

Hi dadvan,

You would need to modify the theme quite somewhat to achieve this.

You could look at inserting another Flexslider into that area, but like I say it would require some customisation.

You add Google Web Fonts to the file class.options_machine.php (found in /admin/classes) you add new fonts to this section of code -

/* Font Face */ if(isset($typography_stored['face'])) { $output .= '<div class="select_wrapper typography-face" original-title="Font family">'; $output .= '<select class="of-typography of-typography-face select" name="'.$value['id'].'[face]" id="'. $value['id'].'_face">'; $faces = array('arial'=>'Arial', 'verdana'=>'Verdana, Geneva', 'trebuchet'=>'Trebuchet', 'georgia' =>'Georgia', 'times'=>'Times New Roman', 'tahoma'=>'Tahoma, Geneva', 'palatino'=>'Palatino', 'helvetica'=>'Helvetica' ); foreach ($faces as $i=>$face) { $output .= '<option value="'. $i .'" ' . selected($typography_stored['face'], $i, false) . '>'. $face .'</option>'; } $output .= '</select></div>'; }


Thanks for you help with this!

No probs ;)

Hi there,

Everything working perfectly with the theme, except for one Front Menu Navigation item which is not scrolling properly. “Client List”.

I have this set up as a custom item on the Front Navigation Menu exactly as I have the rest of the working pages so I cannot figure out why this will not scroll to the desired area.

Any ideas?

Thanks a million.

Hi jinjo,

Are you referring to the client logos section?

If so I think the div is labelled client-logos so you need to name the URL on the menu item accordingly.


This worked perfectly. Thank you very much.

Hey, no problem ;)

Also, just one more thing! – As Columbo would say!

Is it possible for you to point me to the code to where I might add in extra client logos?


Hi jinjo,

You firstly need to edit index.php and find the section of code relating to client logos, and add a new line there. You will also need to edit functions.options.php (found in admin/functions) and add a new field for your new client logos so the options appears in your Theme Options.

Many thanks

Thank you so much for that, it worked perfectly. Your support is second to none with this theme.

Great stuff! Many thanks for your awesome feedback, it’s very much appreciated ;)

Hi there,

i’va just bought your theme and have a question:

—>Is it Possible to make more than 2 quotes? If yes how can i do that?In “Home settings” i can only move their position but not add an extra one…

Best regards…C

Hi Christian,

Not currently. But I am adding another Quote section (removing the Latest Tweet) in version 1.6 of Nash, which I will be submitting early next week.

Many thanks again for your purchase.

Thx for your answer…will be waiting for an uptade…:)

No problem. You will be notified when the update is released.

Many thanks

im having some trouble getting the navigation to display. Do I add the items under the menu function, and if so which items. I don’t see anything relevant under menus to add.



Hi cliqthis,

Please take a look at the documentation provided with the theme. This explains setting up the menu extensively.

Many thanks

Please disregard my request.. i failed to read the supporting documentation.

No problem ;)

Hi. Awesome theme. I’ve got just about everything set up, but I seem to have one issue that I hope is easy to resolve.

I’m trying to add a page that is basically an “about me page” with some text and a photo gallery. I don’t really see any way to add sections other than what is in the default list in the settings.

Might there be some way to do this? Any suggestions?

I guess this would be more of a feature request – to be able to add additional pages as need.

Any word on that at all? Is this possible or not?

Have replied to your most recent post.

Many thanks

I am running on WordPress 3.5.1, I have downloaded this twice and uploaded Nash four times to my server, each time I pick the theme in the Appearance menu I get a fatal error

Hi Bazzer,

What type of server are you uploading to? You need to be running on a Linux server.


I am on godaddy and yes it is linux

Hi bazzer,

You mentioned it was an issue with Godaddy when we spoke by email. Glad they got things fixed for you, and you’re up and running.

thanks again


As everyone else says great theme!

Could you list what the ideal image sizes would be for the theme?

Header Image


Logo Image

Client Logos

Much appreciated!!

Hi ViosMedia,

Thanks for the kind words.

For header/section backgrounds, I would go for 2000px wide with upto 1000px high for the header, and 500px for the section backgrounds.

The logo image, client logos sizes are mentioned in the Theme Options helper notes for those sections.

Many thanks

Is it possible to turn of the responsive design on phones and so on? I’m not so fond of the all the scrolling :)

Hi ncase,

Not without editing the theme files somewhat, sorry :(


Hi, first of all: the theme works like a charm, really good job!

I would like to know the following. On the site that I have created for a charity organization I noticed that I do not like how their logo match with the theme (http://tinyurl.com/cqrzvkh). Therefore I would like to integrate the logo into the menu bar. As you can see, the height of the logo is somewhat bigger than the menu bar, therefore I would like the logo to stick out a bit on the top and bottom (center).

How can I accomplish this?

Many thanks!

What are the parameters or suggested sizes for photos for the blog post? How does Nash crop the photos that are displayed in the blog section?


Hi David,

I would say around 600px wide to be sure.

The crop dimensions are set in functions.php, where you can change this as you require.

Many thanks

Hi all,

I installed this theme and used the demo-content import. It all works, exept for the “backgrounds”. I cannot get the header- of quote-backgrounds to work. I’ve tried different images, even the ones included in the theme package. Can you please help me?

URL: http://node01.mexxus.org/

Hi mexxus,

Have replied to your most recent post.

Many thanks

I want to insert a simple contact/signup form at the top of my page. Ideally, it would go in the top right near the social icons or right below the uber statement. Where could I insert a shortcode or other code in the header file and/or would I have to add additional classes to the theme to make this work? I’ve located the containers in header.php where this would potentially go.

I’ve already used Contact Formm 7 and placed a full contact form at the bottom of my page. At the top I just want email and submit button with a single line of text to introduce it.

Thanks for your insights!

Hi Ryan,

Have you tried setting up another contact form with Contact Form7? You can setup multiple contact forms as far as I know. Just set one up with email and submit button.

Many thanks

I tried duplicating the contact form, but I want it to show up in the top rectangle box with the tagline/uber statement (right under the navigation). I tried pasting the contact form shortcode into textbox on CMS tagline text box but it would not read it like we wore getting it to down below in the contact form section. Any help would be great – The main goal is to have a simple signup form that is in your face at the top of the page. This is going to be a launch page for a new web app and we need to have an easy signup form.

Thanks for the help Ryan

Please take a look at the docs for Contact Form 7. This explains how to hardcode a form into a theme file.


When opening the theme in IE8 or IE7 (this includes the website I built with your theme and the live preview) IE crashes, and then reloads saying “A problem with this web page caused internet explorer to close and reopen the tab”. It then defaults to Browser mode IE10, and if I try to set it to IE8 or IE7 again it crashes with the same error message.

Hi LNJOband,

Hmm strange?!? I have throughly tested on IE8 (the theme is not IE7 compatible as stated on the theme description) and have not come across the issue you have mentioned.

Could you please open a ticket at the support forum.

Many thanks