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Is there any way of adding font in styling options dropsown menus that are apropriate for my greek language?

Hi iakgrp,

Ooh could not say on that one. Sorry :( Did see this forum post, not sure if it may help -


Many thanks

Hey guys. I’m trying to add my own code to make it so that I can pull certain pages that I’ve created. Specifically, a gallery page and another timeline type page.

I was able to modify the functions.options.php file to add the two new sections to the page chooser in the settings panel and everything works fine.

The issue is that I can’t get the theme options to update to show these two new pages without restoring to the default settings (options reset).

Any idea how I would do this so that I don’t have to go back through and update every single option again?

I hope it’s easy!

Have you tried doing a backup via the Theme Options panel of your existing settings, then import these back in.


I did. I would do a backup, but when I restore the settings it removes the pages from the Enabled/Disabled section. So I can’t enable them.

The settings for those pages work though. Like the title, overview, icon.


I have seen this article that may help (in reference to the Theme Options that power Nash) -


Many thanks

Check out the final product! http://sweetchicknyc.com

One more question, how can I make it so the header image takes up the full screen on larger monitors? Right now, it cuts off the bottom 1/3 of the background image.

thank u! chad

Hi Chad,

That rocks buddy!! Awesome to see Nash creating some fine sites!!

Have you tried playing around with the height CSS for #header-background?


Yes! We’re live!


How can I make Meet the Team social links open in a new window?


Hi Talklaunch,

Nice work dude. Looks great.

You need to add target=”_blank” to your a tag in index.php

Your link will then open in a new window.


Anyone who can help me with the issue i posted 3 days ago? I would really appreciate it! For so far, I cant use the theme the way it should..

I installed this theme and used the demo-content import. It all works, exept for the “backgrounds”. I cannot get the header- of quote-backgrounds to work. I’ve tried different images, even the ones included in the theme package. Can you please help me? The url is http://node01.mexxus.org/

Thanks!, Martin

Hi mexxus,

I have just returned from Easter Break here in the UK, hence the slight delay in replying, and it was the weekend also buddy ;)

Can you please open a ticket and I can take a look for you -


Many thanks

Hi mexxus,

Have just replied. Glad you got things fixed.

Many thanks

Hi, building out our agency site and have come across two issues: a) the header background image is not showing. uploaded a large jpg, tried a couple of different, still nothing showing. Any specific criteria for the image or some other setting i need? b) the ‘contact settings’ > ‘contact email’ is not line wrapping or font scaling so the site width breaks when shown on a mobile. the email is quite long. http://www.leanworksagency.com thanks

Did you change file permission on the actual file? Not the folder.

folder = 0750, options.css = 0666, still erroring. thanks for the quick replies

Ok, could you open a support ticket for me, I can look at getting this fixed for you.


How do I include the featured image to the portfolio item page? Currently, when viewing the item, it does not appear, only text. The featured image for the portfolio item does show in the homepage.

Hi dadvan,

Have you added a ‘Featured Image’ as per the documentation?

Many thanks


Just wondering if your theme supports any E-commerce plugins? If so which ones?


Hi beauy,

I have not personally tested with any, but no reason why not.


Hi, I would like to buy this wonderful theme but before i want to know if it is possible to add personalised picture for each background of page category ? Thank u Have a good day, Sincerely, Emilie

Hi eemiliee,

You can yes. Where you have #uber-statement in style.css. Just add -

background: none!important;

to it, and you should be great.

Many thanks

Thank you for your awnser, but what about the possibility to add multiple background for each section like in this example : http://sweetchicknyc.com. Thank u

Hi eemiliee,

That buyer has done quite a bit of customisation to the theme (and has done a superb job), personally I would drop them a quick email, and ask how they achieved it, I’m sure they would be pleased to answer your questions.

Many thanks

I LOVE this theme, but I’m having an issue with the portfolio items. For some reason when I click the featured images on the homepage, the link to the portfolio page is giving a 404 error. Same thing happens if I try to view the page from within my dashboard. I’m blanking on what could be happening, and I’m sure it’s something small. Any help is appreciated!


Just go into your Permalinks and adjust, then re-save them. This should fix things.

Many thanks

Hi I can’t get my navigation to work properly. It works when you view the page, but after clicking a portfolio item or a blog post, the navigation stops working. Both my inner navigation and header navigation are the same.

Hi cmadden,

Have you followed the documentation ok? This explains thoroughly how to setup your menu items correctly.

Many thanks

Hi, i already bought nash but i got a big ungly looking problem. I got no options in styling options under font drop downs for greek lang. I still getting something like default times new roman font that is aufull and destroys how theme look like at all.

I did found some code lines with firebug at head like:

<link media=”all” type=”text/css” href=”http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Pontano+Sans&ver=3.5.1” id=”headings-font-css” rel=”stylesheet”>

I also did find some greek google web fonts like:

<link href=’http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto+Condensed&subset=latin,greek' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>

My big question is how i intergrade greek web font into my website, which way? And which files i got to edit?

Hi iakgrp,

Please open a ticket across at support -


I can help you out with this.

Many thanks

Need Help Centering Header Logo
Purchased theme a few days ago and so far so good! Super clean design and functionality.
Where and how do I go about centering the main header logo? Please advise.

Hi DirtyEditor,

Thanks for the kind words.

You would need to edit index.php, and place the logo in one <row> and the social icons on another <row> then look at making the <divs> sixteen columns so they both span full width, and you can then center up your logo.


I have finished my site and it works great on all browsers except Internet Explorer 6,7,8 – How do I fix this?

My site is: http://peacecountrymeats.com

Please help ASAP my client is not happy :(

OK, if I can get IE8 to work that would be good enough. I have only edited few lines of the main stylesheet, changing a font-size, here and there…etc. My site seems to be stopping when it tries to load the FontAwesome #iefix&v=3.0.1

Hi Morgan,

I have tested with IE8 again on both my Windows machine, and with BrowserStack, and cannot see any issues?!? Was this a clean WP install, or did you have themes installed before? Do you have any plugins installed?

Many thanks

I was able to fix the major issues as the site wasn’t loading. The last issue is an error when I am on the portfolio page I click on the navigation menu and the following pops up;

Webpage Error

Line 85: error; top is not an object

I tried the Nash site in IE 8 and it came up with the same problem so its something the theme started with.

Hello -

When trying to set the background image for the header I am getting various errors.

The latest is saying HTTP error. Any help?

Hmm very odd?!? Can you please open a ticket for me -


and I’ll take a peek for you.

Many thanks

I have opened a ticket? Any response?

Hi viralrobot,

I’m sure I had answered your ticket buddy?!? Let me take another look.

Many thanks

Is there a way to change the order of the ‘Latest Works’ menu to not show alphabetically (Project Type)? I am wondering if I can hardcode this somehow http://fisher.fastdns.ca/menu.png

Hi headmetal,

You would need to play around with this section of code -

<?php query_posts(array( 'post_type' => 'portfolio', 'orderby' => 'menu_order', 'order' => 'ASC', 'posts_per_page' => -1 )); ?>

Take a look at the WordPress Codex, this will assist.

Many thanks

Hi there, great theme. I am having trouble, however, updating the theme options. I make all the changes I want, but I can’t save it. It just says “Error!” at the top of the page. Any ideas why this would be happening?


Hi Ryan,

Will be taking a look today.

Many thanks

Turns out it was the fact that I needed to upload only the nash.zip file folder, not the entire download file. Thanks for your help.

Hi Ryan,

No problem buddy. Glad you got sorted. Enjoy Nash!!

Many thanks


I am trying to change the left border on the blockquote.

blockquote { border-left: 3px solid #4e7194! important; }

I am able to change it but because it is in options.css it keeps dynamically changing it back.

How to I stop it from dynamically changing the blockquote border?



You need to remove blockquote from style.php found in /assets/css/dynamic-css. This is what controls the output in options.css


Hi there,

I love your theme, but I am not a fan of single page sites. Is there an option to have the navigation go to separate pages rather than scroll down?

Thx :)

Hi localweb,

That type of layout is really for the homepage, as the theme did initially start out as a ‘one-page’ theme, I added basic pages due to customer requests. So the single pages are really quite basic (images, text and a sidebar if required).

You can use Shortcodes on the single pages (accordions, tabs, columns etc..).

Many thanks

.. that’s why I asked before I purchased if it had to be a “single-page theme” or if they could be separate pages .. Aye!


And I mentioned (as well as the item description, and also from viewing the preview site), that the theme is multiple page if you want it to be.

Most themes have a stylised homepage, and then more basic inner pages, I am not doing anything different.


Any plans to add side bar options to the posts pages? Would love to add widgets and conversion content !

Thanks for the input.. almost finished with our theme www.viosmedia.com . Hope it does you proud!!

Hi ViosMedia,

You can add widgets to the sidebar on post pages. Checkout the docs and also the Nash preview site.

many thanks