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Love the theme. Have started working in it today. When I specify background images for the header and quote areas, they don’t update. Any thoughts?

My site is going to be at http://www.the8weekstartup.com

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi ignitespot,

That is odd. The rest of your dynamic stylesheet is updating, but not the images??

Can you please open a ticket, so I can investigate further for you -


Many thanks



I have an open ticket which you have not answered? It was about 3 days ago.

Ticket #43720


Hi meddisorder,

My apologies, must have missed your ticket :(

Will take another look this morning.

Many thanks

Hi guuthemes, I submitted a ticket 2 days ago [PRIVATE] Ticket #44536 and I still haven’t received a reply. I just added a new one [PRIVATE] Ticket #45016 can someone please help me with my problem?


Hi Anya,

The support system does say to allow up to 48 hours for a reply at busy periods. I will take a look for you now.

Many thanks

Hi Anya,

Have just replied to your ticket. As I mentioned in my reply, please read the documentation that comes with the theme, this has a list of shortcodes that you can use, just copy and paste them across.


Hi, I have exactly the same problem with the background images as ignitespot + the fonts and font colors don’t update.

What’s the solution?

Many thanks


Can you open a ticket at the support forum -


You may need to possibly speak to your hosting also, as they may have certain file permissions setup on their servers.

Many thanks

Hi, I opened a ticket #49429 – your last comment is 2 weeks old … Please answer!

Many thanks

Damn!! My apologies for missing your reply. Taking a look now.

Many thanks

Hi I posted to your support site for help, it reads urgent in the subject line. Really could use some help, included login details for site on there also. The biggest questions I have are:

HOME There is a weird thick shadow border that appears in the first large white area. How do I fix this?

LOGO Is it possible to center the logo?

PORTFOLIO Is it possible to only have 3 portfolio posts appear (instead of infinity)? ICONS is it possible to place a same size image instead of the icon?



I have hopefully given you some pointers on the modifications you mentioned. Please do remember that the Support Forum, is really only for bugs, issues setting the theme up etc.. not for personal modifications ;)


Thanks for all your help – I have a few feature requests:

For the first large image that appears—any plans to make this more interactive? Like a slideshow where we can add images and/or video?

The same for the other large images—is it possible that each time you scroll those images change to different ones.

Ability to add a widget or shortcode to any of the areas.

Video to open and play in the same window.

This may be complicated and take time to develop, so they are just requests that I’d like to put out there in case they are achievable. Thanks and again a beautiful theme!!

Hi tcg1,

- Possibly. I wanted to move away from the ‘slider at the top’, and just have a static image with bold typography, but may look at the option of a slider as an alternative.

- You can add shortcodes to any of the areas, with the latest version of Nash.

- Video, to open and play in same window will be looked at in a future update.

Many thanks for your continuing support, and kind words.

Hi there. Love the design of this theme, however after purchasing it, I am looking at your demo on my iphone and iPad:

iPhone- the only links that work are the ones that link to other pages! None of the other “one page” links work at all

iPad- the links work, but you need to jiggle the page first! You cant just click one menu nav after another.

Am I the only one experiencing this???

I don’t want to spend the time using this theme if I’ll just be alienating smartphone and tablet users. Thoughts?

Thanks, in advance, mate!

Hi brandchemist,

I have tested on the latest iPad, iPhone 4s and 5, and cannot seem to replicate the issues you are seeing?

Do you have a URL I can test?


Love this theme. Any chance to add a drop down menu that can click to anchor points on a page?

Hi reddishpink,

You do have that yes, a dropdown/select menu when you view on tablets, and mobile devices.

Many thanks

Hi there

Just a couple of questions

1. I have tried uploading the background using the instructions in the documentation, even though it comes up saying “options updated” the background doesn’t appear in the front end. I have tried putting a background in all the sections but still no luck. Why is this?


2. Some of the CSS isn’t appearing, I notice the fonts don’t work (not sure if this is related) and also the hover color for the links are not working, also the background behind the main title at the top isn’t appearing despite setting the colors up in the “styling options” section.

Thanks in advance, its a really great theme!


Good stuff, there was only one file altered in the 1.6 update (functions.admin.php) found in /admin/functions/ in the Nash theme folder, just replace your existing one with the one from the 1.6 update.

Many thanks

This didn’t work, i have already tried that fix with the previous version 1.5 (comment out lines 72 to 88 and un comment lines 60 to 70), This is the fix to allow you upload content to the theme options in the wp backend. This was already working correctly though, the problem i got was that AFTER i uploaded all the background images, they wouldn’t appear on the front end.



Hi martisim,

Ah ok, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Please open a ticket for me at -


As it is quite tricky to help you out here without seeing/logging in to your site.


Hi again

one more question

Is it possible to / how do i go about having more then one portfolio sections on the home page?



You could try duplicating the code that is already on the homepage.



Will this theme update itself (provide an update option) within WordPress or do I have to do it manually? For example when WordPress 3.6 is released what if parts of this theme don’t work with that release? If I have to do this manually how will that work when i’ve already customized the theme?

Thank you

Hi morgandale,

At present, yes, manually, but It’s straightfoward as removing your old theme folder and placing the new one in there.

All customizations are held in the database, so are not overwritten.


I love this theme. My question is how can we make a separate blog page that has all of our blog posts on it? Something like a more typical blog page that can be accessed from the navigation bar possibly.

Thank you for your help! Amy

Hi Amy,

You would need to create a new template, and then use the code that is used on the homepage at present, that loops through your posts.

You would need to also style it accordingly. If you are a little savvy with code it should not take much work.

Many thanks

Hi there – great theme and I’m really happy to be using it.

I launched my site here today: www.syrianactivists.org and it seems that one some screens (particularly on mobile devices) the header fonts (+ some others) change to another font.

Any ideas on why this might be?

Hi tomas,

Yes have noticed this on certain devices. I am submitting an update for this in the next 24/48 hours.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Thank you so much!

How will we know when the update is available? (Sorry to ask – this is my first time using a themeforest theme!)

Hi Tomas,

You will be sent a reminder when the update is available in your Downloads area.

many thanks

hi, just uploaded the new update and now any of the background images are showing up.


Can you help us asap pls?

tks renaot

Have answered your latest post,

Many thanks

ops the images are NOT showing up

Hi rgoldoni,

Do you have a URL i can view?

Many thanks

How can i slow down the quotes? Thanks

Hi HawtCoffee,

You need to edit custom.js (found in /assets/js) where you will see the following code -

$("ul.quotes").quote_rotator(); Change this to something like - $('ul.quotes').quote_rotator({ rotation_speed: 7000, // defaults to 5000 pause_on_hover: false, // defaults to true randomize_first_quote: true // defaults to false });

Now you will be able to adjust the speed, pause on hover etc..

Many thanks

Mate, just bought the theme! Very excited and working to build the page. Just a quick one, what is the font you use for your current demo ? Thanks.


Hi Nar,

For the headings it is Oswald, and for the body it is called Cabin.

Many thanks

Hmm, I don’t know why but the sign at the “Home Page” where it says Yes We Do Some Awesome Things is bigger than in your demo ? And it takes bigger space and jump on the second page. Can you look at to my website, I have apply the fonts you suggest but still there is no change mate. www.digitalnar.com


Could you open a ticket at the support forum and I can take a look -


Many thanks

Hi again :) Few more questions and issues I am facing.

On your reply few days ago you mentioned that the new update will have options to make the client logos clickable ? I bought the theme mainly for this option. Having option for 5 client logos is not a good option mate. Do you think you can expand this option to be at least 20 ?

You are indicating that it is a One Page theme, but when there I add new page I am not able to include this page in to Homepage Layout Manager. And click on this new page the one page theme option is deactivated and I need to choose the HOME button in order to get the one page layout. Any idea how I can add pages in to Homepage Layout Manager?

Would love to have your feedback and support on this.

Cheers ,


Hi digitalnar,

Working on the next large Nash update now. The area/divider for the logos needs to stay a set height, to enable the parallax type effect to function correctly. Have you though about adding a ‘Our Clients’ page? Then you could insert a page full of logos, like you sometimes see?

The Homepage Layout Manager is just that. It is for the ‘sections’ on the homepage. Single pages are not part of that, hence why they do not appear in the layout manager.

Cheers buddy.

Well buddy, I admire your work, it is exactly what I wanted, however I still wanted from you to keep your promise and make the logos clickable. When the new update will be released ? I am kind of disappointed of this, to be honest. I don’t want to create a new page for Clients as I would like to keep the one page scrolling option clear as in your demo.

I hope you will be able to clear this small issue soon.


As I mentioned I am working on the update now.


Please, again, we need your assistance ASAP , our brand is not being showing up on the website, we can provide an admin user on wp if you want, but after the update the images on the background are not showing anymore.


Hi rgoldoni,

Please open a ticket at -


And I will gladly take a look for you.

Many thanks

Hi – great theme. Is it possible to allow html or shortcode support to the Project Checklist content. I would really like there to be links for the reader to “Read on” instead of just having a list of things…


Hi! We’re really happy with the theme, but we have two issues we don’t know how to solve by ourselves: - In the mobile devices, we can’t show correcty the logos of some of our clientes. It only shows two of the five logos we have in this section. - The second issue is related about what is shown into the URL. It works correctly but, if you navigate into one of the post and come back to another section, the URL shows the #section and stands that way even if you change the section. That’s our web: http://selenus.es (it’s in Spanish). I guess it will be more helpful if you can see it :) Many thanks in advance!!