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I’ve added the carousel to the homepage. Actually I want to display 5 posts, each from a different category. With that, I’d like to add a category-class to each slide, so I can edit the css for each slide seperately. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hey! I am one step from buying your NASH theme. I wonder if it`s (easily) possible to set up a parallax fullscreen slider on the home screen?

Thanks for your quick answer!

Hi seismo,

If you know how to edit a little code, then I see no reason why you could not use one of the many slider plugins available out there.

Many thanks


I’m reviewing your theme from my iPad and when you scroll down the page the menu is not following like it does when viewing from PC. Is there any solution for that?

Thanks in advance Mathew

Hi mongakia,

I have personally tested on iPad 2 & 3, and it works correctly for me.

Could you possibly open a ticket at the support forum -


and I can take a look for you,

Many thanks

Question, before I buy this, is there a simple way to add custom backrounds to each section?

Hi ryguynyc,

To the actual sections no. You can easily add custom backgrounds to the header, and also the section dividers via the Theme Options panel.

Many thanks

Hi GuuhThemes,

I have set up my website in the past month and very happy with the results so far. I also get great comments on the Nash theme by the way! However, one question: I would like to gove my readers (who leave a comment in the newssection) the opportunity to keep posted on any other comments. There’s no checkbox for this? That would be great!

Hi kfiesler,

Glad you’re enjoying the theme.

I will look at adding this option in the next update.

Many thanks

Hey! Love the theme. Thanks! As I am working with it I am encountering something… When I create my own custom page, one not showing in the Theme Options, it does not appear on the “main/home one-page.” It takes me from that to it’s own separate page.

Is there a way to add own custom pages created… to the home one-page? Thanks!

Hi there, I have a question. Is it possible to create a separate page called blog with all entries? Same for portfolio? Is it possible to replace the slider with embedded youtube or vimeo video or link a slide to that fancybox with video in it?

Thanks. Looking forward to purchase.

hi, i want to show my background image all over the pages, don’t want to get hidden the background image at all when scrolling. what can i do?

Hi Siddiqnub,

Is this one background image that fills the whole screen?


can i get a refund anyhow? nash is no use for me and would appreciate if i get a refund. thanks.


You mentioned to me in an email that you liked the theme, but had no use for it, so would like a refund. You would need to speak with Envato support.



Wonderful theme, I’m willing to buy. One pre-sales question : on your demo you have 3 blog posts, which are perfectly aligned. What if there are more than 3 ? Will there be some kind of arrows or carousel, or will they be all displayed on the homepage ?

Thanks in advance for your answer, Regards,


Hi Yngwie,

They are all shown on the homepage, in columns of 3. You can limit via the Theme Options how many you would like to display at any one time.

Many thanks

Hi mate,

is there any possibility in About us section instead of having Slid bar to have a VIDEO implementation ?



Hi DigitalSufi,

You could remove the code for the slider from index.php, then look at implementing video in it’s place. Either by hardcoding or using one of many available plugins.

Many thanks

auuuu that is something I can’t do :( any easy step by step guide or support ? or maybe future update possibility ?

As you know many companies would prefer to have video intro instead of stock photos. Correct ?

Thanks for you prompt reply :)



Is there an easy way to make this theme retina display friendly? I’d really like the site logo, client logos and social icons to zing!

Many thanks


Hi Tim,

The site logo, and client logos you could upload at twice the size, and then set CSS in style.css something like -

#client-logos img { max-width: 100%; height: auto; }

For the social icons you could see look at using icon fonts, like the ones I used in Kula WordPress.

Many thanks

Hi, I am trying to determine if there is a site archive display anywhere? I see the setting under Theme Options to display only the most recent 3/6/9/12 settings, but am curious how posts can be discovered after they fall off that display? I see the /category/* displays, but was hoping that just a generic posts archive would be available?

Many thanks!


There is not a page as such, but you could add an Archive Widget to your Blog posts, and direct folks via that.

Many thanks

Hello, thank you for this great theme. everything works but i get following js errors:

TypeError: e.addTest is not a function in file jquery.isotope.js (line11)

TypeError: Modernizr.input is undefined in file custom.js (line 224)

TypeError: $container.isotope is not a function in file custom.js (line 104)

I dont know what to do. maybe you can help me?



Have you made any edits to the theme files at all?

Many thanks

Hello guuthemes,

One of my clients purchased this theme and i am one of the developers working on it so i wanted to share something with you.

Background images stopped loading when we converted WP to WP multisite. Deleting the theme, reinstalling didn’t fix it.

The issue is caused by empty options.css. When we added a comment in it background images stared working.

Can you please confirm this and make necessary improvements. In the mean time i hope this will help someone

Regards Darkonix

Hi darkonix,

I am submitting an update for folks using WordPress Multi-Site. This has been noted, so thanks.

Could you possibly drop me a message via my profile, so I can ask you to test something on your multi-site setup?

Many thanks

Hi There. Great theme!

I’ve just uploaded the sample xml file hoping to see how you have created the pages in the demo site. Now I’m a bit confused.. the demo site has many options for pages (ie Home, About etc) for the navigation menu but when I go into the pages>all pages in the WP admin I only see the shortcodes page and nothing else i.e. Home, About etc. Im probably missing something really easy here, so your help would be awesome… cheers

Hi gbnz,

You will see the nav items when you got Appearance > Menus. This is due to the fact that on the Homepage they are actually Sections (About, Latest Work etc..) this is semantically correct, as opposed to them being actual pages.

Many thanks

Hi there, I have a question. Is it possible to create a separate page called blog with all entries? Same for portfolio? Is it possible to replace the slider with embedded youtube or vimeo video or link a slide to that fancybox with video in it? Thanks. Looking forward to purchase.

Hi masterok,

You would need to look at possibly creating a template, which you could then take the (blog posts) code from the homepage theme file and place this into your new template to show a list of all articles.

The same with the portfolio.

Replacing the slider with video, would need you to edit the theme files, and hardcode the video in there.


Dont you have a page template included other then homepage?

There is a page.php and a page-fullwidth.php template included with the theme.



I no longer have the option to see my license certificate for any of the items i purchased – so I cannot open a ticket on your support forum. The two link available are

Regular License – which brings you to an FAQ section Help with WordPress install – which i do not need

I wanted to add this into the the ABOUT Section on the homepage

<span style="color: #6DB33EF;">Cashew and Clive</span>

But the colour will not change… is there a simple way to do this?


thanks p


In your downloads section you will see a link License Certificate under the name of the theme file. Have you spoken to Envato support, if you are unable to see this?


Hi Guys, Loving the theme… Just two small questions: 1 – Where do I go to speed up or slowdown slideshows? 2 – How can I arrange the portfolios in an order I prefer? Thanks a million, Jenny

Hi Jenny,

1 – You need to go into custom.js (found in /assets/js) there you will see the various settings, including speed, for Flexslider.

2 – You do have a ‘drag & drop’ option for your Portfolio items under Portfolio > Sort Portfolio Items

many thanks

Sorry just two little things:

1 – The scroll down feature for the Client logo’s seems to land half way over the logos (just a little too far down), where do I go to adjust this, just so it stops above the logo’s instead of on them.

2 – The permalinks have been set to custom structure of / category / postname /. But I still get the name of the original portfolios posts you guys have included with the theme showing up, even though I have changed the content and titles of them. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong here?

This is the link to the site: www.aldoyle101.com

Thanks in advance! Jenny

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Its not! its two different questions! thanks

I can see that it is 2 different questions, but you have made 2 posts asking those 2 same questions? ;)