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Hi there. not sure if this has been covered in the comments yet but the menu does not seem to work when you go off the main page into a blog post. If I click on a menu item such as ‘home’ when inside a blog post it just takes me to the top of that page. thanks in advance.


Please take a look at the documentation supplied with theme, this explains fully on how to setup your navigation correctly.

Many thanks

Hi Guuthemes,

I tried to use Text Logo Styling option to change the color and font-size for logo but it doesn’t work. Please give me some suggestions.

Thank you for creating such a great theme.

I have Nash & WP the latest version just download a couple days ago.

Hi tschaffan,

Could you open up a ticket across at the support forum, and I can take a peek for you -


Many thanks

I open up a ticket already. Thanks.

Hi, Im after changing the number of tweets from 1 to 3. I changed the number 1 to 3 though it displays 3 at once on the page and I want it to rotate… is this at all possible? cheers

user: twtr_user,
   numTweets: 1, -- This was changed to 3
   appendTo: '#latest-tweet',
   // core function of jqtweet
   loadTweets: function () {

Hi gbnz,

The Twitter feed is really to show just your latest tweet, not as a rotator as such. There are a few scripts available online, that you could possibly use in conjunction to achieve the effect you require.

Many thanks

Is there a way to make dual language site with this theme? Maybe it is possible to set up two themes with one domain and hosting with an additional frontpage like just a whole screen picture with UKR and ENG buttons and each would lead to a sub domain accordingly: headges.com -> Front page. lang selection ua.headges.com -> Ukrainian one en.headges.com -> English one


Is it possible to use a third party Wordpress plug-in to make your theme bilingual? Like to have some button in the header to change languages.



There are a few multi-language plugins available. I have not personally tested, but they should work ok, as Nash is Translation Ready.

Many thanks

And is there any options panel in the back office as one like in Godlen?


Yes there are many Theme options available with Nash.

Many thanks

Hi, im loving this theme, its just what I need. I am have major problems with the portfolio page.

I have followed the instructions in the documentation but everytime I select a project in the latest work page I just keep getting page missing, even when i preview it from the dashboard

Can you help PLEASE!!!!!!!



Please open a ticket so I can investigate further.


I have created an open ticket

Hi jnrusoul,

Will take a look at your ticket today.

Many thanks

Hiyaa :)

Just a quick one. How can I change the background picture of the current pages ( i.e. – about us is with white background, we would like to make it orange for example )?



Hi Nar,

You need to edit style.css, there you will find the declarations for the various sections used. So for example the ‘About’ section -

#about { background-color: #fff; }

Change the background-color to a color of your choice, and repeat for the various sections.

Many thanks

Is it possible to have a video on the image on the homepage?

Hi torianth,

Not currently.


Love the theme! I don’t see instructions for adding icons above each section?

Hi Byron1906,

You will find the instructions in the documentation, and also pointers in the Theme Options panel.

Many thanks

Never mind. Found it!


This is my favourite theme right now. Well done!

Is it possible to add a Facebook feed to a section? I was thinking I would try and add it to the Client Logos section, which I’m not using.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks again.

Dev site: http://bit.ly/12cuZsh

Hi JustAli,

Have just noticed you found a solution. Enjoy the theme.

Many thanks again for your purchase, and support.

Nevermind. I figured it out!

Hi buddy.

Good stuff ;)

is there a way to add sidebar widgets to the individual portfolio pages?

Hi funkygecko,

Not currently. They are reserved for single and blog pages, not portfolio items. Noted though for a possible future update.

Many thanks

I’m reading documents and it seems like the scrollable home sections are pre-set. I want 5 sections using content from the pages. I don’t want a portfolio section, latest news or other pre-set sections. I want to be able to create content in the different sections using shortcodes and html. Is this possible?

Hi torianth,

Yes, they are pre-set. You can add shortcodes though to each of these sections.

Many thanks

Hi, where I can find the skill-bars?

Many thanks.

Hi slowwater,

The skill bars?


GT Great theme…few questions. 1. Is it possible to add a gallery style portfolio? If so, Instructions or gallery pluggin recommendations would be great?

2. On the Portfolio page…when the comments are turned off there is “Comments are closed.” text located at the bottom. how can this be removed. (see email link)

3. On the Portfolio page…when displaying a gallery is it possible to display more than 2 images?

i love this theme, dear if i buy this theme, can you please install it for me, as same like demo?

Hi nirchowdhury,

Thanks for the kind words.

Drop me a support ticket after purchase, and I can advise on setting it up correctly.

Many thanks


I’m really interested in this theme.

I want to have a site that is quite blog-centric while keeping the unique ‘landing’ page that your theme offers.

Simple question: is there scope for the menu at the top to include drop-down menus that I can guide to separate blog pages? For instance, under the current WP dashboard menu -> appearance -> Menus I can create a menu and sub-menus. Will that still be possible with your theme?

Hi tellhimhespele,

As the theme is at it’s core, a ‘one-page’ theme, it does not have drop down menus in place. You could though, if you know a little development possibly find a dropdown menu plugin to use, and style accordingly.

Many thanks


We had a question over on the support forums that we’re waiting on an answer for. Can we expect one within the next few days?

Thank you!



Will take a look for you shortly.

Many thanks


would be great if you can give me your feedback on this :


Thanks :)

Hi Nar,

It’s the weekend here ;) But will take a look for you in the morning.