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Is there a blog section or what would it look like if I were to add a blog?


Hi matteclipse,

There is not currently a blog section. Looking at possibly adding in a future update.

Many thanks

Hi matt,

Version 1.1 of Nash is now available which features Blog Posts.

Many thanks

Great theme! We are modifying the theme to become a daily deal site for one product (I hope it turns out as cool as I have envisioned lol). The only issue I am having are the custom background pics are not showing up. In the Background Settings in Theme Options none of my three images show on the front page, and neither does the custom image I use under Header Settings.

Once I get those working I will set the position to static to give it a parallax effect.

Thanks. Chris

Hi MeenaInc,

Thanks for the kind words. Curious to see what you do with the theme!!

What are you viewing the site in?

Many thanks

Hello There, unfortunately the background images aren’t showing for iPhone and iPad! Any suggestions?

Hi owdt,

Hmm, let me investigate this one.

thanks for your patience.

Apologies for that. Have fixed this minor bug. Will be submitting version (1.1) with the fix today to TF.

In the meantime, and if you don’t want to wait for (1.1) you need to firstly edit style.php in /assets/css/dynamic-css

And where you see - .header-background-image .bg1 .bg2 .bg3

remove the word ‘fixed’. (Dont forget to save your Theme Options for the change to take effect).

Then in style.css in the Media Queries section at the bottom add -

@media only screen and (min-width: 1100px) { .header-background-image, .bg1, bg2, bg3 { background-attachment: fixed !important; } }

Many thanks for your understanding

1) Can the navigation/menu be pushed to the top of the page on the Home Page instead of several inches from the top?

2) Also, is there a way to adjust the speed at which the site scrolls to the next section? Thanks!

Hi design126,

1 – You could possibly look at positon: fixed on the nav to stick it to the top.

2 – You can change the speed quite easily from one of the js files

Many thanks

Hi Guuthemes, I am loving my site…thanks for the theme.

I built a separate contact page and didn’t create the #contact menu link so that page works fine. However, when I click on the “Home” button from my separate contact page it just moves the page slightly to the top instead of going back to the true “Home” page.

I temporarily fixed this problem by making my “Home” link a true home link and removed the #header-global from the link – however, as you know, that makes the home button not slide back to the top when on the homepage. Any thoughts?

Here is the site – http://www.lightworksfilms.com

Also, I can’t seem to get my video portfolio to work. When I click on the first portfolio image I create it sends me to the page which looks exactly like the homepage with no video.

Thanks for your help!

Hi lightworksfilms,

I am submitting version (1.1) of Nash this evening. This allows for a much better way of adding navigation for the homepage, and also if you decide to have inner pages.

Hi Guuthemes, one other quick request…

Any way we could embed videos in the slider under the about us section?

Also one of the quotes I posted is left justified instead of centered – is there any way to fix that? I also noticed that my Twitter feed is left justified instead of centered.

Crazy, another issue. I am using the same size JPEG’s on the slider and some are resizing and some aren’t. Two images are 1920×817 and yet one of the images is showing in a different aspect ratio. Any ideas?

Guuthemes, thanks for the feedback.

So I checked out the Flexslider, but could you make a Vimeo script for the slider options? I don’t know where to add that code from the Flexslider page.

Yikes, and if you check my site none of the portfolio pages work…help please!

You have Slides with the same names as your Portfolio items. Try changing your slide names to something else. I personally use Slide 1, Slide 2 etc.. just for reference purposes, as nobody actually sees the slide names.


Hello, Love this theme! I have tried various header background images but nothing is showing up. http://zestagency.ca/

thank you! Angie

Great Theme, waiting for 1.1 – also is there a way to align the social icons in the header “right” so if you don’t populate all of them they won’t hang in the middle of the header?

Will add this to the tweaks for (1.1).

Many thanks

Hi dojwebmaster,

Version 1.1 of Nash is now available which fixes the alignment issue.

Many thanks

I have chmod all directories and changed the styling options “colors” but they remain blue! Very strange. http://zestagency.ca/ thank you

Thanks for getting this all fixed up for me!! Greatly appreciate you and your theme designing skills!

Many thanks for the kind words.

Enjoy the theme!!

Is there a way to see the blog post section on the demo? Glad you dropped this in!

Hi pgsimas,

Updating the preview site shortly.

Many thanks

Preview updated.

Many thanks

I’m getting a “page is missing” error for every portfolio item I create. Went through the documentation a few times and don’t believe I missed anything. Any ideas? Awesome looking theme.

...even when I click the “View Portfolio Item” button inside the Edit Portfolio Item page in Wordpress, it’s bringing me to the error page.

FIXED – found another permalink option panel. Changed the setting and all is well.

Fantastic. Glad things are working for you now.

Many thanks

Hello. It’s very cute theme! I’d like to use it for our 3D strategy game blog. I could not see 1.1 Blog posts update on demo. Haven’t you update yet? This theme supports right? :)


Hi denizhacisalihoglu,

Thanks for the comments.

It has been updated, yes. Try refreshing your page a few times maybe. The Blog Posts section is at the bottom of the theme.

Many thanks

Thanks a lot! I could see it.

I also have the mis-aligned quote problem, one is centered, the other two are lefty… Link

Hi carbonrich,

This has been fixed in the latest version of Nash.

To make the tweak needed (if you dont want to download the latest version) you need edit style.css. Find this portion of CSS -

#section-divider-1 .text-container, #section-divider-2 .text-container, #section-divider-3 .text-container { height: 500px; }

Underneath height: 500px; add width: 960px;

Many thanks

Amazing, thanks.

No worries ;)

Hello looking to purchase the theme, I notice on ipad when you have it upright that the services divs don’t align properly and so the rows get messed up, 3 on one row, 1 on the next and then 2 below that. I assume its a responsive layout issue. Could you have a look into it? Before I purchase

Hi richyrb,

Will fix this issue in the next update. In the meantime its quite an easy fix.

You add -


to custom.js

And in style.css You add -

#services .service.clearcol { clear: both; margin-right: 10px!important; }

Many thanks

One other small bug… the background-header doesn’t “cover” on my iPhone, it’s still huge so I can only see the top corner. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Yes it’s at the bottom of the theme details page.


Hey, sorry to be a royal pain, but I swapped the CSS and JS over and checked the Header file etc. but haven’t managed to fix it, could you let me know what the exact fix is, or where to locate the changes? Thanks again.


You need to replace style.php also this can be found and replaced in /assets/css/dynamic-css.

Many thanks

Love this temp! I’m only concerned with one thing – When I scroll down in Safari, it’s very “giggly”. Looks great in Firefox and chrome though. Any suggestions?

Hi Talklaunch,

Many thanks. Giggly?? :) Looks great to me, a little faster in Safari, but surely no biggie?

Many thanks

Hi mate, love this theme and just bought it (and the html5 one first by accident….) but was just wondering if you could post up a dummy content xml so we can get it looking good straight out of the box and modify it from there? cheers! Joe

Hi powderbomber,

Will look at this for the next update possibly.

Many thanks

Hi Guuthemes I have just bought this awesome template. I am not a developer nor a web designer but a simple marketer who already have a WordPress blog (free version, so domain name with wordpress extension) and I only want to use this template as my template…Basically when I download the product, I get a WinZip with couples of folders and I don’t know what to do with thoses! Is there any way to simply transfer the template to my wordpress.com site in few clicks? Thank you in advance for your help Sarah

Hi Sarah,

You are not allowed to do this on wordpress.com (one of their rules I’m afraid) -


You would need to setup your own domain, install WordPress there, and add the theme.

There are quite a few hosting companies that do offer WordPress pre-installed, to make it a little easier.

Many thanks

Hi, Thanks for the prompt reply. Is Dreamhouse one of the hosting company you allude to? It is suggested on themeforest. Also, it may be a stupid question but in the sample i see 6 elements in the header menu (About us, etc.). Is it possible to add more? Thanks again Sarah

Hi Sarah,

I have not used Dreamhouse, but if Envato suggest it then It seems like a safe enough bet.

You would need to modify a few files to add more elements, but it is possible.

Many thanks

Just bought your awesome theme! I have two small issues. I can’t get the background images to display and my links remain blue even though I changed the color settings. Hope you van help me out.

Best regards!

Hi windkracht20,

Many thanks for the purchase, and kind words ;)

Which version of Nash do you have?

Many thanks

using latest 1.3 version. Moved from local to webserver and now it works great. Have one other small question. Would like to use an italic version of Josefin slab font. If I select this font and the italic option besides it’s still being displayed as normal. Any idea how to get this working? Thanks.

Glad you got things working great!! ;)

Some Google Web Fonts seem to have this problem, and I’m looking for a permanent workaround for this issue.

Many thanks

Possible to import contant so the theme look like your demo version?

Hi x3000gold,

Many thanks for the purchase.

I am looking at including the demo content in the next theme update, sometime next week hopefully.

Many thanks