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I’ve been trying for the last two night to get the “Yes We Do Some Awesome Things”

Yes we do some awesome things.

section of the website to work within Wordpress. The php code is set to accept data for that line but nothing shows up when I preview the website. Both the logo and background image are present.

What can be done to massage the code for it to work?


I would like to invite you over to our dedicated support forum, where it’s not only much more organized and easier for us to keep track of your request, but it will also allow you to post your login details privately and securely in case we need to check out the issue you’re having in your backend.

So if I may lead you towards our new home of the support: http://guuthemes.com

Please also attach your URL to the forum thread you’ll be opening!

I hope to see you there :) Mel

Two questions to help me with purchasing:

1. Is the color scheme customizable? 2. Is there a map function for the Contact page?




1 you can customize everything

2 no, but you can implement it!


Mel | support

Hello. I just purchased this theme. I tried to register for support, but every single time I enter the code I get denied. Please help! Hopefully, it is something I am doing wrong, but I have entered the correct code a dozen times to no effect. I would like to access support for this theme I just purchased.

Hey, send me an email to your.customization@gmail.com with your purchase code and license certificate and username you’d like to register and I will check it out! Also let me know what the error is you’re getting!

Cheers, Mel | support

I love this theme however I can’t seem to figure out how to attach the theme option pages (about us settings, portfolio settings, etc) to the menu bar at the top! Any advice on this?

Hey there, can you open a thread in our forum at guuthemes.com please?


I would like to embed a video in the header of my Nash theme where the “Introduction” text typically is. I can embed the html, but it always make the video or image transparent.

Is there anyway to get rid of the transparency so the video would be just regular?

Is there anyway to get rid of the orange background to the video?


I would like to invite you over to our dedicated support forum, where it’s not only much more organized and easier for us to keep track of your request, but it will also allow you to post your login details privately and securely in case we need to check out the issue you’re having in your backend.

So if I may lead you towards our new home of the support: http://guuthemes.com

Please also attach your URL to the forum thread you’ll be opening!

I hope to see you there :) Mel

Hi, I just purchased this theme. Under the Meet the Team section we have 7 people so I enabled to display from 3 to 9. On the 3rd row, #7 shows up to the far right column. Any way to align them to left (1st column) or middle (centered)? Cheers

Hi, I replied to your forum thread and would like to keep the conversation there only :)

Thank you!

Mel | support

Hi there,

I absolutely LOVE Nash and Kula and I’m one step away from purchasing either. However, I have a few questions applying to both themes that require answering before I commit:

1. I am a freelance writer and thus do not require a “Meet the Team” section. I’m also considering foregoing a services section. Will I be able to remove sections – without coding?

2. Will I be able to rename the section “Latest Work” to “Portfolio” / and “Latest News” to “Blog” – without coding?

3. If I opt for Nash, will I be able to insert a contact form as a widget at the bottom of the page – without coding?

4. Will I be able to add a favicon?

Many thanks for your assistance!

Hi DyldC,

1. Yes you can easily remove sections completely via drag & drop in the admin.

2. Yes you can very easily.

3. Not easily ‘out of the box’, but I’m more than willing to give you some pointers on the support forum.

4. Yes.

5. Yes you can easily choose the number of portfolio items.

6. Yes, you can add extra pages (ie; FAQ, Sitemap, whatever you require)

Many thanks

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I’m sold!

Hi there,

Really great looking theme! Love it! Only a couple of questions before I purchase.

1) When I make the browser smaller on my laptop the page resizes perfectly and the responsive look looks great. However when I look on an iPhone, the responsive layout doesn’t work. I can send you a screen shot if you like?

2) When trying to scroll on the iPhone it seems to not be quite as responsive as you would want. (It takes a few attempts to scroll down for it to work.)

I don’t know if this is just because it is the demo? If these aren’t issues then I will certainly buy!

Many thanks, look forward to hearing from you.


Hi Ralph,

Apologies for the delayed reply. Easter break in the UK ;)

Hmm. I have personally tested on both iPhone 4 and 5, and cannot replicate the issues you mention.

Many thanks

Hi there,

No problem I understand, I’m in the UK too. Thanks for your response. I think the only issue is really the menu that I can see. The scrolling is fine. When resizing the browser to the shape of a phone screen the menu changes to a drop down. However on the phone it doesn’t change and is still a menu bar. Can I please send a screen shot to you? If you can assure me that the menu will change to the drop down then I can buy.

Many thanks


Hi Guys,

Can you let me know how to change the order of projects in the portfolio section please?

Thanks a million!


Hi Jenny,

You need to use the Page Order field which you will see on the Portfolio item editor screen.

Many thanks

Hi, I need a quick advise regarding the font subsets, tried to use the support forum – requested login and password and nothing happened for quite a few days.

Any advise how to use support???


I´ll be fine with login name and password to my mailbox…

Hi, for that you would need to tell us your email address and the username you registered? ;)

Mel | support

Already set the new question on support page. looking forward to answers…

Is there anyway to add a contact form on the contact area on the footer?


Hi rgoldoni,

You could take a look at some of the Contact Form plugins on the WordPress repository. They are quite easy to drop into your theme.

Many thanks

Hey guys, probably you’re tired of reading this kind of post but, is there any chance that the twitter feed gets back in the future? i saw that in the update you removed the feed, but, we really need that feed.. any suggestions? codes?

Hi Tosstone,

I am going to look at adding it back in. Similar to the one I use on Cabana currently.

Will keep you posted.

Many thanks

can i add video to your parallax sections .. in the top image area too? i want to have video playing in my parallax

Hi syndex,

Not out of the box, you would need to do some customisations to the theme files to achieve this.

Many thanks

Hello There I would like to know is this customizable for a band I would like to add a music and video page can I do this if so I will buy, many thanks.

Hi romany,

You can add Audio and Video to the theme, yes.

Many thanks

How can I start a support topic on http://guuthemes.com?? I am a registered Nash buyer with verified purchase code.

My questions regarding Nash: 1. How can I use a larger, page width and responsive logo in the header (default is 260px) 2. How can I activate the Parallax scroll function on mobile devices? 3. A contact field in the footer like Kula (which in all honesty was a better solution for me then Nash…)

Thanks in advance! Jurgen

Hi Jurgen,

You need to scroll to the bottom of the page. There you will see the option to start a new post.

Many thanks

Thanks! (still hard to find)

You did find it though?


Hi Guys,

I cant seem to get the slider to display more than two slides? Where do I edit this? Apologies for the elementary question! Jenny

Ah! Ignore me. I found it! Sorry!

Cool. No problem :)

Hi, nice theme, I love it. But I have a problem, and I can not find the solution in your documentation:

I deleted some elements from the menue (this special elements where i have write in: #header-global)

Now I have just the option to add elements from the left side, but none of this elements provide me this field for #header-global.

How I can add this elements?

Thanks for your answer

Hi TonkaPR,

Can you hope across to our support forum at – http://guuthemes.com/

And we’ll gladly assist you there.

Many thanks

Hi there, Pre-sale Q: I looked at your live demo on the iphone and ipad and the nav bar is not working. is that an issue with the template or just the live demo? Beauitful theme, thanks

Hi rodika,

Have personally tested on both iPhone and iPad and all looks great to me?

Many thanks

It might have been something on my end… I bought the theme and love it, thank you!

Hello, I love your theme, but I need some answers before shopping it

1.- Is it possible to use the same size of H1 for titles without using tag H1. Instead of using

2.- Over the slide images we can use only text, without buttons

Hi martadelgado,

1. You can choose different heading options in the theme options panel with the theme.

2. You would have to customise slightly to add buttons in.

Many thanks

Hi there,

Our developer unfortunately has left us and we are unable to get a hold of the documentation for the theme. Is there a way we could get a hold of the documentation for this theme?

Hi Asitha,

Can you please post from the account that purchased the theme?

Many thanks

This is why we can’t get a hold of the documentation. The account was his and we no longer have access to it.


You would need to speak to Envato support in regards to this.

Many thanks