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I’m having an issue where the services section is breaking down to the next line. On a smaller size monitor it works fine but when it gets bigger is when it’s breaking? you can check it out here: http://araavw.com


Hi trolfe,

Which browser are you viewing in?


Do the services icons come with the theme? Love this!

great support. thanks. will purchase.

another question. I need to add some ipad/mac images for my portfolio…any suggestions on where to implement these? Lastly, I’m not a big fan of those checklists on portfolio page…is this the only option?

Hi there,

You would just add these via the Portfolio items edit page.

You can just leave the checklists off if you dont like them ;)

Many thanks

Hi mate, bought it yesterday and LOVE it, just wondered if I can add an icon to the orange header (where it says Keep scrolling down, i would like a down arrow icon = [icon name=icon-circle-arrow-down]) but it doesn’t recognise the tag…



Hi Krakfox,

Thanks for the great comments.

If you are looking at adding icons directly to the header.php file you have to do them a little different. What you have above is a shortcode, so will not work if you drop it directly into one of the files.

You need to open up header.php, and replace the uber statement code that is already there with something like this -

<?php if ($data['text_introduction']) { ?> <h1 id="uber-statement"><?php echo $data['text_introduction']; ?> <i class="icon-circle-arrow-down" /></h1> <?php } ?>

You will need to play around with the styling in style.css, but this will get you started.

Many thanks

Hi, I’ve set up a child theme for nash with only one empty style sheet, any changes I try to insert in the theme options panel returns an error message when saving, there is a way to bypass the problem?

Hi js,

Strange?!? Could you open a ticket up across at the support forum, and I can take a better look for you.

Many thanks

Hi to all, this is a great theme! Just a question, is it possible to use short codes inside the Overview fields in About Us, Portfolio, Contact etc…? I can’t do it. Thank you for answers! :)

Hi rkneipp,

Thanks for the kind words ;)

In index.php wherever you have php for the overview areas ie;

<?php echo $data['textarea_news_overview']; ?>

You need to change this to -

<?php echo do_shortcode(stripslashes($data['textarea_news_overview'])); ?>

Hope that helps?

many thanks


When I add an extra page of content (Using Pages > Add New) and add the new page to the list of menus, it shows upon the Front Navigation Bar, as it should.

But when I click on the navigation bar item, it does not scroll to the new page. Rather it just “flashes” and the new page appears. It’s very clearly different than the nice scrolling that happens for the other menu items. From a UX perspective it’s very inconsistent.

Is there any way to make it scroll to the new page when I click on the item in the navigation bar?

Thanks for the help. Great theme!


Hi jeff,

If you create a new page, it will not scroll to that page, that is not how it works, or how many sites work for that matter when going to ‘actual’ pages, the scroll effect is for when you are scrolling between sections (ie; on the homepage).

Hope that clears that up.

Many thanks

Hi, I just purchased and tried to install this theme. I’m getting the error below. Please advise. Thanks!! Heather

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare of_admin_head() (previously declared in /home/content/h/e/a/heatherpalmer/html/wp-content/plugins/options-framework/options-framework.php:245) in /home/content/h/e/a/heatherpalmer/html/wp-content/themes/nash/admin/functions/functions.interface.php on line 140

Hi Stripe5150,

I have just tested on 2 real-world devices, and a few mobile emulators also, and your site shows up fine?!?

No ‘page not found’ message? Are you still having problems?

Many thanks

Yeah, it resolved itself. Not sure what that was about. Thanks for looking into it though!!

Ah cool. Glad things are working now :)

Would like to second the above comment. Upon installation: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare of_admin_head() (previously declared in /home/content/15/10100815/html/beyondhsc/wp-content/plugins/options-framework/options-framework.php:300) in /home/content/15/10100815/html/beyondhsc/wp-content/themes/nash/admin/functions/functions.interface.php on line 140

Fresh download of 1.3

This is a plugin issue. You have Options Framework installed on your system, but the Nash theme uses SMOF. You cannot have both running side by side, hence the error.


My CSS is not that sophisticated. I would like to change the colour of the main navigation. I thought that the code below in the custom CSS box would do it – no dice Can you tell me how to change it? thanks

header-navigation[role=”navigation”] {

background-color: rgb(255,0,0); }

Hi lizzy,

On occasion, and because the theme uses a dynamic stylesheet for the options you may need to add !important to the end.


header-navigation[role="navigation"] { background-color: rgb(255,0,0)!important; }

Many thanks


I love the theme but my portfolio/projects are not showing up when you click on them on the homepage, just brings up an error that the page doesn’t exist. Could you have a look and advise? http://mistmedia.com.



Hi seanfee,

This can sometimes be a setting with your Permalinks, have you tried playing around with these in the WordPress admin?

Many thanks

Cheers, that worked. Love the theme

Awesome. Glad you’re all good now, and thanks for the kind words.

Ok, sorry if this is a newbie question, but im not able to see the homepage options. Its only showing one “page” ive created (Video). Ive setup on the homepage only 2 sections, About us (slider) and Latest Works, but neither are showing. http://www.ishashoppe.com/digital/ Hope you can help. Swami Trika

Hi ishafoundation,

Many thanks for your purchase, and support.

Please take a good read through the documentation supplied with the theme, which explains in great detail how to set the theme up correctly.

Many thanks

Just a heads up your theme has a major issue with the #1 cache plugin W3 Total Cache. Background images, navigation bar breaks, page scrolling effect issue, latest tweets, css changes, introduction message will all not work…love the theme but can you try to fix this?

Another question: I just want 6 portfolio items on the home page not all of them…how can I control this? Thanks so much and great theme.


Thanks for the awesome support!

No problem! Glad things are all working for you now.

Many thanks

Great theme! Would love to see video playback capability on the slider! Thanks!

Hi aprilfrancis,

This is something that I may look at in a future update.

Many thanks

Hi, No dummy data available?

Will be in the next update hopefully. Should be rolling out this week ;)

Many thanks


Hi mate, slight issue: My “latest Work’ section is broken in IE9 – titles appear beside featured pics and then they show a random pop up image when clicked instead of linking through to the gallery. all is fine in safari, Firefox and Chrome



Hi Krakfox,

Have just checked the Nash preview site again in IE9 and it looks great! The problem I can see from viewing your source, is that you have an Isotope plugin activated. You don’t need this as Isotope is bundled already with the theme, so you have a conflict running :(

I’ll leave that one with you ;)

Many thanks again

ah ok cool – cheers for the feedback dude!

No worries!!

Hi, I love your theme. I wonder if I can have the logo instead of HOME, on the top menu, when you slide down. Thank you.

How can I centre the logo’s of my clients? And also, I work with a team of 2 people. If I add 2 people to the team then they are not centered. Thanks in advance.

Hi Wezla,

To center up your team profiles you need to pop something like this into your style.css -

#meet-the-team .container .column, #meet-the-team .container .columns { float: none; display: inline-block; }

Logos look ok to me? Could you email me a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Many thanks

I fixed it, many thanks! What is your email adres for the screenshot?

Send me a message from my message box found on my profile page.


Hello, is there a way to get the demo content of NASH? It’s always easier to see how did you build the site that begin from zero. Thx

edit: I’ve just found the same question on page 2… I’ll wait then, plz do so :) Or maybe you could send us the xml ;)

Hi zamer,

Yeah gonna roll out a new version with the Demo XML later this week.

Many thanks

hello and i’m loving this theme…quality work mate.

one question: sounds like a silly question but I’ve tried all tags to create a space under text and before my image…see here. I need to create a bit of space? http://cl.ly/image/3e37112Z0r0q

...don’t forget to re-save your Theme Options to see it take effect.


thanks so much for the great support!

No problem ;)

Hello There,

We like a lot theme NASH. We are thinking about purchasing it, but we need to test it before buying it, or at least see some snapshots of the theme admin background and page builder or page composer.

Could provide us this information?



Send me a message via my profile page, and I can send you across a couple of screens of the admin panel.

Many thanks

Thank you for your quick response and congratulations again for your work.

Hey, no problem.

Thanks again ;)