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Hi, I’ve just bought this but can’t upload files or pictures and the main design isn’t on it – it’s just black and white lines at the moment. Will you be able to have a look at the site for me if I give you the password?


Do you have javascript disabled in your browser? This is why you are getting the message above, and why the theme options are not working.


Hi, javascript is enabled in both browsers I’ve tried (Safari and firefox) but still no joy.


Would you like to open a ticket across at the support forum -


and I will take a better look for you.

Many thanks

Good job boys!

Just a quick one, before to buy the theme.

Is there a chance to include 2-3-4 pictures for each project ?

Hi tuncherferad,

Yes you can easily add a slideshow for portfolio items, and show multiple images.

Many thanks

Hi! One question. How can i get my header image be filled till the line just as in your demo? See www.jelleoostrom.com. The image must be big enough to fit.

Hi jelleoostrom,

Many thanks for the purchase.

Yes you would need to add a slightly larger image if possible, or have a play around with the CSS in style.css to reduce the height of the header.

thanks again

what if I wanted to take away certain sections like “the team” section does the front page automatically adapt or do i have to manually override in the wp back end ?

Hi liontamere05,

You can move/remove sections very easily via a drag & drop interface in the Theme Options panel.

Many thanks

No PSD files? Why? :depressed:

Hi saufen,

The majority of the site was designed ‘in browser’ so only a rough .psd template was ever created. I am looking at possibly going back and completing it, and then adding to a future release.

Many thanks

The way I’ve set my theme up, I’d like the “section-dividers” to appear in the menu, if you add them in the standard way they don’t work… is there a way to fix this by any chance?

Thanks, rich

Hi carbonrich,

You would need to add the menu items as explained in the documentation, then, if for example you wanted to scroll to the first section divider you would put #section-divider-1 in the URL field. Then you nav item will scroll to that section.

Hope that helps.

Many thanks

Hi folks,

Version 1.4 of Nash WP is now available. Have added a Demo XML file, and made a few minor styling fixes to the theme.

Many thanks

thx for the demo! now downloading it!

thx for the demo! now downloading it!

I truly love this theme and my site is looking awesome! I noticed there is a new version. How should I go about updating? Delete the current 1.1 version then upload the new 1.4 then activate?

thanks a bunch!

I posted a ticket in the support area.

Hi blacktylimo,

This is very odd?!?

I have just done a test (exactly like your procedure) on a brand new install on Nash (version 1.1), added images etc.. then updated to version 1.4, and it worked perfectly for me. Everything appears fine on the front-end.

Have you tried clearing your browser caches etc..?

many thanks

Yes, even tried viewing in google chrome which I never use and still nothing.

Hie ! Thks for the theme, it’s really brillant ! Where can I find the link to upload it to the 1.4 version ? I also want to know how to delete a categorie if I i don’t use it. And the social icons on the top, can we justify it on the right side ? Thks !

Hi Soundbirth.

Glad you’re liking the theme ;)

Take a look at my reply to ‘blacktylimo’ about upgrading to the latest version.

To remove a post category you just navigate to Posts > Categories and click on delete under the category name that you want to remove.

The social icons align right in version 1.4.

Many thanks


I just purchased your theme and I love it! Starting to build it out and I have a couple questions. 1) With the uber statement, I’m opting to go with an image via html tags but the background color is still in place. How do I remove that? I tried to add some basic css to the uber statement code for a transparent background but it doesn’t work (my coding skills are very basic). 2) Can I add additional fonts to the theme? I want to at Bebas and a couple other fonts but not sure how to do it.

here is the link for your reference www.rhipple.com

Thanks in advance

You mentioned you have removed the ‘Team’ section, what you will need to do is remove one of the dividers using the homepage layout manager so the sections cascade correctly.

Many thanks

Ha! That would make sense! Thanks! Btw….great theme! Looking forward to promoting the site.

No problem. Thanks for the kind words ;)

For some reason, my theme options won’t allow me to upload any content into any of the sections. When I type titles in and press save, nothing is updated and what I wrote is deleted. Javascript in my browser is enabled as well.

Help please!!

Hi schusterk,

Are you still having trouble?

Many thanks

nope! rookie mistake! everything is perfect. awesome theme!

thank you!

Glad you’re now rocking!! Thanks again for the kind words ;)

Hey guys. Beautiful theme. Before I purchase I had a quick question. Is it possible to create a two column blog that is linked to directly from the nav, versus having it as a section on the homepage?

Hi josh,

If you know a little code, yes you could achieve that. Out of the box it does not have a Blog Index as such, more single items (as you can see) on the homepage that links through to the full articles.

Many thanks

What is the best solution for making the quotes section a bit larger so I can add more text…I’m trying to use the quotes section for testimonials and it seems to only allow about 20 words..Thanks.

The above was corrected…my error…theme is amazing!

Cool. Glad you’re all good!!

Hi, just need a little bit of help – no matter how large we make the image we can not get the header image to span the full length. There is always an ugly white bar under the catchphrase.

Any advice?

It may be the browsers we are using?

Have updated to 1.4

URL – beyondhsc.com.au


Hi rothquel,

Yeah you can fix this easily. What is happening is that there is a height set on the header image (like a default), so what you need to do, so the images fills the space is edit style.css, and on line 1264 you will see -

height: 900px;

which pertains to .header-background-image

just increase that number to something like 1200px;

Many thanks

hi! before purchase the theme I would like to know if it support multi language, like zdmultilang or WPML???

and also if it’s possible to insert in the gallery of a portfolio items photos with videos from vimeo or youtube???

Thank you very much and good job!!!

Hi swanina,

I have not personally tested with WPML etc.. so could not say for certain, but I would be surprised if it was a problem.

Currently (if you’re referring to the thumbnails on the homepage) you add a ‘featured image’ then click through to see the actual video.

Many thanks

The newest version (1.4, I just purchased and installed 1.3.5 a few days ago) does not come with the style.css file in the zip folder, and wordpress will not install the template without that file. Was this intentional to leave it out??? I’m new to the wordpress/website world, so I’m not sure if this is standard protocol.

Hi Dave,

Many thanks for the purchase.

Please take a look at this article, which assists with the problems you are describing -


This should help get you moving again ;)

Many thanks

Hi, first off very nice theme! I love it, but I’m having problems getting it off the ground.

1) I cannot save anything I edit in “Theme Options” – at the top it says Options Updated Options Reset Error! and I have Javascript enabled.

2) When I click something on my navigation, it snaps directly to the page, instead of smoothly scrolling?

Also on my navigation for example I took out “Services” – but it still shows it on the homepage. I tried to open a ticket on your support forum but there is no where to place a purchase code.

Here is my url: http://www.vxel.tv

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!!!


Hi Jake,

Thanks for the great words. Much appreciated.

It sounds like a Javascript issue at play here.

Have you tried registering at the support forum?

Many thanks


Yes I’ve registered. It will not let me post a ticket because there is nowhere to place my purchase code.

I have tried firefox on pc, and safari on mac. It must be a problem within wordpress.

If you could help me get it fully populated exactly like the demo, I can take it from there.

Thank you!


Hi Jake,

Could you try opening a ticket again? I have made the addition of a purchase code optional at present, so you should be able to open a ticket without posting that in.

many thanks