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The theme looks amazing.

Can you post videos in your blog and what happens when you have more than three blog posts? Do arrows show up under the main page blog posts to let the users see older posts.

Thanks in advance. Nice work!

Hi mwestern,

Many thanks for the great feedback.

You can drop Vimeo and YouTube videos into your Blog posts via Shortcode.

And yes navigation does appear when you go past a set number of blog posts.

many thanks

Hi, I purchased the theme, but seem to be having issues with the font settings. Most of the fonts (even san serif) default to a roman serif style font. I have no plugins running that might conflict, and have even tried manually loading the fonts into the assets folder, but no luck. Any ideas what the issue could be? Thanks for your help. Chris.

Hi webseocoach,

Could you open a ticket up across at -


And I can investigate further for you.

Many thanks

First of all, the theme is great. Secondly, I don’t plan on integrating Twitter but the Twitter bird icon is there. How do I remove it?

Hi lhrosz,

Many thanks for the kind words.

You need to open up index.php in your Nash theme folder and remove line 288 -

<i class="icon-twitter" />

Many thanks

I noticed that your documentation did not mention adding a blog page to your theme. Do you have instructions? Also, please specify custom link for the menu.


Hi lhorosz,

The theme was originally solely a ‘one-page’ theme so as such does not have a Blog Index page. It has Post items on the homepage which link through to full, single articles.

Many thanks

So, all I need to do is created new posts? They’ll pop-up somewhere on the one-page theme?


They will indeed appear in your latest news section, yes.

many thanks


I have installed the theme but am experiencing some problems with publishing style & pictures. I can upload pictures and choose colours by using the theme options panel, however none of my uploads seems to correspond with the website. Nothing happens. Javascript has been enabled, so that should not be the problem. I tried to open a ticket for this but guuthemes asks for my purchase code (which I have) but I can’t find any field to fill in the code. I feel stuck, can anyone help me? Tnx

What version of Nash do you have?

Many thanks

V 1.4

Hi kfieslier,

You can send me a message via my profile page.

Many thanks

Hey, is it just me or does this theme not have any active states for the menu? It would be fine if the element that you’re viewing is highlighted in the navigation bar. It should as well adjust as you scroll manually through the page.

Hi damngood,

It does not currently, but it is planned for the next version (1.5).

many thanks

I’d like to add a contact form in the footer area where the existing contact info is. What is the best solution for doing this?

Hi trolfe,

I would personally recommend grabbing one of the many free plugins available at the WordPress repository -


I have used Contact Form 7 many times before.

You could then style it to your liking.

Many thanks

I’m trying to embed a soundcloud link into the video embed code section in the portfolio page but it doesn’t work.

It works when the code is in the paragraph section but not where other video code such as vimeo/youtube works. How come?! Is there any way to make soundcloud work?

Hi schusterk,

You can embed a soundcloud clip with the player etc.. Make sure it is an iframe (they have various options on the Souncloud site).

For example try pasting below into the embed textarea, it should work fine -

<iframe src="https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F11681313&auto_play=false" height="166" width="100%" frameborder="no" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Many thanks

amazing. thank you!!!

No problem, glad to help ;)


Amazing theme! Good jobs guys! I’ve a problem with q translate plugin. Normally I used to apply it on plain pages. But, I don’t know how to apply in that system…

Apologize for my English, thanks.

Hi markriera,

Is this the WordPress plugin you are using? Have you used the WordPress version before?

Many thanks

Hello, I have not purchased your Theme yet, but I love it and will be. I have a question for you; is there a way to slow down the speed of the scrolling when a user clicks on a menu item? Also do you think it would be possible to add a slight parallex to the back images to create more of a dynamic quality in the scrolling?

Hi leadbased,

Yes there is a small number adjustment you can make in one of the files to increase/decrease the speed of the scroll.

No plans to add a slight parallax at the moment. For 2 reasons really, the first one being the effect at present is still quite effective, and the second being that it can prove quite troublesome for the end user finding just the right image sizes sometimes for the effect to look great. I want users to be able to setup the theme easily, and quickly which I feel you an achieve with the theme at present.

Many thanks

Great theme!

Thanks zwiggi, much appreciated.

Great theme! Just a few questions:

1. For the Latest News (blog) section, is it possible to add a button that says “view all blog posts”, and then that page it’s linked to has all blogposts? I also want to create a link at the bottom of the Meet The Team page that links to another page that has more Team on it?

2. I know i can create pages, but is there a way to create a page that shows all blog posts in a 3column layout like on the current one-page site? I also want to do this same thing for the Meet The Team section so i can add more Team on a separate page.

3. Is there a way to make only the blocks of small text that are the paragraph text (not titles or subtitles) left justified? I know to change the

to left but that changes some subheadings and subtitles that i prefer to keep center justified. Thanks for your help

Hi Matthew,

Many thanks for the purchase.

1 – Not currently any plans for either at the moment. I may look at in a future update, and will keep you posted.

2 – If you were a little savvy with code, you could achieve something like what you require.

3 – The paragraph text all have a class of overview, so take a look through your style.css and add a text-align: left; to each of these, for example -

#about .overview { font-size: 24px; line-height: 36px; text-align: left; }

Many thanks


thank you for this theme. Two questions: - Is it possible to limit the portfolio to 3, 6 or 9 examples (If video into the filter selects only 3, 6 or 9 videos displayed if one selects and photo, only 3, 6 or 9 pictures are displayed )? - Is it possible to open a URL directly, instead of opening the project page in the portfolio? (as in the Nash html5 theme).

Sincerely, Cédric Barbey.

Hi Cedric,

Do you mean on the homepage (3,6,9) ?

It is not possible to add a URL on the homepage without editing the theme files, but if you see on the preview site, when you click through to a portfolio item, you do have a ‘Launch Project/View Project’ button that links to a URL of your choice.

Many thanks for your purchase, and support.

Very nice, I was considering Golden at one point but I think this is more in line with what I’m looking for. One pre-purchase question. Will Nash support child themes? If so then I have no problem purchasing.

Thanks, Alex

Hi Alex,

Have not tried, but as far as I know it does ;)

Many thanks

It works fine with a child theme. So far I haven’t noticed any issues :)

Also , this theme is very user friendly. With the xml file I was able to duplicate the demo version exactly in about an hour. Nice work with that.

One suggestion, stacked images option on portfolio items instead of just a single image or slider. Also the ability to remove the “comments are closed” from theme options would be really nice additions.


Hi Alex,

Many thanks for the purchase buddy. Your kind words mean a lot.

Have noted what you mentioned for version 1.5, specifically the removal of the ‘comments are closed’ message.

Many thanks again

Hi folks,

Just a quick heads-up.

We are removing the ‘Latest Tweet’ function from the theme in the next version, due to the fact that Twitter have now changed to the new 1.1 API, which makes us unable to provide it with the theme (Thanks Twitter)!!

Many thanks for your understanding.


Trying to upload/install the demo file but it will not work. Help?


Have you taken a look at the text file that is in the Demo folder?

This describes how to install it correctly.

Many thanks

my logo is a bit larger and does not show well on the iphone…how can target the iphone with some .css and make my logo a different size on the mobile?


Stick this into style.css -

#logo img { max-width: 100%; height: auto; }

This will fix you right up ;)

that’s PERFECT. Thanks for your support and can’t wait to see your next theme! Great job.

Cheers buddy ;)

What are the correct settings for the Mainsite in Wordpress? I tried everything and I got the best results selecting “show last posts” but there is still a small white bar between the the header and the about-section. Here a screenshot:

Hi michig,

The “show last posts” has nothing to do with that ;)

You will need to pop in a slightly larger image to cover that area, or in style.css on line 1264 increase the height from 900px to something a little more. That should fix things.

Many thanks

ok the pic was large enough. I fixed the css. I think it was caused by Logo and a two lines headline. thanks the template is really great work!

Great stuff. Glad you got things fixed.

Can you help me remove the the portfolio description on the latest work section? I want to keep the title but lose the description below. Thanks



Yes, you need to remove line 175 from index.php -

<?php the_excerpt(); ?>




i’ve got a problem. I followed the manual pdf file..

But no menu items or contect is appearing.. Jsut an empty menu container and the message It seems a page is missing

When I enable the “Example page” (under pages), the Introduction-text under “Theme Options” -> “Header Settings” appears… but below that, only the content of my “Example page” is shown.. and the contact site.. nothing else..


it installed a new worldpress instalaltion on a server, and there it suddenly worked from scratch… not sure what was/is wrong with it on my local machine … weird.. but anyways, it seems to be okay now

Hi ulrikel,

Very odd indeed?!?

Just glad that you’re running ok now.

Many thanks again