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Hello, first and foremost it is a great theme.The only thing I would like to have regular contact form at the bottom and I installed Contact Form 7 (I pasted the short code in the Contact page) but it doesn’t show anything when I view the contact section. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Success! Thank you so much.

I have just installed Contact Form7 on my Nash local install, and it works great -


You need to create your form, take the shortcode, and then insert it into the ‘Overview’ textarea in Appearance > Theme Options > Contact Settings.

You will need to play around a little with style.css to get the styling just right.

Many thanks again

No problem.

Enjoy the theme ;)

This theme looks super amazing!! I have a question. I am at the low end of css knowlege…as in I dont know much (at all) . <- I can however figure out simple things with direction :) will this still be something I can purchase and customize for my site, or will I be out of luck?

Thanks so much!


Hi cheliamike33,

The theme is really easy to setup. And the documentation pretty much covers everything. Make sure you do read the docs throughly, they really do help ;)

Many thanks

So after one day tuning my layout I found a little thing to optimize. The Clientlogos are not Retinadisplay optimatet ( correct me if I’m wrong ). So I uploaded the Logos in double size and addet this CSS code: #client-logos img { width: 50%; }

Hi michig,

That will work ;) Nice work!!

thanks again

hey, one question. How can I put a different extra menu where currently the social media icons would appear (I dont need those)?

I would like to place a different menu there.. how would I do that?

Like: an extra menu position…

Is there a way to add a contact form on the contact page?

Hi rgoldoni,

I would opt for one of the many great WP plugins available. My weapon of choice has always been ‘Contact Form 7’.

Many thanks

on another note:

What if I wanted to not have all these sliders etc.. If I wanted every section just to hold text, maybe some small images, which I could input using the normal WYSIWYG editor field.. ?

Is that even possible? because, that was the idea behind the purchase… To swap the content shown in the demo with my own stuff..?

Hi ulrikel,

Have seen in your recent post, you have things customised to your liking now.

Many thanks again

Hey guys, Beautiful theme. Does it only work as a single page or is there a way to launch another page from the menu? Thanks in advance!

Hi puma10,

Many thanks for your kind words.

You can add normal pages yes, no problem.

Many thanks


Great work on the theme.

Can you please tell me best sizes for the back ground images.

It seems to auto zoom in the images for me.

Hi zekezlich,

Big!!! ;) The ones I have used on the preview site are roughly 2000px wide by 1052px high. Obviously the header image would need to be taller.

Many thanks

I would love to see what others have made of this theme. Any examples available?

Hi kfiesler,

I have seen some really nice examples recently (when assisting buyers with bug fixes etc..), always nice to see.



I am creating the menu right now. Can you tell me how to fill in ‘custom links’ in the menu panel, so it will scroll down on the homepage instead of opening a new page?

What kind of url do I need to fill in. Something with a hashtag?

Hi kfiesler,

It’s all covered in the documentation, and will help you get up and running in no time.

many thanks again

ok tnx a lot!

Hey guys! It’s me again, I’m from Barcelona and I need to know which is the best multilanguage plugin for a parallax page, it’s not working with q translate because I can only edit the porfolio posts and similar stuff, but not the main menu because it’s a single page. Otherwise I can’t link the language options buttons in the header.

I really need to find a way to have three languages in my web site because I live in a bilingual country and I want to have enghlish too!!!

Thank you very much!

Have you tried WPML?

Many thanks

I’m trying WPML, thanks for the information. Could you tell me the Text domain value of the theme?

Its ‘nash’.


Hi folks,

Comment replies may be delayed for the next 24 hours due to illness.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Hi mate, thanks for the update with the xml dummy data as requested – awesome service and support! I have a different question though – we have our site up and running on this theme and its working pretty much perfectly across all kinds of devices EXCEPT that the nav links dont seem to work on iphone. Have you come across this and is there a fix? Cheers, Joe

Hi powderbomber,

I have just tested again via ‘Browserstack’ and on a iPhone 4s and 5 device, and the nav works perfectly fine for me?? Have you made any edits (however small) to the theme code?

Many thanks

Love this theme. I’m having trouble with the icons – they are not showing up in Firefox (just some kind of letter/symbol rectangle thingy). The appear perfectly in Safari, and I’m going to check them in Chrome and Explorer. Any idea why this might be the case?

Thanks, Johneen

Hi jmanning,

This does seem to happen with Firefox and the FontAwesome icons in very rare cases, and has something to with absolute file paths.

There is a possible fix for this here -


Many thanks

after some hurles, everything turned out great.. had to customize the theme quite a bit though..

Hi ulrikel,

Sounds awesome!!

Many thanks

This theme does not work. it´s full of issues and errors.


Did you open a ticket at the support forum? If so is this your ticket number – #36834

If that is the case, then I have already answered your query and fixed the issue for you.

Many thanks

I did not revived any answer to my ticket, and thats is not my ticket number. If you really have the answer to the problem, please send it to may mail soyazul@gmail.com


Hi soyazul,

Did you open a ticket up?

Please bear in mind that I do not answer support requests via email, and ask everyone to direct any support requests to the support system.

Many thanks for your understanding.

I am also getting errors saving theme options when using a child-theme. Was there ever a resolution to that?

Hi oniiru,

Please could I ask that you open a ticket across at the support forum (as I do not respond to email support requests) -


I can then look into your problem much more easier.

Many thanks

Hi there,

Just bought this awesome theme! There is a small issue with the contact us section where my email is long, it shows up fine in the PC but not on mobile devices. I tested it on Android. An suggestions?


Hi there,

Many thanks for the kind words.

Yes this minor issue is on the list for version (1.5). In the meantime you can fix it by editing style.css, and at the bottom where the media queries are, specifically the Mobile query (max-width: 479px;) pop in something like -

#contact-details p { font-size: 20px; line-height: 30px; }

This should make things look better.

Many thanks

Hi folks,

My sincerest apologies for the delayed responses to your queries over the past couple of days, due to illness.

I will be going through all unanswered comments on Monday.

Thanks for your patience, and understanding.

Dear Guuthemes,

Hope you are feeling better. I have sent you an email and a tweet. Just found this forum, so I’ll ask my question here. I’m getting an error “page not found” when clicking on one of the “Our Work” portfolio post, even though I’ve made a post. I also have questions about HTML tags for the uber statement, but that can wait. Thanks for your help!—David

Hi David,

Not currently, no, but I have it noted for a future update.

You can use HTML tags in the Uber Statement textarea, so you could add a span tag to one word, then style that in your style.css, give each span a different id or class so you can style each one accordingly.

For example -

#uber-statement .smaller-word { font-size: 14px; }

Many thanks

I appreciate your quick response and your suggestion. It worked perfectly! I look forward to future updates. Thanks!

Hi David,

Glad to help.