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Hi folks,

Could I please ask that any support requests are directed to the support forum -


Please do not send support requests via any other means (email, private message etc..) as there is a very good chance they will not get seen.

Via the support forum allows me to provide the best possible support I can.

Many thanks for your understanding.


I like your themes.

I’d like to know if I can put animated image like Gif on background?

Thx, Louis

4 hours ago I just open a new Ticket Ticket ID: BSN-528-11703. Because the first one I sent (BNM-924-98236) wasn’t answered. I have also send you an mail via themeforest page, wasn’t answered either. the only thing that seem to to work was comment on the theme page.

Sorry for my English, I live in a not English language country

Happy Monday, and i hope you can help me.

Hi soyazul,

Could I please ask that any support requests are directed to the support forum -


Please do not send support requests via any other means (email, private message etc..) as there is a very good chance they will not get seen.

Via the support forum allows me to provide the best possible support I can.

Many thanks for your understanding.


I just bought this beatiful theme and the help file is pretty useful. However my knowledge is very limited and I cant fix this problem I have.

Apologies in advance because I am sure that my question is very easy.

The problem is, I want the headers in portfolio and other single pages to be smaller than the header on my main page. For example;

As you can see here ” http://nashwp.guuhuu.com/ ” the header backgroung is large enough to cover the whole browser, which is something I also have. But here, ” http://nashwp.guuhuu.com/project/the-performance/ ” the header is much smaller, and I also want the header on my portfolio page to be similar like this. (myexperience is far more different as, i get the same size of headers on my both main page and portfolio-single pages)

Thank you for your time, cheers.

Hi lopeth,

Apologies here, I’m not 100% sure what you’re wanting to do again?

Many thanks

Just Purchased the Theme and love it. Setting up has been fairly straight forward and easy to figure out. Thanks for the great documentation.


For Portfolio items, Is it possible to Add in AUDIO for the Portfolio, using Soundcloud Widgets embedded? If so, how do I do this?

Thank You


You would still need to add a thumbnail image for on the homepage, but possibly add Soundcloud embed code into the main portfolio item page (using the video embed textarea).

Many thanks

I have another question: Is there any way to DISABLE the text that shows up as a preview below the Portfolio items (videos, images, etc). I’d like it to be a little cleaner, and right now, the Text preview from the Portfolio Item is very intrusive. When dealing with video, it wants to show the embedded YouTube video underneath the Portfolio Icon/Main Image that I’ve chosen.

I don’t know anything about coding, so I’m a little nervous messing with this. When I looked at the CUSTOM.JS form, there are several locations that say Rotator Speed. Which ones do I change? I’ve included the coding below as a separate post.

(function(a){a.quote_rotator={defaults:{rotation_speed:7e3,pause_on_hover:true,randomize_first_quote:true,buttons:false}};a.fn.extend({quote_rotator:function(b){var b=a.extend({},a.quote_rotator.defaults,b);return this.each(function(){var c;var d=a(this);var e=d.find(“li”);var f=true;var g=b.rotation_speed<2e3?2e3:b.rotation_speed;var h=function(){var c=d.find(“li.active”).length===0;if(b.randomize_first_quote){var f=a(e[Math.floor(Math.random()*e.length)]);f.addClass(“active”)}else if©{d.find(“li:first”).addClass(“active”)}}();var i=function(a){return a.next(“li”).length?a.next(“li”):d.find(“li:first”)};var j=function(a){return a.prev(“li”).length?a.prev(“li”):d.find(“li:last”)};var k=function(a){var b=d.find(“li.active”);var c=a===”forward”?i(b):j(b);b.animate({opacity:0},1e3,function(){b.hide();e.css(“opacity”,1);c.fadeIn(1e3)});b.removeClass(“active”);c.addClass(“active”)};var l=function(){c=setInterval(function(){if(f){k(“forward”)}},g)};var m=function(){d.hover(function(){f=false},function(){f=true})};var n=function(){d.append(‘ <button class=”qr_previous”>’b.buttons.previous’</button> <button class=”qr_next”>’b.buttons.next”</button> “);d.find(“button”).click(function(){clearInterval©;k(a(this).hasClass(“qr_next”)?forward)

Hi LittleLeadMen,

Please see my reply before. You need to replace the code that is on line 54 of custom.js. With the code I pasted earlier.

Just make a backup of your existing custom.js, so you can revert back if something goes wonky.


What is the main image background size. All my pics are coming up blurry. Thanks


What version of Nash do you have?

The images do need to be quite large for the section dividers. For example the ones on the preview site as something like 2000px wide by about 1024px height.

Many thanks

Thanks! This is the best one-page ever!!! I want to change my own site to this theme :|

Thanks so much for the great feedback ;)

Great Theme,

When trying to set up a Background Image in the Theme “Header” Options I get the “Error Message” when saving the options

Can U help

Hi showkontor,

This can sometimes be a file permission issue.

Could you open a ticket at the support forum, and I can help you get this fixed.

Many thanks

How to get to your support forum

Phenomenal Theme!! Will link to our new youth ministry site that is being designed with this theme once it is completed – this theme is awesome!

One quick question – would it be possible to link the logos in the “folks I work with” section to the external sites of the folks I work with?

If not, please add this as a feature request for future versions… Thanks for everything you do!

Hi Dave,

Thank you so much for that awesome feedback. Truly means a lot ;)

It has been noted, and will be added to the next version, available hopefully later this week.

many thanks

Wow! What a crazy quick response. I did have one other odd request – would it be possible under the staff section to add an email icon (to go down where the twitter/facebook/etc stuff is for each staff member so that people could email them directly? I imagine there might even be a way to alter the icon for, say, pinterest and simply input the mailto html?

Thanks again for responding so quickly!

Hi Dave,

I will add this option into the next version. In the meantime, yes you could use, say the pinterest field for now (if you’re not using it), and then in index.php change line 346 to -

<a href="<?php echo get_post_meta($post->ID, 'gt_member_pinterest', true) ?>"><i class="icon-envelope-alt icon-large" /></a>

Many thanks

Hey there,

Can you only set this to be 1-page OR can you have it as separate pages as well?


Hi helvetic,

You can add separate pages to the theme, yes.


Submitted a question on the forum in regards to child theme not working. Thanks

Thanks I followed up with a few more questions when you have time.

Hi Matt,

Will take a look today. Glad the Child Themes are working now.

Many thanks

Thanks a lot, still waiting for a response but Im sure you have many questions from people :)

Thanks for amazing theme!

Cheers buddy, glad you’re liking it ;)

Sorry, to ask the question again. Can I had animated image like .gif on the background ?


I see no reason why? An image file is an image file right?

Many thanks

Would you consider including support for an IMDB Favicon link, just like the others for Twitter, YouTube, etc?

Hi LittleLeadMen,

Possibly in a future update.

Many thanks

Hi Guys,

Purchased the theme, all set up but I am getting an error message when I try to do anything like upload an image or try to add the Introduction text.. I have changed the permissions to 777 on the control panel.

It will let me save the text logo but nothing else really. Do you know what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Hi jinjodesign,

I have replied to your support ticket.

Many thanks

Thanks a million for the speedy response, really appreciate it. : )

Hi jinjo,

No problem. Glad I could help out.


We would like to change the speed of the “About Us” image slider. It’s a little too slow for our tastes. In which file can we edit this speed?


You need to edit custom.js found in /assets/js

You can alter the Flexslider settings there.

Many thanks

I also am getting the error message from the admin panel changes and have submitted a ticket on your forum. Please advise

Hi headmetal,

Could you please try changing the file permission on options.css (found in /assets/css/dynamic-css) to 0666.

That should fix the error message on saving.

Many thanks

Hi guys, when trying to install the template in wordpress i get this error please help!

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi gjokovik,

Many thanks for the purchase.

Please take a look at this helpful post, this will assist you -


Many thanks

Good morning, I’m considering whether to buy this theme, but I have a question about the homepage. Is the slogan in an html box or it’s only a text string? My question starts from the need to put in homepage the news boxes, but with a background image and not the white background. Is it possible? Other question: does your theme runs with the multiple language plugin? Many thanks in advance Emanuele.

Hi playmos,

You can use HTML tags with the slogan.

I have not tested with a multi-language plugin, but I don’t see any reason why it would not.

Many thanks


Could i have a video background instead of an image on the home page easily?


Hi obh,

You would need to modify index.php to achieve this. It depends how comfortable you are with a little code?