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Hey. love the theme. I just want to remove the white background from sections. I’ve been tearing through the style.css file but can’t figure it out! Is that something you can answer?

(I can’t get completely logged in on the ticksy site to post there)

thanks chad

thanks, i’ve tried that and it’s still showing up white. is there a higher class that is controlling it?? blah :(

I figured it out!! Had to make the image on body{}

Hi Chad,

Superb! Glad you got things sorted.

Many thanks

I believe your support website is bugged or down right now. I cannot view in detail any FAQ’s & when I sign in it just sends me to the original support page. I am having trouble with 2 things 1) I’m not sure how the “Lastest Works” section works, and where to add posts for that, and I am curious to why my whole page seems to be “zoomed in” compared to your Live Preview, all the content (not background images though) seems much larger and zoomed in.. any idea on how to fix this?

Hi Joel,

Have answered your recent comment.

Many thanks

^ Found out the Latest Works problem!!! Still having the “zoomed in” problem though

Hi Joel,

Zoomed in problem?!? Do you have a URL I can view?


Yes! check out JoelJaeger.com! Compared to the live preview of this template, my page looks a lot more “zoomed in”. Please let me know if I need to clarify any more

Hi Joel,

Have just checked out your URL and It all looks great to me. Exactly how it should look.


Great theme! I miss some functions though, lite I really need a lightbox-effect on galleries. any tips? Otherwise I will have to code over my gallery-function I have on my current page.

Exampel: http://ateljedigital.se/fotografering/modeller/foto-modell-emelie-stjarnas-deltagare-i-top-model-2013/


I see you have found a solution to this. Good luck.


Awesome theme boys! Few questions before to buy:

1.Is there any possibility to change the menu colour or menu background 2.Is there a way to make the orange background colour where it says ” Yes We do some Awesome things” in another colour ? 3.About us section : can we extend the text info ? Can we take out the slider too ? 4.Latest work : is there is a chanse to ad a slider to every project ? 5. Folks we work with – is this is the client list page ? If yes , can we make the Logos clickable ? 6.Services : can we take out the boxes with different services and write our own ? 7.Team : right now is with 3 people , can we expand or reduce the team members number ? Alo is there a limitation with information about every each person ?

8.Contact Us – is there a chanse to integrate google map ? And email submit template ?

Looking forward to hear from ya.

Sorry for the bunch of questions I ask :) I just wanna know if this theme will cover my needs.



Hi Tony,

1 – You could change this with some minor tweaks to the stylesheet.

2 – Yes, from the Theme Options panel.

3 – You can extend the text info, yes.

4 – You can have a slider (gallery) on every portfolio/project item, yes.

5 – The next update will have clickable logos.

6 – Yes you can add your own text, and choose from many different icons.

7 – Yes very easily via the Theme Options.

8 – You could use a plugin to add a Google Map, and a contact form if you know how to tweak a little code.

Many thanks

Well I am not in to coding,wondering if I buy the theme would it be possible to give me a hand on point 1, 5 and 8 ?


Love the theme and thank you for all the hard work here.

Quick question; how can I update to version 1.5?

Also – the ‘latest work’ navigation stopped working for me after I made some minor menu edits, (changed nav label but not url). Any advice?

Thank you!


Thanks for the kind words.

Download the latest version, and replace the ‘nash’ folder with the latest one. Making a backup of your old folder beforehand.

Could you open a ticket for the nav problems, so I can investigate further?

Many thanks

Hello.. I’m still learning to use the theme, but i’d like to know how can i remove the Icon and Icon Holder from the top of the Portfolio, About, Services and such. I want to replace for a custom JPG of mine. Even if its hardcoded, I don’t mind because It’s not a lot of work and I’ll take care to maintain it to the next versions.


Hi HawtCoffee,

You would need to edit the index.php file, there you will find the code that you need to remove for each section.

Many thanks

I got it! Thanks <3


Great stuff. Have a play around with that file, it’s very easy to look through and edit ;)

Many thanks

Hi there,

Having trouble getting the Font Awesome plugin to work.

I get this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class FontAwesome in /home/j53207/public_html/aldoyle101.com/wp-content/plugins/Font-Awesome-WordPress-Plugin-master/plugin.php on line 33

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong here?

Thanks a million

Hi jinjodesign,

Font Awesome is built into the theme. It looks like you need to switch off the plugin you mentioned as it is conflicting with the pre-packaged version.


Good work! Found a solution on my previous question.

I have a suggestion for future updates though, cant find anywhere to send a PM or something though


You can send a message via my profile.

Many thanks


Sent an email via your profile page. When do you check these?

Hi glenn,

I will look today, but I ask that all support requests are directed to the support forum.

Many thanks

HI , I am having issues when i check my website on mobile browser. It doesn’t fit properly in the browser and some of the text goes off the theme.

Hi everydaydarren,

Could you please open a ticket and I’ll investigate further for you -


Many thanks

Hi there, are you able to add Google maps?


Hi gbnz,

You could use a Google Maps plugin quite easily, and then add it to one of the pages.


Hello… i made a local installation and now i cloned to my server using Duplicator, which does everything automatically. The thing is, the 2 quotes background images and the header background image are not showing up. The page is looking for the localhost images, even tho the media links on the library are correct and the links to them are also right on the Theme Options panel. Reuploading the images/changing the images does nothing. Can’t make any image appear now (only on these backgrounds, all the rest works just fine). Can i get some help?

Hi HawtCoffee,

Are you still having problems here?

Many thanks


I would like to show clients what’s included and what’s not. Is it possible to add a green checkmark on the list of the pricing tables? That would be great!

I have already uploaded a png picture of the checkmark but probably need a css code or..?

Thanks in advance

Hi kfiesler,

You could probably add the checkmark (and not have to use images) by using the FontAwesome icons that are bundled with the theme?

Then style them up in style.css

Many thanks

i was recommended your theme and i am about to buy it.

however i am looking for a solution but the customer has a specific request. i’d like to know if your theme is able to get there… any chance to send you the request via email?

Hi aovivo,

You can send me across a message via my profile, yes.


The navigation does not work on my Android phone as well as other Android phones of friends and colleges. Any reason why?

Hi sari,

I have fully tested on quite a few Android devices (including Galaxy S2 and S3) and can confirm it works perfectly fine. Can you please open a support ticket, so I can investigate your case.



I have set the theme up and have a couple of issues, I would like the home page to look like your preview but the background images is not displaying full screen also i cant see how to add the text block that is visible on the home page. http://newpairofglasses.com/



You have put 2 dividers below each other? This will not really work. You add the text blocks via Theme Options.

Many thanks

Hello, i have a error message when i try to add a picture background… What can i do for can upload my picture without this message please ? Thx.

Hi agenceWTF,

This can sometimes be a file permission issue with your hosting. Can you try changing the file permission on options.css (found in /assets/css/dynamic-css) to 0666.


Hi, i send you a email with my ftp … Can you help me please …? I tried with your advices but it’s not ok …

Thanks a lot.

Hi agence,

Will FTP in and take a look for you.

Many thanks

Hi there – I just purchased the NASH – Responsive HTML5 One Page Theme for $13 only to be told by my web guy that I need the NASH – Responsive HTML5 One Page WordPress Theme for $35 – can I pay the difference and switch or am I out of luck?

Thanks for your help! Stacey

Hi Incite,

You would need to speak with Envato support buddy, as I am unable to deal with those requests :(

Many thanks

Great theme!

How do I add videos to the slider?


Hi Talklaunch,

The Flexslider is primarily for images. I did come across a post on adding Vimeo videos to it though (in a roundabout way)


Many thanks