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Also – I’d like to change the color of the quotes – in the quote section. Where would I change that?


Hi Talklaunch,

To change the color of the quotes you need to edit line 3361 in style.css. You can then add a hex value of your choice (currently #fff)

Many thanks

Hi, I am sort of new at all of this, which may be a problem. So I apologize for sounding like an idiot. BUT, I can’t figure it out. Is there a way to put a photo as the background image instead of white on the first page people land on? again, i’m stupid and sorry! PS I do know how to code, and i also know how to edit the CSS stylesheet. Just let me know how/where.

Hi rena,

We all gotta start somewhere ;)

Which section are you referring to again on the homepage?

Many thanks

ha! thanks ! you know what? I figured it out!

Hi Rena,

Cool beans!! Glad you’re rocking ;)


Thanks for a theme! It is a real piece of a great work :)

Only one annoying thing for me – fonts… I use cyryllic fonts. But among all of you’ve provided, only 1 supports it O_o

So i try to use Google web fonts, change some code in options.css, but when i add anything new to theme settings – it overwrites all changed fonts settings in css. So i now understand that i need to change also style.php, but…

So much work to be done!

Maybe you may include some additional functionaluty with fonts in theme settings in new version? Maybe adding Google Web fonts to selection? Maybe adding cyrillic fonts? I don’t know yet how this can be done, but if you think about it…

Anyway, ill figure out something and wish you great luck on future projects!

Hi trikksterr,

Many thanks for your kind words. Truly appreciated ;)

Have you tried adding directly to style.css? Then it will not get overwritten when you save your Theme Options.


What do i name the translation file (default.po / default.mo) for it to work? Tried to compile just as pt_BR.mo and it didnt work.

Hi HawtCoffee,

Please take a look at this helpful article on translating themes -


Many thanks

Is there a way to make the page scroll slower and smoother to section anchors? I’ve installed plugins and they don’t effect is. Is the easing controlled by the theme?

Thanks, can’t wait to show u the finished site!


Hi chadlewine,

In custom.js (/assets/js) on line 88 you will see -

}, 400);

Play around with this number to alter the scroll speed/smoothness.

Many thanks

Just to get started, I imported the XML file followed steps unfortunately only shortcode on the menu showed up. Is there something I missed? I can PM you the link user/pass, just let me know. Thanks.

Hi wengrodrigo,

Please take a look at Appearance > Menus in your WordPress admin, to make sure they are setup correctly as mentioned in the documentation.

Many thanks

The logo on the home page when viewed on a mobile device is not responsive? Other themes I use make the logo responsive. Anyway to input a hack or are you planning on adding this in a future version?

Hi dojwebmaster,

It should be? Do you have a URL I can view?


Could you try adding -

#logo img { max-width: 100%; height: auto; }

to style.css


I have a problem. After I click a portfolio item, it opens up and then when I click on any menu link, they go back to your demo site, but it’s my site?

Hi cmadden,

If you have imported the demo XML file, please make sure you alter the URLs in the Menu via Appearance > Menus

Many thanks

Ticket #39908 The background images are not working for categories.

Any help, much appreciated.


Hi steve,

Will be taking a look at your ticket shortly.

Many thanks

Hi my partner sent you a ticket about the problems changing background images and the Styling Options ticket #40054 .. we appreciate any help! we are a little desperate around here …


La Media

Hi Tosstone,

Have just answered your ticket. Please allow up to 48 hours at busy periods for a reply on tickets.

Many thanks for your understanding.

Thanks for all of the feedback. Any way to add duplicate sections “Meet the team” for example?


Hi Talklaunch,

You would need to edit the code in index.php and duplicate the code for the sections there.

Many thanks

Hi! Great theme. We’d like to know if its possible than the Latest Tweet section could show more than just one tweet (changing as the Quotes do). Thanks in advance!

Hi jagomezrivera,

Thanks for the kind words.

The Latest Tweet section is currently setup to show only your latest tweet. It would need customisation of the JS file to achieve what you require.

Many thanks

Hi, I have some pre-purchase questions. Would it be possible to add a logo to the menu (to the left of “home) and move the menu to the top of the page? Also is the image on the home page able to be a slider. Thanks in advance

Hi fonterra,

If you have a little knowledge of HTML and CSS this is something you could achieve quite easily.

The slider currently only supports images. The Flexslider site does show a way to add Vimeo videos, but I have not personally tried it.

Many thanks

Hi, im trying to change the excerpt length in the theme, as well I want it to display characters for the blog section on the homepage not words as it results in an uneven box height.

I did search and found quite a bit of info but when I add it to functions.php it has no effect.

Can you tell me how to change the excerpt length to characters?

Hi Matt,

You need to take a look at the custom-functions.php file, this has the code to alter excerpt length in there.

Many thanks

Hey! Trying to figure out how to get rid of the “show all” button under portfolio. I was also trying to get the portfolio items to “link” to the other pages with music and video…Any ideas????

my website is at www.frantzw.com

Hi deisic,

You can find the code to remove in index.php, in the portfolio navigation section. The portfolio items will link through to single portfolio item pages.

Many thanks

Also trying to figure out how to change the main page’s name from Portfolio to something else, and change the color of the logo’s page.

Hi deisic,

Where are you trying to make the actual name change?


Hello, what do you recommend to insert a Blog inside the Theme? Thanks

Hi EyesMeal,

You could replicate the code that is used on the homepage, to build a Blog Index template. You would need to modify the styling though to have it look more like a default Blog Index.

Many thanks


I want to add some extra/custom sections to the main page. Can this be done within them theme or do I have to hardcode it in?

Also I need to add a “vine” social media icon. Is this easy to add or should I just use one of the current social media boxes and just change the icon image for that box.


Hi mwestern,

You would need to hardcode.

You could do that, of replicate some of the code already in the theme so you have a field for the Vine Username in the Theme Options etc.. It’s quite straightforward to follow what is already there.

Many thanks

Hello, I LOVE this theme! Thanks for all your hard work. I’d like to add a blog link at the top that navigates to a blog, rather than that part of the one page theme. Is this possible? Thank you!

Hi moxiemediaworks,

Well thank you ;)

As the theme started out primarily as just a one-page theme, i chose to have just links through to single blog items.

I may look at this option in a future update.

Many thanks


I love this theme and have enjoyed working with it today. I’m getting down to adding my top menu – and I might be a little slow – but I can’t seem to figure out how to link the top menu to the different elements on the homepage (i.e. clicking a menu item sends you zooming down to the corresponding item)

What’s the easiest way to do this?


Hi Tomas,

Please take a look at the documentation supplied with the theme, this explains fully what you need to do.

Many thanks again for your purchase.