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hi, in my reservation widget calender is not loading. please help. http://youritgear.com/developments/passibay/reservation-form.html

Hi, your load.php file returns “Error connecting to mysql!” error message. It can mean that something wrong with your MySQL configuration, please follow steps in Documentation > How to setting up booking calendar. The documentation should be inside your README folder.

Regards, Ray

How to add social links to

You just need to wrap needed social icon to a link for example like this:

<a href="your_link_here"><span class="icon-facebook" /></a>

Hi there,

Im wandering is it possible the total prce to be with decimal places? So my prices will be in euro so the praice should look like this: 1.299,00 EUR instead of 1299 EUR.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I can help you with that just email me after purchase.

Regards, Ray

Hi, nice template…have some questions about room admin before purchase:

1. I see here http://raybreaker-theme.com/nation/backend/test.php everything is working for Large Business Suite but when I want to set up calendar/booking for let’s say Room with One Bedroom I need to login to admin panel and there I can add/manage booking for all rooms? Are all rooms under one admin panel or I have to login for each room separately?

2. Here on the right http://raybreaker-theme.com/nation/reservation.html check in/out isn’t working…can’t click on a calendar to add dates. (calendar is gray)

3. If checkout for room is 11am and new checkin for that same room is from 2pm how to manage that in calendar/booking, cos when I mark that room as booked for that day, I don’t have ability to show that guest can book that same room but only from 2pm on…if you know what I mean…so when guest is browsing room availability he can’t see that room is available that same day from 2pm. (unless I wrote in Info box).

4. When room is let’s say booked, when I double click it, it would be better to have current status (booked) than to have starting status (available) for avoiding mistakes (possibly) made in a hurry…can it be fixed?

Regards Ivan

Hi, thank you.

1. Each room has a separate admin page like test1.php, test2.php etc.

2. It’s the issue with live demo previous, don’t worry it’ll work in the actual theme version for download.

3. Unfortunately it’s not possible.

4. You need to set availability to 0 to set a room as booked.

Regards, Ray

Thank you for the answers.

Last Update 16 January 14 – long time

1. support available or not…. 2. plugins and scripts are up to date or will get old versions?

Thank you.

Hey mate, is this possible to have sticky menu? thank you.

Unfortunately the theme doesn’t support sticky menu.

Regards, Ray

so there is noting you can help?

Hello, I bought your template and it seems that the template has an issue when displays on iPad, iPad Minim, Tablet size. The issue is that when display on those devices, the layout corrupts and miss alignment in Page Header, Content section and in Page Footer, all content and text just overflow. I try to open http://themeforest.net/item/nation-hotel-responsive-html-template/full_screen_preview/6303307 on those devices, I still see this issue. I am not sure if you can reproduce the issue or not.

Can you please fix it or let me know how to fix it? This is very urgent to me as I need to finish my work asap and I stuck with this issue for a while now.

Hi Ray,

Thanks very much for helping us fix this issue. I do not see your email, so I upload css file at https://www.dropbox.com/s/7rh2j1ixcz2pqad/style.css?dl=0 which you can download it.

I forgot to inform you that this issue happens on every page not just only home page.

Thank you very much once again.

Best regards, CB

Hi, please send email through my themeforest profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/raybreaker (email raybreaker form in the bottom right corner) and I’ll send you the modified file.

Regards, Ray

Hi Ray,

Your request was completed. Thank you.

hi have many things before i purchase the theme :

1 – can i add special offer for monthly, day, or christams event,....etc? 2 – can i add more fileds such as check in , check out , arrival date and dep date, ?

3 – can i add my costume payment called EMP that accept mastercard,vis,AmEx, Mysrto; i dont want paypal ; when he is enter his card and he not coming then i will deposit from his card using EMP? 4 – how can i add security badge for my reservation to let the client see the website is saftly 5 – i need to add offline payment , but i need to let the client add their card information like card number, CVC ,....etc under the Customer Details like this screenshot http://prntscr.com/e1h25a ; note that it will not deposit the total amount unless he is not coming . i will deposit the amount manully by using his card via EMP.

6 – i want after booking , the client receive his summery details but not confirmation on his email ?

if my order already embed to this theme please give my Yes / NO to my point above and if its need support from your side let me know the price ; thanks

and can i add hotel managment feautures like ; if the client need pick up from airport for $ , ...etc


1. You can set special price for certain days. If that’s not what you want could you describe how that should works in more details?

2. Yes, I can help you with that, just email me after purchase and I’ll help you with that.

3.5 Unfortunately it’s not possible to integrate EMP.

P.S. With default PayPal payment gateway you can charge your customers credit card directly even if they don’t have PayPal account. (Conditions can vary depending on your country so I suggest you to contact PayPal support for more details about it).

4. You want to add some custom image with security badge on the reservation page? I can help you with that just email me after purchase.

6. All client would receive email with their reservation summary after they create reservation. They would also receive second approved or rejected emails.

I can help you to add management features as pickup from airport etc. for additional payment. We can discus details through email. You can send email from my profile page – https://themeforest.net/user/raybreaker (please use email raybreaker form in the bottom right corner).

Regards, Ray