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Awesome Work , GLWS ;)

Thanks man! :)

any possibilities to have the theme also on Wordpress? thanks libera :)

Hello, thanks for your interest! :)

WordPress version currently in development and will available approximately in January – February.

Best wishes, Dmitry

hi, love the design. is the room admin area password protected? cheers

Hello, I glad that you like it! :)

Yes, it’s password protected. You can change default username and password in pass.php file that located in “backend” folder.

Best wishes, Dmitry

There seems to be missing script files as well as some images referenced in css.

Hello, thanks for purchase!

If you mean jquery-1.10.2.min.map 404 error that’s shows in developer tools console it’s OK this file only requested when using developer tools. Your users will not be hitting this 404 error. But you can fix this if you want by opening jquery.js file in JS folder and delete following line there (line 2 by default):

//@ sourceMappingURL=jquery-1.10.2.min.map

If you mean some another errors could you send link (or screenshot) on pages with missing files or references so I may check it?

Best wishes, Dmitry

Thanks for the reply Dmitry. I should’ve known better.

Hello, is there any news about wordpress version? Thanks. Good Job.

Hello, thank you for your interest!

We currently working on it. Most likely it will be released at the end of this month.

Best wishes, Dmitry

Any plans to make the boxed version responsive?

Hello, thanks for your message.

Boxed version was not responsive due to bug in recent demo website update. I fixed it so it should be responsive now.

P.S. This bug affected only demo website so don’t worry if you already buy and download template files it should work perfectly.

Best wishes, Dmitry

You rule, thanks!!

Hi. I am interested on this template but i have one question. Is this template comes with a back office or admin area? If it is, what i’ll be able to change through that area?

Hope this is not a stupid question.

Thanks, Regards.


This template include admin area but it’s only for setting up booking calendar you can check it here: http://raybreaker.ru/nation/backend/test.php

Best wishes, Dmitry

Great template fitted perfectly for what I needed it for, I did have one issue the reservation page wasn’t responsive had a quick look in CSS and noticed CSS was missing .reservation-page-wrap .bannercontainer I literally spent a good hour and a half going through the CSS document on raybreaker.ru/nation making sure i had the correct CSS structure and i ended up removing about 10 lines and adding 18 lines to get the image slider responsive but I’m happy now it works.

Just thought I would let you know.

Hello, thanks your message!

Just a few days ago one of the buyer send me a message about reservation page wasn’t responsive and I fixed this bug (in both demo website and template files for download here on themeforest). It’s seems that you purchased theme before I made this upgrade but I’m glad that you could fixed it yourself!

Best wishes, Dmitry

Hello, I am about to buy your template and I would like to ask you some questions. First of all, can I embed this blog theme http://imbalance2demo.wordpress.com/ in the “Blog” section of your template? At the live demo, I saw that you have 5 menu sections, can I create another 5 sections with submenu sections to some of them? Is there a limit to this?

Finally I want to start some pages with a photo slideshare is this possible? Maybe if I could remove the black header at the top of the page, what do you think, is this possible?

Thank you so much for your time!


1. The only way to do that is copy code from nation header to imbalance theme’s header.php file and footer code to footer.php of imbalance theme (you also need to merge your nation style.css file with imbalance theme style.css file in order to apply style to header and footer). After you do this you also need to create menu with same link as your nation theme have in “WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus”.

2. Yeah, just copy element to sidebar of pages that you want.

Best wishes, Dmitry

Hello its me again. Finally, I have bought the template! :) Can you help me with the below questions:

1. As I have written to you, before, I want to start some pages with a photo slideshare (just like the homepage) and below this, to add a right sidebar with the reservation form (the one you show at the single room page). If you want, I can send you a photo as an example. Can you, please, help me to open a page like this in your template? Do you think that this could cause us a problem with responsive?

2. Moreover, you have told me that: if I squeeze two more section just by reducing menu’s font size and squeeze all 5 if I hide menu description, I could add some more sections to my menu. Do you think, also, that this could cause us a problem with responsive?

Many thanks Marina

Hello, thanks for purchase.

1. Please send photo as an example if you can and your style.css and allscript.js (located in js folder) on my email. 2. It’s depend on length of the links you should try it yourself to know is it cause problem with responsiveness or not.

Best wishes.

Hello, Excuse my english, I’m french … Very nice theme and congratulations for your work. One question: is it possible to manage the booking calendar (three bedroom) to avoid having to enter a user name and password for access to the various backend.php. example: Backend.php access to bedroom 1 (access by a user + password) Once Backen.php for acceded to Backend1.php, Backend2.php I would not have to make a “non user + password”, how? and is this possible?? Thank you for your help

Hello, thanks for purchasing. I’m glad that you like it!

Yeah, it’s possible but it requires a little code modification. Please email to me and I’ll send you all needed instruction on how you can do it.

Best wishes, Dmitry

Thank you to you

I will forward my email today.

Hello, I don’t know if it is a stupid question but when I open the home page or other page a message says “Google has disabled use of the Maps API for this application. The provided key is not a valid Google API Key, or it is not authorized for the Google Maps Javascript API v3 on this site. If you are the owner of this application, you can learn about obtaining a valid key here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/tutorial#api_key" what does it mean and what I have to do? thanks

Hello, in order to use google maps you have to register your own API key. To do this please follow steps in “Obtaining API key” section here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/tutorial#api_key . Then you have to enter API key in head section of every template files instead of “your_gmaps_api_key_here” (line 19).

Hope this help, Dmitry

thanks you very much, another basic question… about the booking calendar it says to create a special tab on the database. I never worked with database (except joomla but everything is authomatic…), I’m able to create a table on mysql but I don’t know how many fields to put and which attributes give after choosing the number of fields. Could you help please if t is simple? Consider, for example I have rooms. Thanks a lot

You just need to create empty table all needed fields in it will be created by script automatically.

Best wishes, Dmitry

In the reservation-form.html it calculates the price, but it has to calculatate the night price.

currently, for example if customer choose check in monday (50$) check out tuesday(50$) the total sum is 100$

but it has to be 50$ (he stays only one night)(so the first day(price) has not in the total sum)

Can I set this and how can i do this?

Kind regards


What is your email? I can´t find it anywhere? Kind regards Laura

Thank you for all your help! Great service!! I can recommend you tho all people.

Glad that I could help!

Hi, I cannot make my contact form work. I changed de recipient in the .php file but i gives me the error message when I try to send a message. Is there anything else I have to do to make it work?

Best Regards


You can get this error message either because you deleted one of the default fields in the contact form or because you test the template on localhost.

If you deleted one of the reservation fields you have to also delete this field checking in your reservation.php file. If you have problems with it just send your reservation.php file with name of the deleted field(s) on my email and I’ll help you with it. You can find my email in the documentation or you can email through my themeforest profile.

Best wishes!

Hi, compliment for the templete, I can’t place any sign like : € à ò ì ‘ Can you help me fix this problem! Thank you in advance

Hello, thank you!

To fix this please try to add following line of code somewhere in <head> section of your pages: <meta charset=”utf-8”>.

Hope this help!

Thank you for your quick reply! unfortunately is not working!

OK. Then try following:

1. Try to change encoding of document to UTF-8 (if it currently has other encodint).

2. Find line of code where Google Web Font initialize (line 9 by default) and add &subset=latin-ext,latin after Open+Sans:300,400,800.

3. If 1 and 2 don’t help please try to place this signs out of every tag for example immediately after body tag. If in that case its shows correctly it may mean that Open Sans just don’t support your characters. Try to change Open Sans on other font and check does it fix your problem.

Hope this help!

I purchased the WordPress version, any reason why it was taken down?

Hello, I had temporal problem with copyright’s owner of Booking System PRO plugin that I used with theme.

If you already purchased Nation theme (WordPress version) don’t worry you still been able to use it without any problems and I also will provide support as previously.

I currently working on changing Booking System PRO on other booking plugin. For end user theme will be essentially the same it’ll have slight backend changes though. After I change this plugin theme will available for sale on themeforest again I think it take about 2 week or so.

P.S. HTML version of Nation Hotel currently available and will available for sale without any changes.

Best wishes, Dmitry

In the booking form as work? Can connect to a bank card payment? Virtual POS. It works with WooCommerce or similar? Please indicate which form of payment would be integrated into your template. Thank you very much.


The booking form in this template is a simple HTML form that send all information that you enter in it on your email. You of course can integrate it with bank card payment etc but you have to write additional code for it.

Best wishes!

Hello! Congratulations for the template! Are you going to relist the wordpress version? Please I’m desperate! It was beautiful! : D

Hello, thank you! :)

Yeah, I’m going relist it tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

P.S. I’m going to return it for sale ASAP so first version will be released without availability calendar (it shows when you click on calendar icon of one of room and in availability tab on single room page). Other aspect will be exactly the same. I’ll add availability calendar in next theme update after about 7 day after first release.

Best wishes, Dmitry

Hi Ray,

I am new to the this world so my question will be quite dumb.

I am using wordpress to create a website for my hotel. I loved your theme and it will suit perfectly well for it.

Is there a simple way in which I can embed your theme for my hotel website on wordpress? Will it have the same sort of admin tool to change all the content?


I recommend you to wait for WordPress version of Nation Hotel it will be released tomorrow or day after tomorrow it was specially designed for WordPress integration and very easy to install and setting up.

The WordPress version slightly different in design and functionality from HTML version. You can check WordPress version here: http://raybreaker.ru/wpnation

P.S. First version will be released without availability calendar (it shows when you click on calendar icon of one of room and in availability tab on single room page). I’ll add availability calendar in next theme update after about 7 day after first release.

Best wishes!

Hi, could you give some information about wordpress version? I’had bought it before i have read comments and i had thought it is wordpress template.

Hello, please try to contact the envato support ( http://support.envato.com/ ) if you want to return your money, unfortunately I can’t do it myself.

Best wishes!

Hello, I am integrating this theme for a client and I am trying to direct the contact form to his email. Where do I set that? I don’t see a global config file or anything for that. Thanks!

Hello, you can edit this info in contact.php file (line 23) for contact form and in reservation.php file (line 51) for reservation form.

Best wishes!