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hi there. loaded the theme and all looks great except i cant get the rooms to be 3 wide on the homepage as is on the demo. If i change the front page page type to 3 wide room listings, all good, but when i select homepage, it goes back to 2 wide and a gap on the right hand side. Help please

Hello, it’s very strange, could you send link on your website and your admin login and password on my email so I can check it? You can find my email in the theme documentation also you can do it through my themeforest profile.

Best wishes!

Hello, I am considering your Nation Hotel theme. However, I do not need the 2nd step, “Choose Room” as I am renting a vacation home and not by the room. Can this be any easy change in the plugin within the WordPress theme? Thank you


To do this you have to edit some PHP code, I can help you with that though, just email me after you purchase the theme.

Best wishes!

Thank you raybreaker, I will let you know.

Hi Raybreaker,

I cant edit the availability of the rooms in the booking system. There seems to be no option for ‘available’. Could you help me out?

Thx a lot,



The room automatically become “Available” if it have more that one room available and “Booked” if it have 0. If you don’t enter info for that day it become “Unavailable”. The steps that you have to do to make room Available:

1. Visit “Dashboard > Nation Booking System > Availability/Price”. 2. Select calendar that you want to edit. 3. Select Start and End data, then enter Price for that day(s). 4. Enter number that greater than 0 in “Availability” field (for example if you enter 3 in that field it will mean that 3 room will be available on the selected data).

Hope this help, Dmitry

Hi, I have a little problem with gallery. It’s normal that my gallery support only 9 images? thanks

Hello, you can control the number of images that shows in the gallery with help of build-in theme option. You can find it here: “Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > General > Number of image in gallery”.

Hope this help!

Hi! I’m considering only this theme and another for a tourism site that I am building, and while I think this theme could possibly work, I was wondering what your thoughts were regarding how the theme and reservation system would translate over when used for a tour site?

I will also need to be able to change button texts like “book room” to “tour deposit”, among other things to make everything makes sense. Thanks!

Does this theme use http://easyreservations.org or something else? If so, what plugin?

It only says it has, “build-in” and “superb” booking system, which I’m not sure if that means it’s built-in or that you have to build it in. I can only assume that all it’s referring to are the customer forms and calendar? Could you elaborate, please?

Hello, this theme use the reservation system plugin that was created for it (called Nation Booking System). If you want to check it’s functionality I can provide you with access to the test theme’s backend.

Can you please tell me step by step how to work with the API key for Google Maps? If I place my api key in the theme options, the banner slider vanishes…

Hello, most likely you have this issue because you leaved one of the Google Maps related theme options fields blank (such as maps zoom level options or maps addresses) or entered it in incorrect format.

If this don’t help please send link on your website with your admin login and password so I can check it and try to help you further (you can reply on my email if you want).

Best wishes.

Hi, i need some help about payment info section. I wish to remove the credit card option and add a paypal buying option. Could you help me? How can i do that?

Thanks a lot L.


Right now this theme don’t support PayPal options so unfortunately I can’t help you with that. If you want that I remove payment info section please send me your reservation.php file on my email.

Best wishes.

Hi Mr. Raybreaker Bought the theme, love it… its just I get bugged at the API thing.. I got the key but now the browser keeps telling me google maps api is disabled for this application, maybe you can point me in the right direction? grtz from NL

Hello, thanks for purchase! Could you send your website’s URL and admin login and pass on my email. I should check it myself to say what your problem is.

Best wishes.

Hi Mr. Raybreaker! i just bought your theme but i’m sorry, i can’t load it from the zip file… I’ve tried several times and I always fail. I’ve also tried with other themes and everything works… but with your theme something seems to be wrong…

Got it! Sorry Raybreaker! I was trying to upload the file i downloaded from this site, instead of unzipping it and upload the right theme file that was in! Every thing is right!!!!

Hello, thanks for purchase. Glad that you can resolved it yourself!

Best wishes.

Hi raybreaker! I’m trying to setup the booking system and i have some questions: 1) is it possible to set a new filter apart from adults/children (i would need to add babies) 2) price per room can only be set for 1 occupancy? For example, if a double room is sold for 2 people, but also for 3 or 4 with extra beds, how can i add those rates? Do i have to create a new room for each single occupancy? 3) can extra services like meals, parking etc, be sold or added in a second step of the reservation?

Thanks for your help!


1. It’s not possible with editing theme options only, so I can’t help you with that. You can do this only by editing some PHP code.

2. Unfortunately it’s not possible to add those rates. Yes, the only way here is to create a new room for each single occupancy.

3. No, unfortunately it’s also not possible.

Best wishes.

What a pity! Great theme, but quite limited booking system… I’ll have to look for a more powerful solution. Thanks for your help.

Hello, I think this theme is wat i need to have, only can i see the backand of this website specialy the booking system?

Much thanks :)

Hello, please email to me and I’ll send backend login and pass to you.

Best wishes.

Hi there, I like your theme & Interested to buy.

Before that i want to know something.

1. I want to redirect the book now link from everywhere in the website to my own webpage. Because i have one website for booking. Is it possible?

2. I noticed the theme has some issues in google chrome and Firefox. If i click on ‘a date’ in ‘availability’ in a room page tab option, the Web page hangs in google chrome and disappears sometime in firefox. Why.?? and also if i click the ‘next month arrow’ the ‘availability’ disappears forever in firefox. Why.? Please give the reason.

3.If i Click the HOME on main menu from any page, it hangs forever. It does not show the home page. Why..?

4. Can i customize the home page with what i need.? because i need to add some contents and descriptions about our site below the slider. Can i add like columns? And can i reduce the height between the elements in the home page & also in other pages. That means the height between header and slider, slider and room listing etc. I feel so much spaces takes between those.

And in home page can i add 4 rooms in one row and 2/3 rows below “Check our comfortable rooms” section.?

5. In gallery can i add categories and filter.?

6.In contact page can i reduce/customize the size of the Map. It’s full width. I need half Map and Half Address. can i do that.?

7 Can i arrange the blogs in a thumbnail style with name and description in the blog page? I see only large size listings are there. So.

8 Please consider the Hang problem. I checked many times with different systems.

Please answer me ASAP

Thank you.


1. Yeah, this theme has special theme options for this so you can change it easily.

2. Thanks for finding this bug it’s shows if user first click on calendar and then click on next/prev month button. I already fix this on live website and I’ll fix that in the files for download in next few days.

3. Fixed that (it has wrong link).

4. You can easily change text/images/colors on the pages but the only way to change default styling on custom one is to edit code in style.css file.

5. Unfortunately, it’s not possible.

6. By default it’s not possible but it’s not hard to do so I’ll can help you with that, just email me after purchase.

7. The theme has only 3 blog default styling: left sidebar, right sidebar and fullwidth blog (without sidebar). I consider add additional blog styling in future theme update but it’s not possible right now.

8. Again thanks for finding this bug. I update files to fix this issue in next few day.

Best wishes.

Thank you very much for the response.. I hope that you will inform me after the updates in few days. Just inform me here and also please mail me to jeeson@dreamnetz.in

Thank you

Hello, theme already been updated (few hours ago). You can check how this work now by visit live website (I updated it too). Regards.

Hi raybreaker! your great work! Just one question: is it possible to set the nation booking system for weekly bookings rather than daily bookings?

Hello, no unfortunately booking system don’t support weekly bookings.

I have no need for this theme. But it is a foot sexier than any hotel themes out there. Really well done.

Thank you :)

hello, a question before buy

testing the demo page, in Hotel Reservation Page, i select Check-in (04/08/2014) and Check-out (04/16/2014) dates, and let 1 room, 1 adult and 0 children , and clik on check availability, the page response is:

Available rooms on specified date

We’re sorry but there’s no rooms available on selected date!

not button to continue testing and only option is Edit Reservation

is a bug or is disabled the rest of booking on demo page?

best regards

Hello, thanks for your feedback it’s was the bug. I already fixed it so you can check full booking process now. If you already purchased theme don’t worry it’ll work fine as it was the bug with the live demo only.

Best wishes.

PreSales Q: Is it possible, in the Room detail page, to have the thumbnail be a gallery?

Or failing that, is there an actual gallery widget than can be inserted into the page?


Hello, you want to show the pictures from the gallery in one of the tabs on the single room page, is that right? Well, It’s possible with some code modification I can help you with that, just email me after purchase. Best wishes.

Any way to add a paypal option in reservation-page? Any way to add a simple email booking option?

Hello, unfortunately Nation theme don’t support PayPal option on the reservation page right now, but I working on it and It’ll be available in the next theme update.

Best wishes.

Hello Raybreaker, I am really disapointed that paypal is not available. I realy need this option or else i cannot buy theme. Also anser this. My current site runs on drupal and I want to migrate to wordpress. However, my problem on Drupal theme was. The Guest house runs like this. There are multiple occupancy rooms that caters for minimum 4 and maximum 5 persons. That theme before could not identify base charge of e.g. 4 persons and + 1 = 5 or plus 2 = 6 and add price accordingly per night. Can this theme do that? And when will the paypal part be ready? I need that function before i can buy theme!!!

Hello, I’m working on adding PayPal options right now, it’ll be available after the next theme update in about week or a bit latter. You can set individual price for every room types but theme can’t charge different price depending on how many person will be at rooms. Regards.

Dear Sir, in Wordpress 3.8.2, i cannot install the theme. The error message is:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

why is this happening?

thank you in advance, Mike

Hello, you have to first extract content of the files that you downloaded from themeforest and use only wpnation.zip file in installer. Regards.

Hi there! Nice theme! I’m wondering if I can deactivate the zoom scrolling over the map in contact section… Thnxs!! Beltrán

Hello, yes it’s possible to do that you have to:

1. Open your allscript.js file; 2. Find where option for google maps initialize (line 329-340): var myOptions1 = { } 3. Add following options to it: scrollwheel: false, navigationControl: false, mapTypeControl:false, scaleControl: false,

P.S. If you have some problems with adding it please send your allscript.js file on my email and I’ll do that modifications for you.

Best wishes.