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for Code Quality

The best team for the best templates. I bought Ronneby, Sunday and i'll buy the next one.

Uhm, okay let's go.
I should review this item and hope that I will help you choose the right tool for your business.
Let's take a look on it!

What about Theme ?

Theme is clean but you know, this is not theme, this is a tool.
You can do anything you want, you can customize almost everything you want.
There are so many options how to build your website but with this tool
you can have your website ready to use in just few clicks, yes its that simple!

What about support?

I'm surprised about this company and their support. It's really great.
You submit a ticket and you will get answer really quick.
Wait did I said really quick? Yes -> How fast is Bugatti Chiron from 0-100?
They are almost same. You just need to understand they have a lot of work, they have same life as we have,
they are working hard and they must take a break too. Don't be raring.
So final decision is they have really great support.

What about customization?

Just few words.

"You can customize everything."

What about customization services?

Yes, they're offering customization services with good pricing.
Actually haven't used it -> yet! But we was talking about some projects
and one of them is currently in progress so there's nothing to say.
Really, it's amazing.

What about speed and optimizations?

There are so many options how to speed up and optimize your website, just take a moment and find them!:)

What about source code quality?

You know, 80% of clients don't need to work with source code of the theme but if you will need to do it
you can find anything pretty fast.
And if not you can still ask for help or put those thing into Custom CSS/JS :)


There should be more hover effects in the menu. ( I'm missing it but you don't must. )
There should be more mobile menu options like full overlay. :)

Thank you NATIVE!

Your satisfied client!

for Customer Support

It's an awesome product, no doubt. Their customer support is even better than the amazing templates they offer.

Highly recommend!

for Customer Support

I have already bought two licenses over the last year for this amazing theme. The ammount of customization available is exactly what I needed for a quality project. Everytime I needed support I received a respons within the hour.

I strongly recommend!

for Customizability

I tried several theme for free or paid. This theme is most powerful and customisable.
Their support is very helpful and quick response.
Nice work!

for Customer Support

A complete template, regullary updated and easy to use. Moreover, the support is really reactive and help users to customize the template.

for Customer Support

The theme has great design, it is highly customizable and intuitive in use. But the most stunning feature of the Native theme is support. I am very glad with the assistance they provide. These guys are always fast, prompt and awesome. Keep up the hightest level!

for Customer Support

Do not hesitate buying this theme! Absolutely stunning design, features and support. Very glad that I became a client of DFD team, as they are providing great services. They really care about customers.
You guys rock! Cheers

for Customizability

The Native theme is one of the most customizable themes I ever used. I am very happy with the set of features and options it provides.
Would recommend it to everyone who would like to create an up-to-date and easy-to-manage website.

for Customer Support

AMAZING! Very helpful, super support team with awesome attitudes! Thank you so much! Also one of my fav themes to use. Very flexible!

for Customer Support

I love the theme Native, but what is even more amazing is the level of customer support.

I ask a lot of questions, and the support team has been patient and always extremely helpful.

I'd definitely recommend you purchase this theme, if only for the guarantee that you'll have an amazing support who's always willing to help.

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