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Beautyful design!

Cannot reach the theme!!!!

Hello, yes, it was some temporary problem on TF with the Live Preview links. Thanks for visit!

@queenheaven, here’s the preview link
Very nice theme by the way, good luck for you guys :-)

Thanks for help and kind words :)

great work, good luck with sales

Thank you!

Good job! Good luck

Hello :)

At this moment it is not in the works and we will decide a bit later if we will start to work on WP version for this template. But I think we will bring also some new WP themes later this year and I hope it will be rather sooner than later, but it depends how fast we can finish some various updates.

now THIS is the kind of quality I expect from DigitalCavalry…

this is going back to your roots DC… the kind of quality that made Prestige a success… (update soon? _)

the only thing I would improve would be loading page switching with AJAX… I found it annoying the page loading, then the preloader loading… so a screen load, then the preview load, then the content… if it would skip the screenload and directly go to preview load it would be excellent. hoping for wp version.

great work.

Thank you! Great you like it. Yes, I hope it will be possible to bring some new HTML templates from time to time with some more fresh ideas.

As for the loading, I think the type of preloading works quite good for this kind of small pages, however I am not sure how fast it loads on your side. It is possible to customize the preloading page and you can also turn off preloading easily, however after removing it completely I think some additional tweaks might be needed to improve the look of site content loading process. As for replacing the current preloading with some other method, I will look on this later and if it won’t be a problem maybe we will add a second option for content loading or just choose which one works best. I think it is worth a look, thanks for the comment on this.

In regards to WP version of this template, it is hard to say now, because in WP category the next in line are some long awaited updates (including Prestige theme) and we will also have some new WP themes later.

have you considered HTML5 Push State? I saw another theme on here used that and it had no page reload what so ever. I don’t want to link it here without your consent, so if you want to know about it i can send you a msg… but i have tested it and it works without any page reload.. have not seen many themes take use of that.


I for one am not one to complain if Prestige gets an update soon ;) thanks

I will need to take a closer look on this later, thanks for the information. But, yes, if you can send us any link you can do this via Contact Form in our Theme Forest profile and I will inspect this :)

If the theme was designed for WP I would purchase it without hesitation. It looks awesome and I do not understand why you didn’t do it for Wordpress users. So far, I am sure it would sell in thousands.

Hello, yes, for this moment we couldn’t find time for this, but I still hope we can release NBA as WordPress one day. Thank you!

Is completing this website template something I can realistically do with no prior experience or education in programming/web design?


I think you just need some very basic skills of editing the html files. In the package you will find all the HTML files with some dummy contact which need to be replaced by your text and images. I think you don’t need any big experience in programming and web design to edit the files. When you will put the files on server or run it on localhost, it will work just like it is and you can easily replace all the data for your content.

There is a PDF file – USER GUIDE included that explains some basic stuff how to work with this template. Also, if you will have any questions to editing the files I think I will be able to help or send you some tips. Thank you for your interest!

Thanks so much for your reply. How many hours would you estimate someone like me (no experience) would it take to complete the template and launch successfully? Also, how much do you charge if I had you do this instead?

Hard to say how long it will take, but I think you shouldn’t have any problem with using the template if you have some basics – you just need to know how to upload and edit the html files to replace all the dummy text and graphics content. It is always a process that needs some time, but because it is HTML template, it is easy to edit, especially if you don’t plan any big own adjustments The time needed to finish this editing will also depend on your content and which template parts you want to use for your website.

For this moment we are to busy and don’t take any additional jobs of this kind, but like I wrote earlier, if you will have any questions to our template we should be able to help with additional instructions or tips.

I can´t activate the formmailer. I have change in the »sendMessage.php« the default E-Mailadress to my own, but on my Server the formmailer don´t run.

What I do wrong?



the problem is, that the “send”-Icon don´t send. I have send you the link.

(sorry for my bad english) :D

Thank you


Thanks for link. I just sent you a response email with a bit more details about contact form on your site. Looks like the PHP file is missing on your upload or it is not located in the right folder. This should help.

It works! Thank you so much for the great and fast support!