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Clean theme e404, good luck with sales bud!

Thanks. :)

I’m glad you like it. :)

Thanks. :)

Great looking theme, all the best with the sales.

One quick question, would it be possible to place a banner below the social icons at the top?

Thanks. :)

Yes it’s possible, but it requires few small header template modifications (I can help you with that if you want).

Excellent job! Congrats! Bookmarked for next client!

One question : is that possible to remove the turnaround white border of lightbox frames? This “thing” is in every lightboxes frame I see in every wp themes. I think visually it “kills” the elegancy of display ;-)

This border is part of the PretyPhoto script (Lightbox clone) style. As far as I know it can’t be removed entirely.

nice Theme but Timthumb? :-(

We will tweak the comment form a little – the modification will be included in the theme update, which should be released today.

Ok, thank you!

The update containing the fix for the comment form has been already approved.

Nice theme! Love it!

Wondering if I can put widget in 4 coloum in home page? Thank you!

I’m glad you like the theme. :)

No, you can’t put widgets into the home page content – you can put them only in sidebars.

Good luck with sales bud!

Thanks. :)

Hi e404, Thank you very much for your quick and professional response in private. This theme is fantastic. Great work ! I will of course purchase it immediatly… Mike from France

Thanks – I’m really glad you like our theme. :) If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask.

Great Theme. I have one question though.

I’m not sure that my client will like the icons supplied. If I need to swap your icons out for a different set of icons, are the icons in a sprite or is there an icon folder that I nest them in?

Thanks in advance for your response.

EDIT : Just to clarify, I am referring to the icons for the Icon Boxes

You can easily replace supplied icons with your own by uploading your icons into an appropriate icons folder (they are PNG files). Furthermore, you can add your own icons instead of replacing original icons. Optionally you can also adjust the icons size using CSS . In case of any troubles I can help you with that.

Thank you. I really like the layout of this theme and it is a top contender for this project. Thanks for your attention to my questions.

I’m in LOVE ! You guys ROCK ! I’ve bought many a theme since becoming a member – but yours is absolutely the easiest to use, AND has a ton of features while also being unique, reliable and responsive.

Have I mentioned that you ROCK ?

Thanks for all your hard work!

Thanks for a great comment. :) I’m really glad you like our theme.

Very, very sweet. Pure class. Well done. Good luck with sales! The design is exceptional. It is a joy to look at. The options included are outstanding.

Thanks. :)

Hello, beautiful theme! Realy nice!

May you tell me is it possible to have homepage with right sidebar? And in that case i want to have flex slider custom width, not full width, and near right widgetize sidebar area? Something like this http://e404themes.com/natural/shortcodes/sliders/flexslider/, Is it possible for homepage?

Thank you and wish you many sales!

Yes, it’s possible. You can use any page as a home page.

bookmarked and might purchase…do all the siders work on ipad/iphone etc?

Yes, they do.

Is there any supportforum where we can disscouss some problems we have?

No, we don’t have a support forum – you can ask your questions here or (better if you have some technical issues) using the contact form on our profile page.

Hi There,

I just purchased this theme and I’m trying to install the .zip file through my wordpress admin and it just keeps coming up failure notice. It doesn’t look like others have had this problem so what am I doing wrong? Please help.

The most common reason are server settings – post_max_size and/or upload_max_filesize. If you can’t or don’t want to change these settings you can upload the theme via FTP – you can find some details in the theme documentation.

how do I change the naturaltheme heading at the top of my site to my own site name? also, how do I use/activate the gallery?

I suppose you are talking about the Natural Theme logo. You need to upload your own logo image (Theme Options -> General Options).

The standard WP gallery works just like in any other theme – you can read more about it here. The Galleria gallery is described in the theme documentation (Shortcodes section), you can also get the sample code from our demo website.

can I use NextGen gallery with this theme? if so is there anything I need to know? thanks so much for all your help. i love this theme.

Yes, you can, but as far as I know the NextGen gallery is not responsive.

I am having a hard time with the wp gallery. I have added it through my plugins. I have made a gallery but I cannot get it to upload to my page. Is there something i am missing or is there a demo online?

I’m not sure I understand your problem. What plugin did you add a gallery through? Do you mean a standard WP gallery or the NextGen gallery?