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Hi there,

I’m creating a longer page with a number of different sub-sections. Is there a way to set up the sidebar so that subsection titles show up there and link to that section of the page?


The theme doesn’t have such feature. You can however you can place this kind of links in the standard Text widget. Or you can use some third party plugin, for example this one.

OK, thanks. I’ve used the standard text widget and added my page subsections. Can you please advise on how I make these into links that jump to subsections on my page? Thanks in advance!

You need to use anchors.

Hi, awesome theme! Things are getting there for me!

Question? How do I change the size of the fonts and the bold/unbold feature in the green and grey boxes inside the price boxes? Please see example and current code in links below.

Page screenshot ie.: http://i50.tinypic.com/spkmlu.jpg

Current code of a price box: http://i45.tinypic.com/15wxgnd.png

Thank You!!!

To unbold the box title add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
.pricebox h3 { font-weight: normal; }
To change the price font size add the following code to the Custom CSS box:
.price-td strong { font-size: 50px; }

Awesome, thanks again!

Hi e404,

Just bought your theme and am liking the ease of use so far. I have two questions for you and apologize up front if these have been answered previously.

1. How do I create the Wide Header Slider as shown in the demo as well as the Wide Header Image? Are these shortcodes? If so I have been unable to locate.

2. When setting custom background by uploading an image is there a way to stop it from repeating and instead just be one large background? In the documentation it shows the option of uploading a custom background image but in the theme there is only the option to upload a custom background texture.


Thanks for such a fast reply!!!

I have uploaded a custom image using the upload custom background texture in the Background settings area of Theme options. I have added the code you provided into the Custom CSS Box. I also checked the box “enable the theme customization”

However the background is still repeating. I know I am missing something, appreciate the help.

Can you send me your website URL?

We just went live with the site we created with Natural, and the client (and we) are thrilled with the results! Here is a link if anyone wants to check out an example of what can be done with this theme (with a lot of CSS customization, of course):


That said, there is one thing that bothers us that we haven’t been able to debug, and I’m wondering if you might have some insight into the issue and can maybe suggest a fix.

The menu appears to be a bit buggy. When you try to access a submenu, the dropdown flies away, and the highlight/dropdown jumps around as you try to position your mouse. You can access it if you hover for a long time over the top menu and then very carefully navigate down the submenu items, but that will obviously elude and/or frustrate a lot of people.

Do you have any idea what might be going on, and do you have any suggestions on how to fix it?

Thanks so much!

Melissa :-)

I’ve checked your website using Firefox, Chrome and Safari, and I can’t see any issues with menu. What browser you are using?

Oops, I listed the url for the development domain (virtually identical); the proper url is:



m. :-)

If I use the homepage template for my home page is there a way for me to have sidebars? If not is it ok to use a different template for the homepage? The documentation states that the home page template must be used.


You can use a different template for a home page. The only difference between the home page template and a regular page template is that the home page template doesn’t display the breadcrumb navigation.

Thanks for the quick reply! We’ve checked all of those browsers as well (in addition to a few others), so if you’re not noticing any issues, I’m beginning to suspect it has to do with the trackpad (having problems on both the laptop trackpad and Apple Magic Trackpad). Are you using a standard mouse? That could be the differentiating factor.

Milles gracies!

m. :-)

I’m using a mouse and a trackpad. In both cases i can’t see any issues. Trackpads give less precission, so maybe that is the reason?

Yes, that could be it. We tend to notice more problems if we’re already on a subpage in a particular section (e.g., Faculty under About) and we try to select a subpage from that same section. What usually (not always) happens is I’ll hover over About, the dropdown pops up, and as soon as I start moving down, it disappears. Or it flashes and comes back. Are you noticing anything like that?

Did you try to remove the MyFonts script completely?

Yes, I just tried that (also removed the WebInk script) - no difference :(

Looks like I accidentally used some code that caused a strikethrough: there is indeed no difference, but that was a good idea!

I’ve actually had the same issue that mmichaels had with the menu. I just gave up on it after a while. When you slide your mouse down the menu just disappears for some reason :/

Can I see some example? Do you see this issue on our demo website.

The issue doesn’t appear to happen in the demo site but it happened with me on mmichael’s site and my own. I’ve since disabled my navigation but I made a screen recording of the issue with mmichael’s site, http://aimashland.com/.

I’m using both a tablet and a track pad. mmichael’s mentioned using a track pad. That might be a clue.

Here’s the link to the video. Notice how the nav just disapears when I move the mouse down? Notice I only get the menu to work properly if I slow down my movements significantly? No user will put up with that. They’ll simply give up on navigating the site.


I saw this issue on mmichael’s website, but in my opinion the problem is caused by one of customizations and/or additional scripts. It’s really hard to say, because I am not able to reproduce this issue on our demo website (meaning on a clean, unmodified theme).

I do have a question about page load speed. I have a few gallery pages that take way too long to load up on screen.

http://www.bobbylopezcreative.com/travel/ http://www.bobbylopezcreative.com/musicians/ http://www.bobbylopezcreative.com/events/ http://www.bobbylopezcreative.com/commercial/

I looked at a network meter on my mac and I don’t see a huge spike in data that would cause the slow load so I’m thinking it has something to do with the way the page is rendered instead. My internet connection is rated at nearly 20 Mbps by www.Speakeasy.net which is fairly quick.

Can you guys take a look and see if there is something tripping up the page loads?


Did you use the ‘Single Page Without Sidebar’ template for your test page?

I’ve got it set to the default template. I’ve since gotten rid of the test pages. Here’s how it looks at the end of it all. http://www.bobbylopezcreative.com/photography/travel/

I had to ditch the tabs because I was getting a weird result. When I went to page 5 for instance in one tab and clicked to a tab that didn’t have as many images, I wouldn’t see anything because it was on the 5th page for all tabs at once.

It’s not a perfect solution but it got my page load down from nearly 20 seconds to 3.43 seconds according to http://www.webpagetest.org.

It doesn’t work because you have few galleries on one page. When you go to the second page, all galleries display the second page, and I’m afraid you can’t do anything about it.

Can you tell me the ideal image size for the sliders and static header options. When I load a picture only a portion of the picture shows in the slider.

For example if I were to load a picture of a car on the street only the sky (top of the picture) would show, not the car in the bottom of the picture.

Hope this makes sense, kind of hard to explain.


Images for the header should have the width of at least 1500px and images for regular sliders should have the width of at least 1170px. They will be scalled automatically and cropped if necessary.

Thanks! What about height? The pics I am loading are getting cut off. It is almost like they need to be repositioned within the header or slider

You can set a slider/header height by yourself.

I need to have each page in 2 different languages. In your theme, is it possible to define one menu and one intro text in each language and choose which one to use on a given page?

If you want to have a multilangual website I recommend to use one of available plugins (qTranslate or WPML) – it’s the easiest way.

But how such plugin can allow me to switch menu or other content of the site that is deep inside your template… ?

These plugins allow you to translate all WordPress elements – pages, posts, even menus.

I can modify the theme to display a different menu for different pages, but this kind of modification can’t be done as a part of our standard (free) theme support.

I’d like to put multiple items in the header beside the logo like a subscribe icon in the middle and telephone and address information right aligned. Is that possible with Natural?

It’s possible, but requires header customizations. There is already a contact box with a phone number in the header – you can see it on our demo website. You can use it for any purpose, not only for a phone number.

Hi, how could remove the date from the posts? i have a problem when i write an article that have the date of event after that of publishing…readers thinking that the date of the posts are that of events.. Thank you! Luca

To remove the date from blog posts add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
.meta-date { display: none; }
.excerpt_wrapper { padding-left: 0; }

Wow, what a fast reply! thank you very much, now all works fine!

N/T Double Post

Hi, great theme!! Quick, easy question?

If I want to link someone’s direct email addy to an icon, or text, how do I do that? You know, so when a user clicks on it (the icon or text), the desired email addy pop’s up in the user’s email application?

I can only figure out how to link the ‘contact form’ page but I would like to also link some direct email addy’s as well.

Thanks again!

This is not a question about the theme, but about HTML. ;)

The email link should look like that:
<a href="mailto:mail@domain.com">Your text here</a>

Ah I see, thank you very much!!!

Is there an easy hack to start the search bar as open?

Thank you

Hrmm… is that correct? not working

Can you show me your website?

Hello! I can’t seem to find the Shortcodes Generator. Where is it? Thank you! hmm…I think I MAY have found it!!!!

To open the Shortcode Generator just click the ‘Shortcodes’ button on the editor toolbar.


Love the theme. I was wondering if you could help with a problem I have.

My domain name is http://marketingmessage.co.uk/. When I took out hosting I created the website using their preview URL (http://marketingmessage.co.uk.gridhosted.co.uk/) until the DNS had transferred. Everything was fine. I then removed the preview to use its proper domain name. Now, whenever I use an image, even a newly uploaded one and use the theme’s shortcodes, or even through the Featured image of a post, it doesn’t display even though the source code shows it to be pointing to the right image URL. This can be seen for the kevin-allton.jpg image which is visible (hardcoded into the post) on the About page but is not showing in the Contact page (using the theme’s shortcode [image size=”vtiny” border=”true” align=”left”]http://marketingmessage.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/kevin-allton.jpg[/image]

I’ve tried ages looking at it and getting nowhere. I was wondering if you had seen this before and whether you can help?

Many thanks, Steve

Cheers for that. I’ll take a look to see what has changed.

Many thanks for your help!

In case of any troubles please send me your FTP login details using the contact form on our profile page – I’ll help you with that.

Much appreciated. I’ll let you know how I get on :)

Hi, one of my last couple questions, I promise ;)

I am trying to get the “arrow-right” icon to be the same size as the “info” icon. I can’t get it to work. In the attached link, I have imposed in Photoshop what I am trying to do. (Please see link below)


I can modify the “arrow-right” icon in photoshop myself so it is smaller, is there a specific folder I can put it in so it will show up as the same size as the grey “info” icon and be centred on the text line like the current grey “info” icon is?

If not, are you at all able to make this modification and add this green “arrow-right” icon at the same small size of the lists/alerts, “info” icon(s) et.???

Any suggestions and/or advice is much appreciated!

Thank you again so much!

Oh wait, after I make the icon change in the folder on my desktop, do I have to reupload the theme folder via WordPress admin. ie. Go to the Appearance -> Themes panel, choose Install Themes, click Upload and choose the natural.zip file with changes to icon from my desktop? Thx!

I thought you have installed the theme on your computer. If your website is working on the server, you need to upload this file using FTP – replacing it on your computer doesn’t change anything on your website.

Ah-ha! I got it buddy, thanks again for helping out a newbie, I will definitely be purchasing more themes from you. :D