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I’m just setting up a new gallery on a client site (using [galleria_images] short code) and I’m getting the error:

“No theme CSS loaded” appears in a black box at the top right in desktop Firefox and (iPhone) Safari

The site has a lot gallery pages and all of them have the same issue.

I’ve also noticed the same issue is happening on your demo site here: http://e404themes.com/natural/gallery/gallery-with-galleria/

Any help would be most appreciated Thanks

I’ve checked our demo website using Firefox, Chrome, Opera and mobile Safari (iPhone), and I can’t see any issues. So I really don’t know what to say, because I need to see this issue to find the reason.


Thanks for your reply and after much head scratching I cleared the cache on all my browsers and its works now.

Sorry for pointing the finger too quickly ;)

Thanks again.

Hi there,

Is it possible to create multiple buttons that link to different email addresses?


I tried using the href shortcode (see below), but that didn’t work. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. Thanks!

button color=”grass” size=”small” icon=”link-dark” rounded=”true” href= abcd@gmail.com]Connect[/button

You neet to use mailto: in the href param, for example:
[button color="grass" size="small" icon="link-dark" rounded="true" href="mailto:abcd@gmail.com"]Connect[/button]


How do I add the social media icons to the top of the homepage (like in the live demo)?


No, there is only one social icons set included in the theme. However you can upload your own icons to the ‘images/socialmedia’ folder.

Ok, great. Where is that folder located? Thanks!

In the theme folder – I don’t know where you installed the theme, but usually it’s the ‘wp-content/themes/natural’ folder.

Hello again,

What is the ideal size for the custom logo?

Thanks for all of your help!

There is no ideal logo size – you can use any image you like.

Hi there,

First off, thanks for all of your help these past few days. Some of the best service I’ve ever received online.

Now for my question : )

Is there any way to remove the quotation marks from around testimonials on the testimonials page?

Thanks again!

In the theme folder (wp-content/themes/natural).

I updated the code in the php file and saved it, but the quotation marks persist. Is there another step I am missing?

You didn’t remove these quotes. Please send me your WP admin panel login and password and I’ll do that for you.


Great theme!!

My question: I want to use the Google font ‘Museo’. How can I implement that font?

Thanks in advance. AZ

I’m sorry, I didn’t know that. Is it still possible to add this font?

Out of the box the theme supports only Google Fonts – you need to use a third party plugin to use fonts from an another provider (for example this one).


I’ve added this code to my homepage, but it doesn’t work. Do you know what I do wrong?

[scrollable title="Partners" height="150px" items="4" scroll="9"] http://www.energiedijken.nl/wp-content/uploads/ECN.jpg; http://www.energiedijken.nl/wp-content/uploads/Deltares.jpg; http://www.energiedijken.nl/wp-content/uploads/Erasmus-Universiteit.jpg; http://www.energiedijken.nl/wp-content/uploads/Red-Stack.jpg; http://www.energiedijken.nl/wp-content/uploads/Strukton.jpg; http://www.energiedijken.nl/wp-content/uploads/Oranjewoud.jpg; http://www.energiedijken.nl/wp-content/uploads/Tocardo.jpg; http://www.energiedijken.nl/wp-content/uploads/Energy-Valley.jpg; http://www.energiedijken.nl/wp-content/uploads/Tidal-Testing-Centre.jpg; [/scrollable]

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ve removed ‘px’ and i’ve placed each image URL in a separate line, but it still doesn’t work..

I need an access to your WP admin panel to check what’s going on. Please send me an e-mail with login details.

OK. I’ve send it.

Hello -

Using flexslider pulling a slideshow – getting a “Failed to load given URL” – timthumb issue? title, navs, load fine. Just no image.


You have installed WordPress in a virtual folder (~growint9) and TimThumb doesn’t work with virtual folders. Please send me an e-mail with your WP admin panel login and password – I can make a workaround.

thanks for pointing out the problem – i put in a workaround and it’s fine now – thanks again!


Do you guys support anchor ID bookmarks? I tried creating one on my home page to create a link to a section lower down and when I scroll up the top slider is cut in half. Go to site above and click portfolio, it will take you down the page. Then scroll up and see how the top slider tucked under the nav?

Is there some way to fix that?

yes I’m in the process of reducing the size of all the images. They load quickly on my computer since I have a fairly speedy connection but it’s good to know that not everyone is having the same experience. I had a similar experience when showing my work to someone else. Thanks for the advice. I broke out the sections into sub pages to help with page load times.


how’s the page load times now?

I think it’s much better now.

I didn’t see this mentioned in other comments so I thought I’d post. I just noticed that the Twitter Widget on my site stopped updating at the end of May. I believe this would be due to recent changes in twitter’s API? Are you aware of the issue? Is there an update planned?


Twitter changed their API (now it requires a full authentication for reading tweets) and display requirements, so we decided to abandon our Twitter widgets. We recommend to use official embedded timelines (you can create your own one here) or some third party plugin (for example this one, however it’s not consistent with Twitter display guidelines).

Thanks for the information. I’ll try one of those options.

Could you give me the css code to make the general font larger? Also, is there any way to take off the large banner with the page title in it under the menu when using the boxed page template?

To change the general font size add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
body, html { font-size: 20px; }
Please note, that it doesn’t change headers and many others elements.

I’m not sure what “banner” you mean, but I suppose you mean the Intro Text Box. You can control this section using the theme options panel (Theme Options -> Intro Text Box).

Perfect thanks. Worked perfect for both questions. Thanks for the awesome support!

I have a page showing a gallery with the heart icons so people can “like” each image. I am getting feedback now that some people are clicking on the heart and their vote doesn’t register. One user saying it doesn’t work on Internet Explorer, and that the page doesn’t even show up on her blackberry. Any ideas on how to fix this???


ok, thanks. It was worth a shot LOL :)

Turns out there were several complaints about the ‘like’ heart icon not working for a large number of people. So I removed it altogether. I would like to know when this glitch has been resolved, as it would come in handy for future posts, etc. Thanks.

As I’ve said before, I am not able to reproduce this issue on my end – ‘Like’ buttons just work for me. Could you check if this feature works for them on our demo website?

Hi -

I’d like to exclude a category from the blog page; however, when i put in an argument in the index.php excluding the category, the blog page works fine, but the posts will not resolve to a single post.

Is this something where a single.php is needed? Please advise.


By the way: did you check one of existing plugins for excluding categories? For example: http://wordpress.org/plugins/simply-exclude/ http://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-category-excluder/

Please use the contact form on our profile page.

Advanced Cat Excluder worked perfectly! thanks!

Hi -

New topic/question: how do i make the the Search box in the header display:block all the time and forgo the js clickability?


Add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
#search-input {
    display: inline-block;
    width: 116px; 

great! thanks!

ok – one more question:

How do i get the blog page to show the title like the other pages? When i put in <?php the_title(); ?>, it pulls the title of the first post title rather than the page title, like Blog.

thanks again!

oh wait – i don’t want that bar going across – its disabled across the site. i’m looking for something akin to “show page titles” option in General Settings. thanks.

The blog page in WordPress is not a regular page, so you can’t use ‘the_title()’ function to display the page title. So the easiest way is to add the HTML code to the blog template:
You can also find a lot of solutions in the Internet (for example this one or this one).

awesome again! thanks!

I’m having some really odd errors on my site. I’m wondering if there isn’t a bigger issue going on. When ever I create a page named contact and place in the contact form7 short code it doesn’t show up correctly. I get a basic from. But if I rename that to something else like contactform it works fine.

Also, I have a marketing page named “marketing” in a sub dir named portfolio. It clearly shows up in the back end but when I click view page it gives me a 404 error.


Is there some way to check and see if my site got compromised?

Do I need to place the entire script code or just the tracking ID?

I think I found out what was wrong with my google analytics code. I was missing an apostrophe. Did that fix it?

Yes, now your tracking code is OK.

Great theme! I’d like to add a a couple different icons (Instagram and enews sign up) to the header area but you don’t offer them as an option under Theme Options > Social Networks & RSS. I’ve gone ahead and uploaded new icons to replace existing ones so that the image files are overwritten, but I can’t figure out how to edit the ToolTip hover. Any help would be much appreciated.


Please ask your question using the account you have used to purchase the theme. Thank you.

Is there a way to control the duration of the slide show?

Which slider do you mean?

is the only way in the shortcode?

If you means slider shortcodes, then yes.