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Hi, i’ve got 1 small problem with TWEET FEEDS on the cose I put my username but no tweets are displayed [tweet username=”@myussername”]

any ideas? thanks for the support Regards, Libera


Twitter changed their API (now it requires a full authentication for reading tweets) and display requirements, so we decided to abandon our Twitter widgets. We recommend to use official embedded timelines (you can create your own one here) or some third party plugin (for example this one, however it’s not consistent with Twitter display guidelines).

ok thanks!

Hi, how do I set the like for the portfolio items? Is there any way to edit/delete it and instead put the facebook like? thanks, regards Libera

The “Like” button is enabled for portfolios by default (Theme Options -> Portfolio Options -> Display ‘Like’ button). There is no easy way to replace it with the Facebook “Like it” button.

ok thanks .)

from where can i reduce the size (lenght) of the sub menu bar? it is too long thanks

that was not the question. I would like to reduce the size (lenght) of the sub menu bar. from where can i edit this size? thanks

What do you mean by submenu bar? Can you point it on a screenshot?

ok i will do. I’LL send you a jpg. thanks

Where can I edit/translate the “View all” tex that appears on the protfolio item? thanks a lot

Accidentally this text is not translatable – you can translate it by modifying the ‘single-portfolio.php’ file.

Thanks! :)

hi guys, Should I set anythng to make the layout responsive? it looks like from Ipad my slider layout is not responsive.

I’ve already told you about too many items in your menu. On the iPad version the last menu item is passing to the second line and breaks the layout. You can change the menu layout to support two lines – send me an e-mail and I’ll show you how to do that.

ok I got it!!Thank a lot. So it is coming form the menu too large!! I’ll reduce the menu …. thanks

Hi there- I am a potential buyer. I just would like to know if I can put video in the homepage slider? Thank you!

Unfortunately none of built-in sliders can display videos.

Hi e404,

I’m using the shortcode [recent_posts_images] in a page. I want to display a short text to every recent post (below the catogories). I think I’ve to add something in shortcodes.php, but which code do I have to add?

Hope you can help me!

Thanks! Can you also tell me where I have to place the code?

In the ‘e404_recent_posts_images_shortcode’ function. You can add it after the categories container.
if($show_categories == 'true') {
    $output .= '<div class="fancy_categories">';
    $output .= get_the_category_list(', ', '', $post->ID);
    $output .= '</div>';
$output .= e404_get_excerpt($post);
Please note that customizing the theme is not a part of our standard theme support.

Great! Thanks!

Great theme. One problem though. It seems to take whatever body text I type and insert it into the page heading. I really need that to not happen. Do you know why it is doing that? Screenshot below

This section is called Intro Text Box and you can control it using the theme options panel (Theme Options -> Intro Text Box).


Hi, first of all, the Theme its awesome, very resourceful. I’m having a little issue. On my home page, by displaying the portfolio with a shortcode (recent_works_images_scrollable title), no matter the parameters I put on it always shows 9 items (There is 17, in total). Heres all my shortcode: [recent_works_images_scrollable title=”Produtos” more_url=” ” more_text=” ” posts=”36” items=”4” scroll=”37” scroll_fx=”crossfade” scroll_easing=”swing” auto=”true” pause=”4000” pause_on_hover=”true” infinite=”true” pagination=”false”]

[fancy_box wide=”true”]


Thanks already.

Please ask your question using the account you have used to purchase the theme and send me your website URL. Thank you.

Hi, first of all, the Theme its awesome, very resourceful. I’m having a little issue. On my home page, by displaying the portfolio with a shortcode (recent_works_images_scrollable title), no matter the parameters I put on it always shows 9 items (There is 17, in total). Heres all my shortcode: recent_works_images_scrollable title=”Produtos” more_url=” ” more_text=” ” posts=”36” items=”4” scroll=”37” scroll_fx=”crossfade” scroll_easing=”swing” auto=”true” pause=”4000” pause_on_hover=”true” infinite=”true” pagination=”false”[one_third].

Thanks already.

Can you show me your website?

This shortcode doesn’t have the ‘posts’ param – use the ‘works’ param instead. Also change the ‘scroll’ param value – now it tells the script to scroll 37 items at a time.

Hi, How to set the wide header slider heiht? Now it is 1230×330px, we need it 400px height Regards Peter

Please ask your question using the account you have used to purchase the theme. Thank you.

Under theme options…The styling options are not being applied to my site. I need to change the colors in the style sheet instead to see changes take effect.

So far this is for the “styling” area only (setting colors)

Did you check the ‘Enable the theme customization’ option (Theme Options -> Styling Options)?

Thank you. One other thing, I do not see in the documentation how to add a slider to the page. I see how to create one by going to slides…add new. I would like to add mine to the home page.

You can add a regular slider to a page using one of available shortcodes – you can find more details in the theme documentation and in the Shortcode Generator. You can also take a look at sample pages (‘documentation/sample content/pages’ folder).

You can also add a wide header slider to a page (example) – you can find instructions in the theme documentation.

Hi, Great theme! However I have a problem. I am trying to set up only my home page to show my Intro Text box as HTML and all other pages to show the page title. I’ve checked that indeed my home page is set correctly (to a page called “Home”). I’ve set “Intro Text box for Home Page” to HTML/text and “Intro Text Box” to Page Title. Is this feature working? Thanks!

Of course it’s working. :) Did you pick up the Home Page template for your home page?

No, I don’t know what you mean. Is that part of the theme?

Hey, there it is under theme attributes on the page! :P I switched the template from default to Home Page and voila! Thanks!

Great theme, flexible, resourceful, gorgeous.

I’m really glad you like it. Thank you for your kind words. :)

For some reason, the wide header slider does not recognize new images. I can delete images, or put new ones into page, but slider run the same ones. Here’s an example of page with images, but no slider: http://tisa-mjesaona.hr/?page_id=116

On homepage http://tisa-mjesaona.hr slider shows images I put before. Those images are deleted from page.

I don’t think it’s a problem with the theme. Could you send me your WP admin panel login and password?

I wanted to simplify my comment section and use the Wordpress Jetpack comments option but the comments.php for the Natural theme doesn’t use the comment_form() function. I’m guessing this would require a whole recoding of the php file itself and there is no simple fix?

There is no <form> tag for the comment form in the theme – there is only the ‘comment_form()’ function call. This is how is should be done.

Anyway, I’ve just checked and JetPack comments are working fine with the Natural theme.

I have no idea what it is then because it’s not working at all for me. Have deactivated plugins to try and figure it out but nothing is working and the fix from Jetpack doesn’t work either (I suppose because there aren’t <form> tags). I guess I’ll just have to find something else to use. Thanks anyway.

<form> tag for the comment form is generated by the ‘comments_form()’ function. You can check how it’s done in one of WP default themes – there is no <form> tag in the ‘comments.php’ template as well. So it’s definitely not the reason.

Hi, this theme is very good but the shortcode generator doesn’t work well. The parameters doesn’t work. Have you any fix for this? Sorry my bad english, I’m brazilian. I wait for a solution. Thanks.

Please download this file: http://e404themes.com/_files/natural-shortcode-manager-view.php.zip unpack it and upload to the ‘inc’ theme folder. Then you will be able to use the Shortcode Generator again.

Thank you, It works!!

Hi e404,

A while ago I bought your theme Natural for one of my clients and now another client wants a website based on the same theme too. Great isn’t it!?

From other theme authors I heard that Envato has changed their requirements and they had to update their themes, rather drastically sometimes. A lot of work for them and for us…

This is just to ask you if perhaps you have a major update on your Natural theme foreseen in the narest future as well?

Thanks & regards, Monique

We have a lot of time for updating existing themes, so we don’t plan to release a major update in the nearest future. Plus you don’t have to update the theme at all when the update is released.

Ok thanks!

Hi, I need to use this plugin: CodeStyling Localization. But, when I try to install, something wrong happen:

Malfunction at current Theme detected! Name: Natural Theme | Author: e404 Themes Below listed scripts has been automatically stripped because of injection: http://localhost/trm/wp-content/themes/natural/lib/meta-box.js

Do you have a solution for this code?

This message comes from CodeStyling Localization Scripting Guard. Please consider it as a false positive – I can’t do anything about it. This message doesn’t mean CodeStyling Localization doesn’t work.

By the way: the Scripting Guard shows this message for a lot of well known plugins, for example WordPress SEO or even MP6.

I have another problem. When I try use the scrollable and image shortcode, the images don´t apear.

I´m using the code of your sample import and

[scrollable title=”Our Clients” height=”30” scroll_items=”1” items=”6” pagination=”true”] http://e404themes.com/natural/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/3docean.png;3DOcean;http://3docean.net/?ref=e404 http://e404themes.com/natural/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/photodune.png;PhotoDune;http://photodune.net/?ref=e404 [/scrollable]

On my source the images are like this:

  • 3DOcean
  • Sorry my bad english..

    You can’t use images from our website – upload them to your media library first.

    How to disable responsive version on this theme? Like in DEMO preview? (example: iPhone version).

    I answered to your email.

    dear e404 I’ve got a couple of easy questions for you :)

    1) how can I enable the social sharing icons also in PAGES, not only BLOG posts?

    2) is there any chance I can set the displayed date in the homepage, differently than the post-date? My client complains about it and says that it is misleading – she wishes there could be a specific event data, instead of the post published data.

    Do you think this can be achieved?

    My Client’s instance: http://www.foresteriadegliartisti.it/

    Thanks a lot for your time! Marco

    1. This is pretty easy. You just need to add the function for displaying social sharing icons to the page template. Edit the page template file (page.php, page-left-sidebar.php and/or page-right-sidebar.php), find the following line:
    <?php the_content(); ?>
    and AFTER this line add the following code:
    <div class="share-this">
        <?php e404_share_this(); ?>

    2. This is not that easy. You need to add a custom field to your posts (for the event date) and display it in the template or shortcode. You can use Advanced Custom Fields if you like – this plugin should make this process easier. Unfortunately this kind of customizations can’t be done as a part of our standard (free) theme support. Sorry.

    Lovely, thank you very much indeed. Can I please have a custom quotation for your additional service then, via private message? I’d appreciate it.


    E-mail sent.