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Looks goofy in IE7

Nice bg, love the logo. Overall nice theme. I won’t post bug reports here, that You should check Yourself or Your reviewer. Good luck.

Oh, did I mention I love the header effect :)

Should be fixed now, thank you

This is a great theme… the only problem is you should define a font-size: ;, because not all people have same default font size on their browser… great theme…

@FACreate – Hi, there is a font size set on the body which would cover the entire page, 1em. Message me on my profile if you meant something else and thank you for the compliment.

Note: Some Files have recently been updated

In the psd can the background effect be edited to change colors or is it a solid file with no edit capabilities?

There are three background layers, the third one is a red that I did not screenshot. Those layers are flattened, I can send you a layer that is not flattened so you can edit the colors after you purchase.

can the carousel play .swf files? If yes, can it reload swf on click?

Yes, you would replace an image with the swf file.