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So clean and simple but with a nice unique layout. Well done. Considering purchase.

Well done job… all the best with your sales, mate! :)


I got some problem with our danish letter. We are using Ø,Æ and Å and they just show as ”?”

I you please help?

That’s strange. I don’t see any questions marks anywhere. The two fonts that I used, Lato and Oswald look like they support those letters. What browser are you using?

I still got the issue. Try look again at the site

I see them now.

I copied and pasted the characters above to your website using chrome developer tools and that seemed to work fine.

You may try copy and pasting them in instead of typing them.

Great looking theme!

Ur preview is broken BTW…

Thank you very much for letting me know. It is fixed now. :)

I was wondering how I would edit the code to put a logo in place of the text title for the page.

If you replace the text with an image it should work.

My page has all of a sudden had some issues. 1. The background pictures are fading in in 2 pieces, which looks really bad. 2. All of the text in the other pages is loading at the bottom of the page instead of the middle.

I updated my Firefox and I can see the issue with the images. I’m not sure how to fix it. :( You might try updating the Vegas slider to the latest version.

I still don’t see a problem with the text though.

Hope you can get it figured out.

Thank you.

Hello, did this theme’s code become outdated? I don’t think the demo works.

I fixed it. The countdown date had already past and was causing problems. Sorry for the inconvenience.

how to activate the countdown? Thank you

In the scripts.js file in the countdown section.


hi, register for the newsletter where they end up? How can I see who has registered? Thank you

You need to connect it to your MailChimp account. There is instructions in the documentation.


In the subscribe.php file.

In the zip file you downloaded there should be a documentation folder where it should explain all these things.

API key can not be blank. How to fix it?

//Replace the “us2” in $submit_url with the number from your account: $submit_url = “”;

where I thenumber of my account?

If login to Mailchimp and look at the url it will say something like

Mine says us5 yours might say something else but that is the number you want.

how can I change the background images? in which file?

In the scripts.js file.

In the zip file you downloaded there should be a documentation folder where it should explain all these things.

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that it takes a lot of time for the contact.php to complete and actually send the email. It takes up to 45 seconds for the submit button to become green. I have only changed the adress and names.

You can see this on Is there a way to optimize the speed?

Thanks in advance!


I can’t really think of what would be causing that issue.

Does this theme work with Shopify?

Hi there! Sorry, but no it is not a Shopify template. It is just plain HTML.