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Are recurring events possible? We have a lot of recurring monthly events.


Hi and thank you for your interest, but no, unfortunately, we didn’t build in the capability for expiring or reoccurring events.

Hi, can you let me know which code I must edit to replace the search bar on the top right of every page. I’d like to have a Donate Today button there instead of it.

Hi – that would be the header template as it’s the header part of the theme – I hope that helps!

Thanks for the purchase!


Hey Jonathan, I love the theme, it looks great! But I am pretty new to WP, and Im having trouble setting a lot of things up on my site, I have read through the help packet which helped some, but do have a help forum to find more help? Thanks for your time.


Hi and thanks for the purchase!

The documentation is purely setup and should explain everything needed to setup the theme, plus the XML import will get you to the live preview status. Unfortunately there isn’t anymore documentation as the rest is basic WordPress functions etc – I would recommend either going to WordPress site and looking over some of their tutorials and videos etc to learn more about WordPress, or indeed use google for WordPress tutorials.

If it is a specific question with regard to setting up the theme and you are not sure you can use the contact form on my profile page to send a question as directed in the documentation for support.

Many Thanks!


Thanks, ya I have one question, how did you put the subscribe to the E-newletters button at the bottom of every page with the link to it?



Sure – we created a form in contactform 7 and then just popped the supplied shortcode in the ‘home newsletter widget’ widget area provided.


Perfect Thanks :) Last question is that Every new post I put up shows up on my website, but if you click on it it just goes to a error site. saying 400 Bad Request Invalid request.

I have tried to delete the posts and reposting them, but nothing works. Please let me know what I can do? Thanks my site is

No – please check your permalinks are saved correctly. Just go to Settings / Permalinks and set them up as per the documentation and click ‘save’.


Actually now, when clicking on the posts it just keeps going to the the main page. No clue why?

never mind lol fixed it


Hello I’m having a problem with fancy box plugin, it’s no longer working on the current version of Wordpress( 3.4.2) is there any solution for this

Thanks for advance :)

I had create a child theme in wp-content/themes I have also activate child theme in my testing site that using twentyeleven theme but it work fine Can you tell me what wrong with that please ?

I don’t know what’s wrong exactly without looking at the backend. Could you contact me via the form on my profile page and supply your FTP details as well as your WP login details? If you have the style.css in the child theme and you are making your CSS changes there, everything should work just fine?

I have added my css code in to custom css box instead of using my child style.css it’s work fine now, I can you that instead because I just need to change a little bit line of code there

Thank you very much for helping me :)

I’d like to purchase this theme and was wondering if the ‘Help Us Reach Our Goal’ progress bar can be changed for each fundraising program that runs through the homepage carousel?

Our NGO will have, at any one time, more than one fundraising campaign and I’d like to show the progress of each of these campaigns on the home page as the carousel changes pictures.


Hi and thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, the theme wasn’t coded that way, so no it does not allow that currently.


How I can translate to Spanish?

You haven’t purchased? We provide mo/po files for translation – many thanks


Can you list which files were changed in the October update?

Hi – first we added a new home page template, then the fix was to the footer.php.

Many thanks


HI, is it possible to only show one blog post on the homepage?? Thanks!!

Hi, sure – simply edit the loop in the home page template – obviously customizations are not part of support though but the WordPress site provides a wealth of free information and forums that will get you what you need.


Yes sir, I tried to edit the loop but it didn’t work the first time (so I posted here), but that was my fault. I got it all squared away now. Thanks for your fast reply!

Hey Jonathan,

I know this goes beyond the scope of the theme, but was wondering how to add some text on the left side of the home page slider. I’ve been able to minimise the slider, but not able to figure out how I could add text on the left side. Basically I’d like the home page to have 1/3 for text and 2/3 for the slider.

I appreciate the assistance & do understand if you don’t have the time if a lengthy answer.

I do still think your theme is awesome.


Yeah that’s rather a big challenge to do that and have everything responsive also.. honestly it’s just not something that could be written up on how to do – you’ll need to heavily edit and create css plus php and html to achieve something like that I’m afraid.

If you need someone to do it for you I can put you in touch with a freelancer who would get this done for a charge.

Let me know – thanks


Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for the quick response. I first see if I can get my head around it, if not, then I’ll get back to you about a freelancer.

Have a great day.

Cheers, =)Sussi

Jonathan, this looks like a great theme. I have a pre-purchase question: the home page goals indicator is really nice. Does it dynamically update as donations are made? Or does the amount collected need to be manually updated?

Hi @Adwiz and thanks for the compliment – the donations is set via the theme options and therefore can be manually entered – we did it this way as it’s impossible to get donation balances from any API ’s from merchants plus it enables people to use it for different currencies etc.

Many thanks


Hi Jonathan,

Might be a straight forward question, but how can I change the language to Finnish?

Thanks in advance =)Sussi :):):)

You will need to use the localization mo/po files supplied to do your translations as with all WordPress themes – we provide those files in your download – you will need to search WordPress forums / google etc on how and what to do – we just provide the files required.

Many thanks


Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for the swift response :) I thought that was the case, just wanted to make sure.

Got an other question, I’m trying to get my blog page to be full-width, but it’s not going full-width even if I’ve got the full-width template chosen. Where am I going wrong/ what am i doing wrong?

Still got the site on my test server, so can’t even give you a link to view it.

Thanks again. =)Sussi

This theme is awesome.

You just choose the template from the drop down when making a post.

For support we ask buyers to use the contact form on my profile page, direct communication where we can ask private information is the best way we have found to be able to offer unparalleled support.

Here is a link to the contact form (it’s on the right of the page as long as you are logged in):


hey just wondering if you have anything to showcase sponsors?, I am not seeing anywhere you do. Theme looks good though , might grab it :)

You can easily add in the footer or one of the sidebar widgets or dedicate a page to sponsors and even use the column shortcodes to display logos with content and link to their sites etc – many options, just depends how you wish to approach it :)



Hi. I just bought the theme and LOVE it! So does my client. Just a couple things right off though:

1)I just cant seem to figure out how to make the map appear in the contact page. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

2) On the homepage, the “Upcoming Events” header is not appearing in about the events.

3) When I click on the event “Read more” link on the homepage, it leads to a Page Not Found page. Eek! Please help. Thats a very important function for us.

Hi if you bought the theme it would state so, maybe you need to log in using the account that purchased the item please – also please note this is just a comment area and not for support – support is detailed within the documentation with a link to the form on my profile page – you MUST be logged in with the account to send the message so we can check your purchase – many thanks!

Once you do this all the above are simply settings you missed and we can help you.


Hello Jonathan,

Thank’s for your work.

I would like to know, how could we insert “Twitter Widget” as example in your template :


Conscient Team.

Hi – please see the widget section of your instruction manual and also the included widget example text file with the div code you need to place in a widget – hope that helps and thanks!


Hey Jonathan,

Still think this theme is awesome & getting the final touches done and soon will be able to make the site public :)

Before I do that, got a question for you: How do I get the map displaying on the contact page? I know it’s probably something straight forward, but I’m just not getting it.

Thanks a million in advance.

Cheers, =)Sussi


That is a specific widget area called ‘contact map’ – we provide our google iframe code as an example in the included widget_example.txt text file for widgets where you can see the custom size (561×398px) we got from google maps, also page 29 “Widgets” explains the contact map widget for you.

Hope that helps and good luck with the site!


Thanks Jonathan,

That was simple :) Done :)

You rock!!!

Cheers, =)Sussi

No worries Sussi! :) Just navigate to Appearance / Widgets and look for the widget area called ‘Contact Map’, drag and text widget from the left to the right and place it inside the ‘Contact Map’, place your code from google maps in there and click save.


Hi Jonhathan,

I have problem, when i use your xml file to import object and more, its doesnt work i have : Failed to import Events “Beach Clean Up” Failed to import Events “Sea Turtle Nesting” Failed to import Events “World Habitat Day 2012” Failed to import Options “Media” Failed to import Page “Home” Menu item skipped due to invalid menu slug: primary Menu item skipped due to invalid menu slug: primary Menu item skipped due to invalid menu slug: primary Menu item skipped due to invalid menu slug: primary

and more…

Why it doesnt work ? Where i can corrige them ?

Thanks a lot for this amazing template :)

Hi and thanks for the purchase, as I said above it sounds like something went a miss with either your DB setup for WP or your WP install.