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i have seen this, Warning: set_time_limit() [function.set-time-limit]: Cannot set time limit in safe mode in /htdocs/generalmills/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer/wordpress-importer.php on line 91 its normal ?

i have found, the plugin was not activated. But to remove search its possible?

I have found too ^ sorry ^ Thanks more for all your help :) Great reactivity :)

:) Glad you got everything sorted


Hi. I just bought the theme and like it a lot but I can’t seem to find in the support materials provided how you get the horizontal black full-width band (like on the demo site) on the home page.

Is it custom CSS?


Hi and thanks for your purchase. No that’s not custom CSS that’s part of the theme? Can you contact me via the form on my profile page and send me a link to show me?


Hi Jonathan,

I used the shortcode you provided for Tabs, but it´s not coming out like the example on themeforest. The tabs are working, its just that visually they are not the same. I have no idea why, I would appreciate that you take a look…

Great theme BTW!


p.s My business partner was the one that purchased the theme!

Hi – you have to use the account you purchased with and also please see the help docs or support requests which should be made via the contact form on my profile page – support is only supplied once the purchase is verified – thanks!


Ok! thanx for the quick reply! :)

May I know if this theme is translation-ready?


The theme comes included with the .mo and .po files ready for translation.


Would like to purchase this theme but i have a concern the sliders shown in demo only shows images can it do text as well.

Image only unless you swap out the slider for a plugin I’m sorry.


Just released a website based on this theme. In my opinion, it’s one of the best ones available. Everything was straight forward, easy to understand and to implement.

I only had a very small issue with some CSS colors (solved in 5 minutes). Well worth 5 stars ( well 6 is they were available).

Great work !

:) Thanks so much for the glowing kind comments! I’m really glad your happy with the theme!

Good luck with the site and have a wonderful holiday!


Hi Jonathan,

I bought and use you theme for one of my websites, it’s a great job you did!

I have one question, is it possible to display the title of a page? I find it odd not to be able to see it.

Thanks for your help

Hi and thanks for the purchase and compliment – you could certainly alter the loops in the page php templates to bring in the page name using the standard wordpress function – however this would be customization not covered via support I am afraid. The easiest way would be to simply add a heading tag at the top of your page when creating it – that way you have a choice of showing or not and no editing of php etc ;)

I hope that gives you some suggestions on getting what you want.


OK thanks. That’s what I planning on doing if the option was not available. Thanks for the prompt reply!!

Hey Jonathan,

Happy New Year 2013!

Is the media maximum upload limit of 2MB theme based? As on another site of my it’s 64MB. Also can video’s be uploaded or not?

Cheers, and Greetings from Brazil! Sussi


no that’s your server – contact the host and ask for an increase or look at adding to a htaccess file to increase :)

Happy New Year back to you and many thanks!


Hey Jonathan, thanks for that. Cheers, =)Sussi


Love the concept of the theme. We are starting up a new campaign for our photography studio which will be helping local pet shelters in the area, and one thing that we are doing is raising bags of dog food for the shelters.

Would there be a way to alter the front page to have a “Bag”/”Item” tracker rather then a monetary amount?

Hi and thanks for the question – we actual thought about this when creating the theme – therefore in the simple to use admin panel all that section is based on text inputs. We did it this way because we presumed different people would use the theme for different causes – therefore your goal can be anything, your amount received is an input, the percentage is simply a figure so it can easily be used for your cause I believe.

To actually see what I mean check out this screenshot from the admin – you should see that the title is whatever, the goal is whatever, the amount reached is whatever and the percentage is whatever – it’s about as flexible as we could make it :)

Thanks again for the question!


Hello, thanks for such a great theme.

I wonder if there’s any way of importing the data of an event within a Page content. A shortcut perhaps?

You could look in to either creating a loop in your page or looking for a plugin that can allow you to display a custom post type via a shortcode – the plugin repository has many I believe.



hey there I just purchased your theme and was having some issues installing the dummy data. is there anyway I could get a hand with that?

Did I miss a setting that fixes the colors?

ignore me…... got it , nice theme by the way :)

You need to follow the documentation as I mentioned above – all the posts here are related to the detailed setup detailed out in your document – simply grab a coffee and open the pdf and follow along setting up everything – import can only do so much I’m afraid (limitations of WP importer) so we run you through everything step by step :)

Many thanks


Also, as mentioned above please use the contact form on my profile page for support as detailed in your documentation also – this is just a comment area and therefore does not lend itself well to support questions etc. – thanks again!

I can knockout the footer of the page if I want? Correct?

Jonathan – I should have elaborated with the brief question. I meant the graphic at the bottom ( ie the hills, desert, etc.). Can they be removed with no structure problems of wordpress.

N/M – if I looked at the Admin Screenshots, there is a Footer Image :)

No problem :)

Hi I wanted to know how to add the same Sign up to our newsletter as you have it in the demo, Thanks so much

Hi – did you do the XML import – as that form comes includes with the import. But it’s quite easy to create a form. It’s using Contact Form 7 plugin – here is a link to their site that will have further documentation


Hi – yes that form is created using the included contact form 7 – we supply details of all this in the documentation and it’s supplemental text files and screen shots – once you create the newsletter signup in contact form 7 plugin grab the shortcode and place in the widget area for the home page called ‘Home Newsletter Widget’ – as I said everything is in your included docs :)


Okay – I know I’m going to get it for this one: How do you get that cool gray alert bar at the very top border of the home page? (as in your sample site)

Thanks in advance!

It’s detailed in your documentation – part of the theme options Geberal> Top Message Area :)

Oh yeah. thanks for reading for me too. (duh)

Is it compatible with ecommerce plugins? if it is, with wich one? Thank you!

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t work with any plugin as long as the plugin is written with the correct coding.


Hi, i would like to resize the image under feature image in homepage alternative template. can you tell me how do i do that?

thank you

Hi – if you want to resize it based on the height – that height is not restricted so just reduce the height of the image you upload.


Hey Jonathan,

Didn’t see that anyone else has posted this question.

Is there a faster way to add photos then one per custom post type? I’ve got about 200 photos to add. Or do you know of a gallery plugin that would be compatible with the theme? Much appreciate the help.

Cheers, =)Sussi

PS. The theme is fab :)

Hi – you can bulk upload images in WordPress by going to the media section and dragging and dropping or selecting multiple – then once they are uploaded you simply go to the custom post type create page and select from media – repeat until complete – you can always use a plugin in any theme for alternative galleries or portfolios etc if you wish it to not use the format supplied in the theme however.

Many thanks and good luck with the site!


Hey Jonathan, thanks for the quick answer. The upload in bulk is no problem, it’s the custom post page creation that’s the slow bit. I’ll try a plugin, but will most probably default back to your theme gallery. Have a great Sunday. Cheers, =)Sussi

Hi Jonathan, I’d like to purchase this theme for an NGO I’m working with.

I have a few questions regarding the donation total box on the home page:

1. Do you support multiple donation target boxes, or just one? 2. Can the donation button link to an external PayPal account and pass values such as ‘item description’? 3. Can the donation target box be updated automatically from external sources, or does it have to be done manually?

Thanks in advance. Allan

Hi Allan, the donation box is controlled from the theme options tab in the back end of WordPress once you activate the theme. We only have the 1 box. You can link it to anywhere but you can’t pass variables through it. You could place the submit button code that PayPal will give you but the styling won’t match what is there now. I know there is a way to use the code for PayPal and keep the styling but that would be a customization as you would have to edit the home page template and remove our call to the theme options and replace it with your Paypal button code.