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Does the theme work fine with WPML ( for multilingual website?

Kind regards!

Hi – there is no reason why it wouldn’t work.

We’ve des this plugin on quite a few of our themes.


Loving the theme, but having trouble getting the grey bar to display when I have the donate box displaying. It shows up under the “Home-NoDonate” template choice, but not under the “Home” template for my Homepage. Am I missing something?

Hi – it’s impossible to help without a link so I can see, could you please use the form on my profile page (as per the documentation) for support as this is just a comment area, and supply a link to your site so I can assist – thanks


Well, now it’s showing, but my “Donate” button still isn’t aligning correctly. Do I need to import more information?

See answer above please – thanks

Does this theme support tertiary navigation?


Not by default but we can assist with turning on 3rd sub-menu level styling.

Awesome. Thanks!

hey sorrry but i having some troubles getting the blog to show up I chose left sidebar template and I have blog posts but nothing is showing up, and the sidebar is not showing either

Hi – support is provided through the contact form on my profile page as described in the help file please – if you can supply a link to your site when you complete the form.

In all honesty it sounds like your permalinks need setting or something possibly – either that or you have a possible DB issue if all your content is missing or a plugin is causing issues maybe? I would re-trace your steps as it could be any edits you have made to the theme, its template files, functions pretty much a million different things at this point :)

When you complete the form please let us know your website live url and what you did prior to changing the template as just changing a post template can’t really remove the entire blog – if you made edits to any supplied files please place back on your server the original files to see if that also helps – it could even be open tags in your content – did you just create one possibly with some html and left a tag open?

Thanks in advance.


Hi, I purchased this theme and the menu is not showing up when I view the site on my iPhone (or resize my desktop browser to mobile width). In the demo, it shows up as a grey drop down menu on my iPhone. I have the Primary Navigation linked to the menu I created and the menu displays fine on desktop browser, but does not appear on mobile. Please advise. Thanks. Alyssa

Hi Alyssa, please follow your documentation instructions and use the contact form on my profile page for support as well as providing a link to your site so we can try to figure out the issue.



Before I purchase this theme, how does the donations work? Like, when a user clicks on Donate, will it transfer them to Paypal (or similar)?

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it can pass them to anywhere – it’s simply a button so that it is open to any payment processor – you update your totals / target manually through the theme options panel very easily.


Is it possible to get the Main Slider full width? thanks

If you are handy editing php and css etc then sure – anything is possible.

I’d like to enable comments for the events? Do you have the code/process off hand?


Hi and thanks for the purchase – support is handled (as per instructions PDF document) via the contact form on my profile page please. However, comments are not drawn in to the template used for events at all and therefore you could take a look at one of the blog templates and copy the WordPress code required for comments and add to your template.

If you have further questions please use the form on my profile page – many thanks!


love the theme, but before i purchase, is this theme compatible with woocommerce plugin?

Hi and thanks for the comment – no reason why it shouldn’t be at all. Hope that helps!


Great Work – developed the themed into what has become better than expected results !!! You make me look good. Suggestion for next update: Integrated PayPal donations w/ recurring memberships and/or monthly contributions. OR an additional ‘plug-in’ for such functions that I (we) could buy separately. Any chance of this? OR do you have a suggested ‘plug-in’ that you think works best with your work. :nerdy:

Hi – we purposely didn’t use something like a plugin etc as all payment / donation services will offer a link for you to simply assign to the button – we did this as some countries cannot accept donations through paypal because of terms etc and this was the most open solution we could integrate.

I am happy however you enjoy the theme :)


hey sorry but can you tell me what the shortcodes are for the twitter sidebar, having troubles finding this Thanks

That should be in your widget_example.txt file included with your download :)

Using a text widget:

Title: Twitter Widget

<div class="tweet"> </div>

Hope that helps!


awesome thanks!, great theme by the way, I used parallex on your footer , check it out !

ha! Sweet – good luck with the site :)

This theme does not currently appear to be compatible with network installations of Wordpress unless you are the super-admin for the network, as a mere “admin” the theme options are not accessible. :crying: I’m hoping jonathan01 can help me out with a fix!

Hi – we currently do not test or work with network installations and as the theme options are for the WP install admin to use (otherwise that could be a possible issue) we are not looking to change anything at this point I’m afraid.


Can you hook me up with a refund?

Hi again,

refunds are supplied by the seller who is Envato – unfortunately due to the nature of digital downloads they only supply refunds on items advertised as doing something when they don’t – in this instance we don’t advertise network installs etc. But you can always contact them to see :)

I have replied to your support request however and my developer will follow up in the next few days to try and help also.



Hey there, I love your site template – looks amazing :] I’ve got a quick question I’d like to ask you before purchasing … Does that ‘Donate’ actually work as in … if a user donates – does the figures actually change in real time? Thanks

The donate button was done in such a way that it is simply a link to your donation payment processing service such as PayPal or any other service – we built it this way as many countries can’t use particular services or have their own specific services or it could link to an internal page etc


Thanks for your Jonathan01 … I was wondering do you understand PHP?


Yes we code PHP :) WordPress themes are a mix of HTML, CSS and PHP

Awesome Theme, is this compatible with woocommerce?

Hi and thanks for the kind comments. There should be No reason why you shouldn’t be able to use any well written plugin with out themes. :)

great thanks mate

how to get the home page main slider images in a specific order? It seems to put the last loaded image first no matter what I try. need to add images (insert in order needed) so they in in a certain order. I’m sure I missed something somewhere… help? :whistle:

Hi – as it’s a custom post type of WordPress and WordPress places all posts in date order. Therefore you could edit your dates to arrange as only 1 image is uploaded per ‘post’ / per slide. As for the front end, your images are list items – therefore the most recent uploaded appears at the top of the list.

Hope that helps!


yeah – I know the date thing, changed the dates accordingly, but didn’t do what it’s supposed to do. I’ll beat it with a hammer, or purge the server cache. WP sucks. But I love it, sometimes, not really – but your work is most excellent. Thanks for the quick reply!

;). Thanks!

I love the theme!

There is one thing that I dont know how to fix. The Events are showing not in the chronological order with the earliest first, but by the order of when they were entered (published). On your screen shots it also shows an Event from October showing first, and August second. Is there a way to show the ones that are closer in time first? Otherwise every time I add a new event I have to rearrange publishing dates of ALL events already published.

Hi and thanks for your purchase. We now have a support forum we use to handle the support as we can pass screen shots etc. can you please use that method for your question and I will post my reply.

Currently the front page slider opens links in new windows. Where is this controlled? I want to change it from target=”_new” to target=”_self”.

Wait – found it: line 31 in template-home and template-homealternative.

Got the theme installed and its working great, however I can’t get the fundraising rectangle in the home page to appear. I put the numbers and information to activate it but nothing happens.

Sounds like you just chose the wrong home page template – please check your help file for details.