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I love the theme!

Any plans to develop an email template for this theme?

hmmm good idea – I may well just do that – stay tuned!

For some reason my Text Block For Under Slider Text Area and Title are not showing or the image of the background is not showing can i put a color behind it some how?

Hello my website is right here:

Thank you

your text is on your image :) therefore it will be behind you goal targets which you should set as per the instructions – also this is not the support forum, but rather a comment area – if you require support please use:


I’m puzzling over this oddity:

This Featured Image photo failed to resize, and appears enormous: This Featured Image photo resized just fine:

Both images, according to the Media Library, were uploaded to their respective blog Posts. I can’t make any sense out of why one fails to be displayed as a reduced size and one does. Any ideas?

Your image scaled just fine :)

One is square and one is portrait – the width is what is altered – we do not crop images (as this would be pretty useless as it could cut off your main focus of the image) – therefore crop before you upload if you want them all the same size.

The theme is working as it should and altered your width of the image (and height proportionally) – but your image is hugely long as mentioned.


Nope, they are both rectangular, horizontal images. One of them appeared to be “hugely long” because your theme was displaying only a silver of the side of the image. Your theme does in fact scale images to particular sizes based on the layout. For blog layout with sidebar, images display as 630 pixels wide. For example, a 980px × 738px Featured Image is automatically scaled by your theme to 630px × 474px. However, sometimes, your theme does not scale the image. My question is – why does it scale them sometimes but not always?

Also, is there a way to make the slider on the front page load first, so that all the content below it does not appear first and then a few seconds later bounce downward to make room for the slider?

Hi again,

no other buyer has any issue with scaling of images. Therefore this may be something with your setup possibly, or another plugin maybe – right now it’s hard to tell but being rude will not help us help you – best to use the support center so we can ask for detailed info as the links already provided I answered based on what I can actually see – which of course would be the finished images after upload and therefore I don’t know what they looked like before you uploaded. You said they were the same image, however they were completely different images and formats from what I could see.

Your being rather unfair and a little rude – remember that we offer support for free and have an exceptional record for our products and support – as I already said I am more than willing to help once you open a ticket and we can try and work out your issue.



I am currently pursuing the theory that if the file name contains a period, as the larger image of the mountain did, the .jpg extension might not be recognized, and the image therefore was not scaled.

Rude is giving a cursory glance to a problem and then denying the problem exists, or using the old “no one else is…” canard. You have no idea how frustrating it is when a technical problem is brought to the supposed expert, and then is not looked at in the depth required to actually answer the question. I don’t have patience for that, sorry. And calling the support “free” when it is only available to paying customers, well, thanks Orwell. Goodbye!

Found the problem and solution, and to be fair this was a Wordpress problem not a problem with the theme. In the file functions.php, change line 8 from

add_image_size( ‘slide’, 980, 9999, true);


add_image_size( ‘slide’, 980, 9999, false);

And from then on, very large images that are uploaded will not be erroneously changed by the Media Library uploader.


Before buying this theme I would like to know if you could provide a screenshot of the widgets.

I would like to add a news and contact widget in the sidebar.

Also I would like to add a kalender/ event widget to the sidebar. I see there are events in the sidebar. Can you include these without creating a event page?

And the last question, is it also a possibility to intergrate a LinkedIn icon?

Love to hear from you.

Greets, Suzanne

Hi, yes there is an event widget included but as previously me too we any other widgets you would need to do with a plugin. The contact widget (and this is the same for the previously asked question) can use a standard WordPress text widget with the contact form shortcode.

Dear Jonathan and Barb,

Wonderful theme, thanks for endless support. It is more than worth it!

Check out and spread the word please.

Started crowdfunding campaign just 10 days ago and it works so well. Big compliments, great theme!

Thanks, willemien Design With Nature

:) Thanks for the kind comments! Good luck with the site.

campaign finished. Loads of reactions, but more important than the contributions are the many many enthusiastic network connections i got from eager young Egyptians joining the project and…. someone from the ministry of environmnet inviting me to present my project for the Minister. Thanks Jonathan and Barb!

:) Thanks for sharing this! It’s great news! Best of luck with everything!

twitter feeds don’t work anymore. they don’t on your demo site either…

Yes Twitter have removed this ability by removing functions for API V1 – we are looking in to this but there are already several plugins you can download from WordPress plugin site that will allow you to create a developer account at Twitter and input the special keys etc.

Unfortunately coming up with a solution may take some time (as everyone has the same issue) so I recommend looking at an external free plugin.



no biggie, I figured it had to deal with v1.1

Great site!!!!! Question how do I remove the search input box from the header?


Hi, could you please go to and open up a ticket and pass your wp login details and a link to your site and we’ll have a look for you.

Ok that problem solved one last question how do i create separate galleries all the images uploaded all wind up in the same gallery is it posible to separate them?

Each item is it’s own gallery for ‘Photos’.

I’m interested in purchasing this theme but want to know more about the fund raising/donation goal box you have in the demo first. I need something just like this for a project. Is this integrated into the theme? If so, is it by plugin, widget, hard coded?



Ahh, okay. Think it would be too much of a hassle for me to mod your code in order to hook into a 3rd party fund raising API?

Depends if you find a plugin that fits your requirements it could be simple – there are a bunch of free and paid plugins that do fundraising etc – just depends on your specific requirements really.


Cool, thanks for your help!

any updates on the twitter feed not working? says “loading tweets…”

I’m afraid not – not sure if you have been following the issues with all plugins but right now there is no solid solution – when there is we will be either updating the theme to include or will update the theme to remove – you can of course checkout any of the current plugins to see if any are reported as stable and use a plugin.

With regards to the Google Map integration, can I link to shapes drawn on the map or only to lat/long points?

Hi you do not have a purchase badge. Please login with the account used to purchase the item or confirm your purchase using your license number at our support center and open a ticket.


Hello, I’ve got an issue with shortcodes. I paste the shortcodes (accordeons or tabs) like the include list, but nothing works normaly. Any idea ? page =

Hi – it looks like you don’t have the plugin installed possibly – or at least not activated – tabs and slides is the name of the plugin – alternatively you can post a message at the help center along with your login details –

Many thanks


very cool, merci !

You’re welcome!

One more question ! I only want one content on the homepage, how can I set it up ? Thanks a lot.

In the homepage template (which ever homepage template you are using) and where it states ‘showposts’ change that out to look like this: showposts=1

If you go to and open a ticket, we can provide screenshots for you.

Hi, Love this theme – one question: the Events pages (the inner ones that are clicked to), are these a page template or can we build up the page using shortcodes as we wish for it to look? Thanks!

The events single page uses a particular template, but you can place your own content in there if you wish. There will be some default things that are brought into the page, but it’s easily customizable. If you need help or have questions (should you decide to purchase), just go to and we’d be happy to help you.

Thanks for the fast reply. I need to think how we would need the page to read first but really appreciate the quick reply.

No worries, always happy to help :)


Is the Nature theme ready for WordPress 3.6?

Thank you!

We are currently going through and testing everything, the only issue you may have is that in Nature, we use a plugin for the audio and video (MediaElement.js – HTML5 Audio and Video), you may just have to deactivate that plugin as WP 3.6 has it built in, when we update the the theme, we will be correcting this if it is an issue.


Hi Jonathan,

Nice theme. My client is considering it for a new project. I have a few pre-purchase questions:

  1. In the theme features you described a Home version with your own content instead of blog articles. I can’t see this version in your demo. Can you confirm me that I understood well that this is possible?
  2. Is this theme compatible with WPML plugin – or any other multi language plugin (if you prefere another one)?
  3. I kind of find it strange there are no page headers built in… You replied to one of the other comments about the same issue that we can always put those within the content of a page. My question is how this would work with automatically generated pages such as Blog?

Thanks & regards, Monique

Hi and thanks for the questions:

1 – yes there is a dedicated home page template that allows your own content under the slider.

2 – it should be as it’s coded to WP standards but this hasn’t been tested by myself.

3 – You would use the standard WordPress tag for bringing in the page title where you wish it to be displayed in the template files.

Hope that helps!


Thanks for your quick reply! We will take this all into consideration.

Jonathan where can i find the accordion short codes?


Hi – using the tabs and slides supplied plugin in your download as per the documentation.


really love this theme! I’m wondering if there’s a way to remove the large slider on this home page, but leave everything else as is. Please let me know if that is possible and how to do so. thanks,


sounds good! Can I put a slider on any page I want to or just the home page?


You could copy the code from the home page template and drop in to a different template – or you could use something like the soliloquoy free slider plugin then you could have a slider basically anywhere you wish – it’s what I personally use.


Anyway to add a second address to the contact page? Thanks!

Not without editing the template. Can you not place the 2nd address as ‘content’ on the page?

Hey I’m back lol…..

Question what’s the easiest way to expand the width of the front slides on the home page?


Your best bet is to use firebug in firefox and select your element and try styling from within the browser – then commit those changes to either the style.css or in the admin panel custom css. You’ll find using firebug in firefox browser a great tool, especially if you like to tinker with themes, sizes and colors and it’s super easy – as for increasing the size of your slider width, that would also mean you have to increase the width of the main container and then you will possibly have to re-position several elements but maybe not – just depends the look your are aiming for.

Hope that helps.