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Nice template, great work mate :D

Thank you! :)

Thank you Steve! :)

Great work Luka, Congrats mate! Btw. briliant name for template :P (srecno tebra – good luck bro ;) )

Sta bih ja bez brace! :)

Thank you a lot NAVIGATOR! Yup, I love navi things :)

Awesome template dude! GLWS! :)

Gracie, buddy! HVALA! :)

Nice, dobro ti nama dosao u sumu! 8-)

Hvala. Valjda cu da ozelenim za koji mesec/godinu. :P

Really nice and simple :)

Thank you aditiva! :)

Look good! Very simple ;)

Glad you like it! Thanks ;)

Bravo! Looks great! Welcome to Forest :)

Really appreciate your support! Hvala! :)

Very nice mate! Congrats!

Thank you Pebas, appreciate it! :)

Odlicno! Puno srece sa prodajama :)

Hvala Pavle! :)


Love the template, but I’m stuck with 1 thing…

I haven’t found any location to enter my e-mail address yet. The one it needs to send to when clicking the ‘send e-mail’ button/

Could you please help me out on this one?

Thanks so much, Tiemen

I added a script to the contact form. Everything works as it should. I’m waiting for permission, from Themeforest review team, to update my template.

Also, I will provide video tutorial with all instructions.

Best regards, Luka

Thanks again for the quick reply! I’ll stay tuned for the update!

You’re welcome. Update is on the way. In the next 1-2 hours will be approved I hope so. Now I will record video tutorial about new contact form.

Do not forget to rate ;)

Best regards, Luka

Nice good luck whit sales!;

Thanks Graf!

Hello I bought you template few months ago I would like to ask you how to connect the email how does it work?